Facebook & Ilike.

Seems that facebook is getting nothing but glowing reviews.


Ilike is the most successful application on facebook with millions of users signing up.        But take a look at their alexa chart  and you will see they lost 70% of the traffic to their website since launching on facebook.


I think at the end of the day facebook will reduce independent websites like Ilike, lastfm  etc to just another feature that won’t exist outside of a social network.   Just like every other business who have a legal obligation to make money,  Facebook will have no choice but to clone the most successful applications and build them directly into their platform.

11 Responses to “Facebook & Ilike.”

  1. Aaron Pang Says:

    Hi Markus,

    I want to know how did you make so much money from Google Adsense? Knowing so many arbitrage publisher’s account got shut down as of June 1st, what advice do you have for those got their accounts shut down?

  2. Neil Says:

    Good analysis Markus. I’m sure that Facebook will have no ethical qualms about cloning the most popular services, however – I don’t think users will buy the “own label” services that Facebook would release. I see Facebook offering rental on the site to widget providers, maybe 20 cents per embedded widget per month – seems reasonable to me.

  3. Existenzgründung Facebook-Integration von Web-Services vielleicht doch keine so clevere Idee auf Existenz24.biz Says:

    […] es gibt auch eine Kehrseite der Medaille, wie man auf Paradigm Shift (dem Blog des plentyoffish-Machers) nachlesen kann. Demnach ist der Traffic von ililke im selben […]

  4. Andy Arnott Says:

    I am sure we will see the same type of thing that myspace does… buy the most used apps like slide. I think your spot on here Markus!

  5. Andrew Johnson Says:

    Did you read the part where it said that Ilike now required hundreds of servers just for the facebook app and may be running into the thousands?

    Perhaps companies are trying to follow the YouTube model of letting other sites monetize their traffic. However, at some point your app has to result in traffic coming back to your site, especially if you are running hundreds of servers to support it.

  6. morphs blog » iLike.com Wachstum oder Fall? Says:

    […] nach so kurzer Zeit quasi unmöglich.  Anscheinend gibt es auch eine Kehrseite des Wachstums, The Paradigm Shift berichtet, dass iLike.com seit dem Launch in Facebook laut Alexa 70% des Traffics verloren […]

  7. Vijay Teach Me Says:

    I would say with the opening of the api and the amount of support they are giving to developers to make applications which run on their platform will open many venues for them.


  8. jeremyliew Says:

    If facebook app developers are not adding value on top of the social map (that facebook has made a commodity) then they’re in trouble. If they are adding value and creating something that accrues to them (databases of content, preferences, reviews, etc) then there are businesses to be built that FB will not be able to simply replicate.

    I’ve blogged on this at http://lsvp.wordpress.com/2007/06/13/social-media-facebook-commoditizing-the-social-map/
    if you’re interested


  9. Wal Says:

    It’s possible that the loss of traffic is due to the fact that they had to disable some features on their web site because they needed to free up their servers to handle the facebook load and to sustain the growth there. If that’s the case, then we should expect the lost traffic to be regained in the next few weeks once they catch up to the load.

  10. chris Says:

    I suspect their numbers going down are not due to Facebook. If you notice their traffic starts dropping well before the 24th of May, when Facebook’s platform went live, and this drop looks similar to another previous drop well before Facebook’s platform came out.

  11. Massimo Moruzzi Says:

    I bet that by July they will look stronger on Alexa than they were in May.

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