Plentyoffish Relationship Needs Assessment.

Today I launched a new feature on the site called Plentyoffish Relationship Needs Assessment.   Its a product that makes a long list of firsts for the Dating Industry.

There aren’t very many sites that offer compatibility testing,   right now its,, and    Hitwise data this week shows that Plentyoffish is nearly larger than all of those sites combined in the US.

7 Responses to “Plentyoffish Relationship Needs Assessment.”

  1. Fernando Ardenghi Says:

    Dear Mr. Frind:

    Who is the brain behind the Plenty of Fish Compatibility Predictor (POFCP) ?

    Kindest Regards,

    Fernando Ardenghi.
    Buenos Aires.

  2. James Houran Says:

    Compatibility tests seemd to abound across sites worldwide — either “serious” tests or “entertainment-oriented” tests. What’s nice about the Relationship Needs Assessment is that it is not a compatibility test per se. It is a more like a personal dating coach. It puts users in the driver seat again, rather than making them dependent on some black box approach.

    The assessment speaks to elements of compatibility, but it really highlights the pragmatic needs a person has in relationships — but may not know it. It does not do the matching work for people; instead it presents users with their idiosyncrasies in attitudes and behaviors and take responsibility for asking prospective partners questions to see if they are “relationship material.”

    There are indeed many firsts with this assessment:

    1. First assessment to address a person’s individual needs.
    2. First assessment that was built and validated on actual online daters before its launch and which is entirely based on Modern Test Theory to adhere to professional testing standards.
    3. First assessment to gives users Action Plans — customized questions to ask prospects that are based on your own relationship needs.
    4. First assessment that identifies hidden idiosyncrasies in how you perceive relationship issues — and then tells you about in a way that promotes self-reflection and personal development.
    5. First free assessment that adheres to professional testing standards.

    Congrats, Markus. It was a brilliant idea!


    James Houran, Ph.D.
    Online Dating Magazine

  3. Matt Kurning Says:

    Fernando Ardenghi Says:

    July 6th, 2007 at 9:37 pm
    Dear Mr. Frind:

    Who is the brain behind the Plenty of Fish Compatibility Predictor (POFCP) ?

    Mr. Ardenghi,

    What does it matter to you? You seem obsessed with this question on many blogs. Unlike some sites, Markus and POF do not play the “credible psychologist card” but rather simply let the products speak for themselves and be the star of the show.

    I find it clever and refreshing.

  4. ihatemyfuckinglife Says:

    POF Definitely FTW

  5. john Says:


    Did you see this?

  6. fitire tek Says:

    fitire tek…

    […]Plentyoffish Relationship Needs Assessment. « Plenty of fish blog[…]…

  7. DEREK W. NEWELL Says:

    Hi, please view my relationship poem, go to Google, type in my name, Derek Newell Poet, then view my poem, ”EXPRESS IT”. Thank You.

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