Internal Video

14 Responses to “ Internal Video”

  1. Matt Says:

    Clearly, you need to get yourself some employees, Markus. Then you too can be the recipient of frequent hugs from co-workers. Perhaps you might even get a chance to make out with a cut-out of Dr. Phil!

    P.S. I read your blog frequently and find it quite interesting despite the fact that my company doesn’t have much similarity to yours.

  2. chika Says:

    Hmmmmmmm What are me meant to learn from this?…..too much time on their hands?

  3. Ryan Says:

    Obviously, they felt the need to tell each other how great of a place it is to work……. which probably means that management felt the need to “educate” the subordinates.

  4. 360-430-599 Says:

    Do a parody with only you in it. I want to see how you’re going to pull off that last makeout scene.

  5. Ryan Says:

    The guy was clearly embarrassed to be in such a ridiculous scene.

  6. maurizio Says:

    I like the guy that is photocopying his a$$ and get a copy of his face🙂

  7. corporate looser Says:

    Clearly they are more successful than you man. You see, what you need do to is get partners. Business partners. Then work on your company’s dress code. What’s this thing about working in your underwear … no no no, get a tie and a suit, rent some space and get a cadillac for God’s sake. Then get some marketing people. Say 10. i know it’s not THAT much, but trust me, you will NEED them to succeed. Also change your name. What’s this
    plentyoffish thing man. Sheesh, wonder where you pulled that from. Get better domain man.
    Something like or something creative like that. Heck, you might
    aswell sell mintos online and deliver then via Fedex (see why I told you you needed partners?) to guys before their dates. Man, you have sooo much to learn. I mean, what are you currently making? Are you making money at all?

  8. maurizio Says:

    Why people always mispell “loser” with “looser”?


    (maybe lool is better)

  9. Ryan Says:

    Please tell, corporate looser, were you just drunk, or on some other substance when you posted that?

  10. Chris Says:

    It’s nothing more then viral advertising really or their employees having fun …

  11. PK Says:

    Great for them and it’s always good to see people, companies, ideas and opportunities grow. I am happy for them.

    Markus, at the end of the day – who are you? What do You want to be and how do you want to live the day. All the money in the world will never buy you a second of yesterday.

    I say to you that you have so much to offer people all over the world and in effect you have impacted so many. So be the light my brother, go share your thoughts, give the inspiration, and keep on truckin…just be you and POF and forget the rest.

    A Buddhist Monk once wrote…”Your Character is Your Destiny”



  12. A Dude Says:

    Hey Markus, PK is spot on, you are a winner, go spread your seed whist the moment lasts!

    Don’t look so deep.. it makes you sleep..

    BTW I’m available for £100,000 per day… lol


  13. A Dude Says:

    >> All the money in the world will never buy you a second of yesterday.


  14. Chappers Says:

    Directed at Corporate Loser / Looser? (check spelling)

    The reason this wordpress is so well read, by some very clever people, is that offers an interesting example of a free site going up against a paid model. And yes, Markus makes a LOT of cash from advertising. Suggest you do a bit of research before posting, and possible brush up on your grammar, man.

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