Personality Testing.

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I don’t believe that personality tests can accurately predict who you are going to marry better than chance.  My belief seems to be backed up by the fact eharmony and every other personality testing site refuse to get scientific validation.   I do believe they are useful as  an added feature in some countries.  

I have no plans to compete head on with eharmony or chemistry, that is to force all my users to only be able to message the matches I provide them.

4 Responses to “Personality Testing.”

  1. Fernando Ardenghi Says:

    can be read
    “Plenty of Fish Compatibility Predictor

    Specifically, Item Response Theory and Rasch Scaling analyses were used to first, identify which items provided “good” indicators of certain personality characteristics and second, which items were biased for men or women. This multi-step process resulted in a 46-item relationship test that assesses individuals’ standing on five broad dimensions of personality. This is the only known relationship test where the test scoring and matching algorithm are based in the statistical gold standard of modern test theory – in other words it is psychometrically the most sophisticated compatibility test available today.


    Who is/are the brain/s behind that compatibility test & algorithm?

    Kindest Regards,

    Fernando Ardenghi.
    Buenos Aires.

  2. Martin Says:

    Wow – how about keeping some fun and unpredictability in it too!

  3. sHIMRIT Says:

    They are a useful feature if people are taught to want them or think they need them.

  4. globalproject2007 Says:

    ofcourse personality tests CANNOT predict who you are going to marry to. It isn’t any firtune telling. The tests only tell you what type of personality of your partner is most compatible with.

    Afterall, love can be blind, you could even marry with someone out of your expectations!

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