Sooo busy these days.

Things have been moving quickly lately.    I spent 16 hours in the last 2 days with a TV crew filming stuff i’m excited to see what happens when it airs nationally in the US.       

Next week will be fun,  flying all over the US for meetings and then off to San Fran for a speaking gig on the 14th With James from hotornot and others.

10 Responses to “Sooo busy these days.”

  1. Paul. Says:

    You’re the man Markus. I’ve always liked how you seem to make enough money and aren’t really striving to make billions.

  2. Jorge Grippo Says:

    Well. I can guess a lot of fun for you, and for everybody who will be listening. If you have the chance post some youtube videos, as I can’t watch US tv. TIA

  3. Nicholas Says:

    Possibly he is interested in making billions. The publicity is just going to push up the value of PF. He clearly is on a roll. I am a big fan.

  4. phil Says:

    is there a sale pending?

  5. neal Says:

    >”is there a sale pending?”

    Hmm. good point. I’ll be watching for an announcement soon. 🙂

  6. Andy Arnott Says:

    Hey Markus,

    Where are you speaking?

  7. Brandon Says:

    Hey Markus,

    I have an internet-dating reality show online and we’re currently trying out a sponsorship model via eBay. If you win you’ll probably get a shitload of press, you should check it out @


  8. David Says:

    makus how can I contact you about pof my email address should show you the problem🙂

    many thanks David

  9. vijay kumar Says:

    Hi Marckus,
    Good luck to you and I sure all the hard work will pay off in money and fame.
    Personally I would be interested in geeting more of your views and thoughts as you are building your empire, very much like some of the older posts.


  10. Zak Kinion Says:

    I’ve met James from hotornot, he’s a cool guy. I hope you have fun.

    Email me if you want to come to Las Vegas, its only an hour flight from SFO, I know the town really well:

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