More big time press.

There will be an article on me & plentyoffish in the National Post (Canada)  friday’s edition.     I also did a interview with a very famous psychologist that will air nationally in the US and Canada soon.   

 Its kind of funny,  I completely took over the Canadian market became a massive site,   I rocked the UK.   None of this got much media attention.  But after breaking into the us market market and becoming a top 3 site,  I was flooded with media attention.

11 Responses to “More big time press.”

  1. Ryan Says:

    The US eats up underdog/david vs goliath stories.

  2. Dave Says:

    I hope you do more in australia these rip off websites need to learn a lesson… How can we publicise you down under?

  3. Kenny Says:

    Dr. Phil?

  4. Matt Says:

    Well, sure. I mean, Canada is pretty small. California has more people and economic clout than the entire country. The UK is larger but still only 1/5th the size of the US or so.


  5. Markus Says:

    matt I know, but you’d still think i’d get publicity inside the country.

  6. Jonathan Frate Says:

    Maybe if you hired a pr agency in canada and uk, you’d get the same response as the us?

  7. Tommy Says:

    Hey Matt,

    Would you ever consider accepeting reall ad’s on plentyofish like myspace?

  8. Markus Says:

    Tommy the biggest problem is selecting an ad server.

    Right now everyone I talk to wants Several hundred thousand a year for me to use their ad servers. They also want multi year contracts. I am waiting for google to release their free ad server, or Rightmedia to get with the program. That way i’m not tied into huge expensive contracts and can accept direct advertising.

  9. Wish Says:

    hello, markus!

    i enjoy reading about your success, especially the architecture (efficiency) of the site.

    since i’m admittedly clueless about internet advertising, i hope you don’t think this comment silly, but what are the barriers to finding direct advertising now? if you were to use, say, a magazine or newspaper ad paradigm–making plentyoffish the media–why you couldn’t solicit direct ads? you’re intimately familiar with your demographics (break down by age, sex, location, race, time of visit, number of concurrent site visitors, etc) which means you can slice/dice at will and, thus, offer the kind of sales information i thought most advertisers dream of…swoon over…w/o concerns about spamming…
    i’d think.

    regardless, you got incredible traction in the dating space and growing visibility…
    it’s fun to watch!

    best wishes

  10. Mayo Says:

    Markus, why don’t you develop your own product?? If you are making over 5MM a year all by your self it would be no problem to establish a company to develop a custom ad server + outsource/hire some sales force. Now if you think this is an overkill.. well it could be.. but also it could be a new business that could also bring in MM’s from the ad server you have developed by selling/renting it to others..

    in-house developed server is maybe an overkill…

    Openads server works but you could use it’s interface to see who are the biggest buyers there and cut the google out of the chase and keep 100% of advertiser money all for your self instead of 50-60% you now get.. that means instead of 5-10MM p.a. could be 10-20MM p.a. ;D

  11. doolally Says:

    Yeah, I would have thought knowing the demographics I would have thoght you would have been able to charge a premium as you could highly taget the ads. like UK females with kids. Males between 20 & 30.

    Have you tried affiliate marketing much as you could target very well uk females aged 18-30 show them figleaves ads for example

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