New Plentyoffish Targeted Advertising Channels.

For those of you doing site targetted campaigns via  Google Adwords on there are now new channels you can bid on instead of just  ROS.

ROS= Run of Site

1.   Female  ROS  Over the Age of 30.
2   Female ROS  under the age of 30.
3.  Male ROS  under the age of 30.
4   Male ROS over the age of 30.
5.   Black Singles  ROS   (mostly US/uk)
6.   Hispanic  singles  ROS (mostly US)
7.   Indian Singles  ROS.  (mostly Us/canada)
6.   Asian ROS   (mostly US/Canada)

I’ve split out a lot of my logged in traffic   By age and gender  and ethnicity.   For a lot of companies bidding on my site this will make their campaigns a lot more profitable and allow more customized ads to be displayed.

I will also be launching a new adserving platform soon that will allow me to target ads to any user  an advertiser wants.     So whatever ads I don’t sell directly  adsense will get.

11 Responses to “New Plentyoffish Targeted Advertising Channels.”

  1. Jason Says:

    Markus, I wanted to let you know that you are a genius, totally brilliant! What you did with plentyoffish is just amazing. I have a blog of my own that I just started and hopefully I can make an income from it. I really need this, as I can’t stand being a grunt worker. I can’t seem to hold down any jobs. Im obsessed with the net, always thinking of business ideas yet I don’t have the funds or training to make these businesses a reality. So I’m starting a blog about Anything and Everything. (I am a fairly good writer) There’s more about me here than what Im telling you but a comment section isn’t large enough to hold everything I would like to say. If you would ever allow for an apprenticeship I would be greatly honored to enroll and to be the first one to learn from your knowledge as such.

    Thanks for listening


  2. Fred Says:

    A Christian singles channel would be nice…

  3. Markus Says:

    Problem with that is it doesn’t mean anything. People feel obligated to put something down for religion.

  4. Massimo Moruzzi Says:

    …and does Male over 30 run of site mean anything ?

  5. Dave Haynes Says:

    I’ve been inspired by your story as well. I’ve decided to stop selling my assembly language editor software (MIPSter) and make it free. I’m now hoping to make even more money than before (or at least break even) simply off Google Ads. I started a new blog to chart my progress.

  6. PK Says:


    I am sure you collect some level of click stream data and the relational mapping relative to segmentation of activity or content. In your new ad serving platform I imagine this type of analysis, when presented to sponsors coupled with some dimension of market size by time (before valentine’s day you may say) could generate much more $$$ since its targeted and having the ability to be forecast relative to consumption (since the historical data would support it)…this would be then fun to test and optimize for targeted user selection/mapping/tagging and grouping and subsequent ad selling like a western bandit you would be!

    Have fun and get something to eat homeboy.


  7. Marc Miles Says:

    Holy cow man………I cant believe you hadn’t done that already! Your making 300K/month without that is astonishing. And you are right, creating your own self serving add system is the way to go. I’m knee deep in a project of my own right now and I got a lot of inspiration from you!

  8. Markus Says:

    It wasn’t even possible until about a month ago.

  9. azzam Says:

    have you considered as an adserver

  10. jlwillis Says:

    Markus, could you please break down the ad channel or direct me to a link where I can understand not only the value for users but revenue model for you? Are you basically creating targeted channels for other advertising sites to reach your user base?


  11. jlwillis Says:

    Nevermind….I think I found it. 🙂

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