Facebook is transforming into a Social Utility Search Engine.

The new Facebook  Application platform seems to be the first stage in Facebooks assult on Google.    Search can really be split into 2 groups,  users searching for information that isn’t social and users searching for information that is social in nature.    The top searches on google tend to be  social networking,  maps/directions, music,   games, traveling, dating  etc etc etc.      

The biggest problem with Google is that Google doesn’t know how good or bad the destination site is.    With facebook  its directory lists social applications by the number of users they have,  how popular they are etc.   In effect Facebook is in the process of transforming into a portal/search engine.   

8 Responses to “Facebook is transforming into a Social Utility Search Engine.”

  1. Joshwa Says:

    The biggest problem with Google is that Google doesn’t know how good or bad the destination site is.

    Yes, they do. That’s the whole *point* of PageRank. They also have click data that tells them when the user clicks a search result and doesn’t come back to click more results, which indicates success.

  2. Brad T Says:

    Spot on…

  3. Markus Says:

    Joshwa, Google has no clue how good or bad a destination site is. Pagerank isn’t a very good indictor that is why its only a small part of the algorithm and that is why google yahoo and microsoft spend millions buying click stream data and subscribing to most major competitive intelligence services.

  4. Marc Says:

    Markus, for once I have to disagree. It may not be PageRank necessarily, but they do still have a quality score. So essentially it’s Page Rank. I also think Google will continue to improve it further.

    One other gripe I have is the fact that all this lauding and praising is being heaped upon Facebook for no good reason other than they are growing fast. I honestly think of their so-called platform as nothing more than red tape for widgets. Honestly, how could anyone seriously consider this anything but giving access to users, which sites like MySpace give so much more freely.

    Don’t believe the hype. Facebook obviously believes their own publicity. Bad things usually follow people and companies that reach this level of hubris.

  5. john Says:

    Great post Markus – I’m curious to see how Facebook continues to grow. I’m a big fan of Yahoo but worried that some of these other companies are going to cut in to Yahoo’s traffic. But Yahoo’s key is email. They have an enormous user base that are not going to leave easily after having an email for so long.

    Is Google going to get into the content game? Create a portal site or health review database? I’ve heard they’d like to do something with health.

  6. neal Says:

    Interesting thread. In a previous life I wrote a lot of music. I still say my best music was written before I learned all that damn theory and history of music in college. It caused me to over think things rather than listening to my gut. And on a related note you always hear of kids being the best judges of character. Both are examples of how we get submerged in the details and stop following our instincts as we grow older.

    ….at the same time though I would imagine that while more big hits comes from the 20s set, I bet a much higher percentage of failures also comes from this group. As you learn about business, you also learn to mitigate risks etc. Maybe the plan as you grow older is not to go for the gold and change the world – but rather to take a reasonable risk, because you have too much to loose and protect after a while. But, I’m guessing its partly cultural too – sitting in a cubicle all day surrounded by pie charts can make you think differently as compared to sitting in a bar all night with your friends. 🙂

  7. neal Says:

    Hmm – I thought I was posting a comment to the post about old people not inventing compared to 20 somethings. Where did that post go?

  8. divya Says:

    Facebook is now no2 in world wide rankings…
    facebook is growing very fast….
    in social networking facebook is very strong

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