earnings show major decline in subscribers. Released their earnings a few days ago. Is this their way of saying subscribers in the US decreased at least 12% year over year? One assumes the US accounts for far more than 50% of their subscribers.

“Revenue growth was driven by a 1% increase in worldwide subscribers, including 13% growth in international subscribers, most notably in the UK, combined with higher average prices in North America. Operating Income Before Amortization grew faster than revenue due to a lower cost of acquisition as a percentage of revenue in North America and flat operating costs, partially offset by higher international cost of acquisition. Operating income in the second quarter of 2007 included amortization of non-cash marketing of $7.2 million.”


15 Responses to “ earnings show major decline in subscribers.”

  1. Tip Says:

    Thanks for your informative blog. I hope this is my way of returning the favor….

    I think I read somewhere that had about 1.3M paying subscribers (about 15+M in total subs). That means a 1% gain is 13,000 total new paying users. To figure out US, simply do some algebra, assuming US is 80%.

    us+intl = 13,000; so, intl = 13000-x
    intl = .13(international’) {where international’ was last period figure}
    13000(0.8)=US, where (0.8 represents percentage US)
    int’l= 2600
    international’ = 2300 (prior period that received the 13% growth)

    at 50%, US=6500, intl = 6500, intl’ = 5750

  2. OnBeingParents Says:

    User are looking for free and more popular options.

    Why would we pay for something that is good as the paid version
    but is free ?

    Common Sense Rocks!

  3. Cartel Says:

    Thought you’d be interested in seeing this POF clone script that someone is selling….

  4. Vanchau Says:

    Putting up a web site is like step 1 of 1000 in running a successful dating site.

    The competitive landscape in the dating industry is littered with “companies” that have tried. This site is just another form of free marketing for POF.

  5. Pilar Says:

    Vanchau, you are completely right. This is another form of free publicity for POF, but we have developed this clone to give webmasters/entrepreneurs the chance to build a similar successful site like POF.

    Now you are wondering what I mean with successful.. well I can tell you it is a definition that is different for everyone. Not everyone has the purpose to be big like POF, of course they dream about it, but it is not realistic in first sight.

    We are experienced in internet marketing and we encourage potential clients to purschase our script, not with the purpose to complete with POF, but to create niche markets. There is always room for new dating sites, but competing against the best in the game is the most stupid thing you can do, unless you have tons of money. That´s why we encourage our potential clients to focus on the niche markets, there is potential enough to succeed. POF has a great concept with some nice features, that´s why it is successful. For example my friend can be successful too with this script in his own country, just find the niche markets and then it is NOT step 1 of 1000 to running a successful websites like you´ve mentioned.

    You need to know how to market, that´s why we include a marketing ebook for our clients to kickstart their dating businesses.

    In my opinion people who think it is too difficult to startup a successful website, has not prepared enough for the internet business. Doing researches, learn a lot and work hard will lead you to success. Our statement is to focus to success and nothing less.. that will bring you and end.


  6. Markus Says:

    I hope you have a good lawyer because you are going to need one.

  7. hackman99e66 Says:

    08/09/07 15:37 EST – is offline in Pittsburgh,Pa. USA you may want to check your servers?


  8. Pilar Says:

    I have received the email from your lawyer from you, Markus. We did not know about the registered “POF” trademark, so I have replied him that we will take care of it and get things right.

  9. deigratia Says:

    Markus what on earth are you trying to do? This is childish. send letter say exactly what your intensions are then and finish the deal. Done. My question to you is what are you afraid of??

  10. Jordan Says:

    these comments are laughable, pilar, I hope you learned your lesson…

  11. The Cre8ive Monk Says:

    Hi pilar are you still selling your clone of pof? If you are i’m interested in doing business with you.

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