New York.

I’m in New York  today and tomorrow,   what is the coolest stuff to see here?

14 Responses to “New York.”

  1. Tyson Says:

    Tool around Gramercy Park and Union Square. Lots of good places to eat…lots of pretty people.

    Bleecker street is full of tons of good bars to go to if you don’t feel like waiting in line to some pretentious hipster club.

    Otherwise I’d tell you to go to hogs n heffers in the meat packing district…but I don’t think it’s too busy during the week.

  2. Andy Arnott Says:

    The Statue of Liberty of course!

  3. Tony Says:

    If you like mexican ? Harry’s Burrito is the best in NY

  4. vijay Says:

    Hi Mark,
    It is difficult to say, without knowing what you prefer, museums, clubs, village markets, tourists spot.

    My Recommendations:
    1) take a city tour in a double decker.
    2) Statue of Liberty/WTC Site.
    3) Evening stroll Times square.

    Regards to my teacher

  5. Says:

    Check out the rooftop bar at the Thom hotel in Soho. Send me a note if you want to be sure you can get in.


  6. Leo Says:

    Hi Markus,

    If you’re into art Agora Gallery is a nice one to check out.

    P.S. Big fan of your accomplishment.

    “Defeat is not an option, you just find some way to win”

  7. Greg Says:

    Gah, stay out of Times Square. What a pit.


    Walk the Brooklyn Bridge — great at sunset or at night — followed by pizza at Grimaldi’s on the other side.

    Lower East Side bar crawl. Over to Veselka @ 2nd & 9th for Ukrainian after you’re done.

    Get a hotdog at a Grey’s Papaya. Chelsea Papaya also works.

    The ‘Bodies’ exhibit at the South St. Seaport is kind of neat.

    Great burgers in the Burger Joint, hidden in Le Parker Meredien hotel.

    Bleeker St. is a nice walk – stop on Lederhosen on Grove St. for some German beer & sausage.

    People-watch in Washington Square Park.

    If you don’t have a ton of time to do tourist stuff you can skip the Statue of Liberty trip and just take the Staten Island ferry back and forth. Round trip one hour, great views of lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty (bring a camera), and the $3 beers on the ferry are some of the cheapest in the city.

  8. Zune Says:

    Definitely ignore the advice to stay out of times square. DEFINITELY go to time square and all the neighborhoods all around. (Good place for you to get your next mansion there😉 You’ll be able to pick up a 2 bedroom apartment for the price of your current mansion.

    if you like people Time square is definitely the place to be, and any of the touristy sections are definitely worth it. I know most people will be snobbish and tell you to ignore those parts, but in new york they’re fantastic!

    If you didn’t bring your limousine, or have a driver all day, just pay for a day pass or week pass and you’ll be able to get there faster than all the OTHER free Dating site moguls going around the cities in their limousine.

    No matter what you do in New york, you’ll enjoy it.

    Definitely hit some (any) of the strip joints there. Everything is better in New york!

  9. Gomer Says:

    For a nice place to eat, go to Del Friscos on the corner of 49th and 6th Avenue. Get a booth that overlooks Radio City Music hall.

    If you like lobster, get the Australian lobster tail. Their crab cakes and shrimp cocktail are also excellent.

    Maybe take the girlfriend to Les Miserables, just a walk away.

  10. familyforest Says:

    Go have a meal at the “Russian Tea Room” near Carnegie Hall.
    You might like to look at where the dancers train at Carnegie Hall. Steps and other ballet studios in NYC. Ballet classes are always a high energy event! Sometimes off Broadway shows can be really interesting to see too.


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  12. Randell Jimmie Says:

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  13. Soldner Says:

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