Incredible Media coverage today.

I tried to arrange something in secret with only a few hours notice.     It completely blew up with lots of news papers showing up,  The today show,  local TV stations and  CNN called and said they would be there (There was so much media there by the end of the night no one has a clue who was all there)  and New york times has been calling people this morning.

Word is really starting to get out there,  about how Plentyoffish is more than a dating site and changing what online dating means.

12 Responses to “Incredible Media coverage today.”

  1. Top Says:

    Well, its about time they caught on. Bravo.

  2. Brian Breslin Says:

    can you post clips or links to clips we can see? congrats on the coverage

  3. Ted Rheingold Says:

    Go get’tem Marcus! I would expect nothing less from you!

  4. Saïd Amin Says:

    sweet man. congrats!

    life is good!


  5. Saïd Amin Says:

    you know, maybe at some point Match or another dating heavyweight will decide to run a negative campaign about free dating sites out there. perhaps something similar to the Chemistry campaign against eHarmony. if you continue to gain traction, press and pull dating ads from your site, they may be compelled to act.

    food for thought…

  6. Jorge Grippo Says:

    That’s great Markus. Congratulations.

  7. Dr.Subrahmanyam Karuturi Says:

    Congrats Markus! I am a big fan of yours!

  8. Martin Wells Says:

    Great to see mate… keep it up.🙂

  9. Trevor Says:

    Just wanted to drop a public note of thanks for your interview with us this week. There are so many great Canadian startup success stories, lets keep telling them!

    Senior Editor

  10. Sam Moorcroft, Says:

    What, Marcus trying to arrange something “in secret” when it comes to publicity?:-) Yeah, suuuurrrreee you did;-)

  11. Tim Says:

    Good work Markus. Looks like a corporate take-over offer is coming your way?

  12. Brandon Says:


    I contacted you about a sponsorship for an online dating reality show I created –

    I’m with you on the “paradigm shift”, get back to me and let’s enlarge the brand.


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