My Today Show Interview.

In the last few months Plentyoffish has become the worlds largest dating site.     I’ve now got number 1 rankings in the UK and Canada  and in the US moved from  5th  to 3rd place in the last few months and just a few percentage points away from taking second place.

Compared to  Plentyoffish has until now been living in obscurity when it comes to media exposure.  I hope that I get more coverage for plentyoffish now that its in the top 3 in the US.

34 Responses to “My Today Show Interview.”

  1. Saïd Amin Says:

    A very well filmed/edited piece Markus. Kudos.

    Life is good.


  2. Jazzy Says:

    Nice clip. Your work is indeed an inspiration.

    Keep it up!

  3. Kenneth Holland Says:


    Way to go! It’s nice to see the face of someone I’ve traded messages with on internet, especially someone who is really ‘doing it’!

    Great job and continued success!


  4. neal Says:

    Well, I’m sure Match will be after you soon. We’ve all seen the defamatory eharmony ads lately … wonder what they’ll say about POF now that its no longer under the radar?

  5. Chris Says:

    So Markus… If your pulling all that money… Why is it that you live in an apartment?

    I smell a front. Someone’s trying to look like they aren’t in it for the money. You should do an interview at your real casa.

  6. John Bollwitt Says:

    Brilliant piece! Could almost see my apartment from your balcony there. :p

  7. Plenty of Fish Founder Rakes in Google Ad Dough « BIG marketing for small business Says:

    […] of Fish Founder Rakes in Google Ad Dough Jump to Comments Vancouver, Canada-based Markus Frind, founder of the popular free dating site was featured in a humorous and inspiring […]

  8. Rajan Sodhi Says:

    Markus, congratulations on your feature on the Today Show this morning. Very well done, inspiring and humorous. Your segment is making the rounds here at our company.

  9. Bill Broadbent Says:

    How did your servers hold up? LOL Congrats on the piece Markus -it was very flattering. I really liked your board meeting line. But you have said before you spend two hours a day on the site. What gives? Are you getting lazier in your old age?

  10. doolally Says:

    A cool piece, I thought it was interesting what you said about matching people up. Cheers

  11. Brad Says:

    markus, you rock! keep on truckin’ dude.

  12. Says:

    We’re not worthy! Congrats, man… an inspiration you are!

  13. Gomer Says:

    Markus, congratulations. As most of us know and don’t doubt, you are doing very well.

    The clip mentions you depositing your latest cheque but it shows a picture of the same cheque we see on the internet dated February 27, 2006 for 901,733.84 CAD. (This was actually a cheque for 2 months – still excellent.)

    What’s up with this? We know you are doing well and you don’t seem to have any problems letting everyone know it. But why then show us old cheques? There could be many reasons for this and rather than us throwing out guesses, why don’t you tell us why you don’t mention your latest income figures.


  14. Markus Says:

    Bill, you’d be amazed at what happens when you prevent people from emailing you if they haven’t read the FAQ.

    Rajan, now everyone will know who I am when I come in and look at my servers.

    Gomer they filmed 12+ hours and used 2 or 3 minutes. I didn’t write the script.

  15. Eric Says:

    Funny, they had an advertisement for before your video

  16. Jason Verwey Says:

    Nice segment Markus! All the best.

  17. PPCBlogger Says:

    Funny, they had an advertisement for before your video

    Just about to say the same thing. Almost ambush marketing.

  18. Chris Says:

    Killer video. Good for you my Canadian friend!!

  19. Marc Says:

    Well done Markus. I did get a laugh at some of the theme music though. After the build up from Yello’s – Oh Yeah, They went straight into the theme music for Revenge of the Nerds. I’m over 30 so I caught that one.

  20. Mayo Says:

    My only question Markus is: why the hell are you not living in one of those Villas near the one of Vancouver lakes…?? Maybe this is your choice but to me living in a apartment and making 5MM$US a year is darn funny… this is at least my vision of why to sweat for all that good money.. villa by the sea(or some nice lake) and yacht in the marina…

  21. Ryan Says:


    I don’t know if this applies to Markus, but for some people, professional challenges absorb a huge portion of their emotion energy, including material ambition. Would you rather spend the time to look for a place and move all your crap, or improve the product? To many true successful people, the professional challenge trumps many aspects of their personal lives.

    Of course, there may be other reasons, such social fit, convenience, fiscally conservative, etc.

  22. Mayo Says:


    I know this by my self, i currently live in a apartment but also i have lived in a house with 1/2 acre of beautiful land, and believe me that apartment is nowhere close to house, esp. if you have extra a beautiful terrace with a pool… it’s simply pure joy to sit beneath the trees watching the sea and coding… at least for me the sense of being with the nature and making great product is absolute bliss and hell of a productivity & idea charger…

  23. Markus Says:

    I travel alot and don’t want to leave an unattended house. Takes a lot of time to move and change everything around to.

  24. Mayo Says:

    You take cca. 3 months traveling in a year as you mentioned once if i recall good, right? Anyway you really achieved the dream of every geek… and again i cant thank you enough for sharing your ideas with us other wannabe chumps…😀

    BTW how much of the rack is it filled, it seems like it is only 25% full with all the gears…

    Keep the good work!

  25. Me Says:

    I still feel that the “quality” of the people dating is higher at paying sites than at your site.

  26. Mayo Says:


    I strongly disagree… the people on POF (esp. women) are picky but everyone there can find a mate.. i am in contact with over five women there and at least one of them really suits with my personality and the point of view… i am also starting dating site(s) and because i have the rule to not mingle with my site members Markus might be the one i could thank for finding my soul-mate…😀

  27. JoeDuck Says:

    Congratulations Markus. You’ve effectively blown away the idea that you need millions in capital and a huge infrastructure and many overpaid executives to create a world class, high volume, quality resource. Could this be something about the Canadian water?

  28. OnBeingParents Says:

    Keep up the good work.

    Where does someone start to build something as great as your site.
    I was thinking of something to connects parents or to improve education in the urban settings.


  29. roger Says:

    when I was in Cancun, I met a woman who said she maintained a POF site. She said she received an income stream from google for advertising.

    Is it possible to get involved with POF. Are there cities in Mexico that might be candidates for new sites?

    roger weitzel

  30. david Says:

    it keeps deleting my profile in pof and iv dne nthg wrong i had it for ages suddenly it gt deleted and i always try to resign up but keeps deleting afta a few mins

  31. Pete Says:

    yea, Me TOO! My profile was deleted on POF. I was talking with a wonderful woman and we were getting along great,now I can’t get back to her. I wish I gave her my email address sooner,but how was I to know this was going to happen. It’s sad. I know there are those who abuse the site,but I’m REALLY trying to find someone to love and possibly have a future with. these deletions are unjustified.

    Markus you should Re examine your procedures!

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  34. Delmar Says:

    Obama’s stand on the concerns of life and how it is being shushed up are not in line with traditional Catholic beliefs.

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