Massive DDOS attack against

Looks like my site and millions of others are up and down…     This really sucks.   I am told they changed IP addresses of their DNS servers and stuff should be coming back soon.

9 Responses to “Massive DDOS attack against”

  1. George Kirikos Says:

    You might want to consider a company that focuses on DNS, e.g, or to name a few.

  2. Frank Says:

  3. Markus Says:

    What a joke

  4. Mark Hankins Says:

    Looks like we found out the Storm worm’s purpose in life:

  5. Ryan Says:

    “Prolexic Clean Pipe Virtual Transport Network”

    That sounds like a laxative.

  6. maren Says:

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  7. Slavi Says:

    People, is large enough to deal with it’s own issues.
    why should Markus change it with something untested ?
    May be it will be better if he uses several other secondary DNS servers.


  8. Mark Richards Says:

    These sites are not hosted by they are hosted by enom (The extension tells you that they are external partner servers. The IP addresses of those servers also do not correspond to’s netblock). has a number of tools and systems in place to combat denial of service attacks against their servers. enom is a partner and hosts their own DNS servers. In this case it seems they were unprepared for the severity of the attack they received.


  9. Dan Says:

    Although Mark is right that those addresses are not in the netblock, they exist for Moreover those domains were registered through so his information is wrong.

    As for the prolexic announcement- that press release was from two weeks ago. While they may have chosen Prolexic’s service, I doubt that they have implemented it yet. It usually takes a couple of months to bring something like that on line when you factoring in testing and QA.


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