Bluelithium aquired for 300M

Looks like its game over for adsense.  Once  integrated into  YPN yahoo will leapfrog google in monetization.

15 Responses to “Bluelithium aquired for 300M”

  1. Joshua Says:

    It will be great to see something that will compete directly with Adsense…I bet you can’t wait for it, too!

    Wouldn’t you like to have $300M cash?

  2. Aris Says:

    Personally, I don’t know anyone who uses Yahoo for search – they all use Google.

  3. seo beginner Says:

    Do you truely believe another advertiser network can just come in an blam they’re #1

    Adsense is the defacto place for advertisers. Small or big you go there if not only for the 60% search marketshare then for all the sites out there like yours that the advertisers have access to.

    You’d have to convince advertisers and get GREAT click-through rates, and adsense users that get 10x more income than any other service.

    You WILL convince everyone that’s been kicked out of adsense (and there are many) but everyone else won’t change

    Just look at the richtwinpoortwin blog. They went from 200k/month to 8k/month because they changed from adsense to others after being kicked off adsense.

    Show me the money.

  4. Mayo Says:

    BTW flushed AdSense down the toilet this month..

  5. Marc Says:

    I would really like to feel your optimism Markus, but forgive me if I remain skeptical. Unfortunately for all of us, Yahoo has a less than stellar record when it comes to realizing the synergies of their aquisitions. They seem to have a knack for burying all these great companies under the foundation of the borg-like Yahoo edifice… never to innovate again.

  6. JT Says:

    Not to mention from what I’ve heard, Yahoo doesn’t spider ads as quickly as AdSense, leading to poorer targetting to begin with. And they haven’t opened up to foreign publishers yet, right? So there’s more inventory they are missing. I think this is them desperately trying to keep up w/ AdSense (G. made more profit in a quarter than Yahoo did all last year right?) but leapfrogging? Guess we’ll see.

    Hey, I’d like it happen. I’d like the option to use YPN. But AdSense still has a big lead.

  7. Aris Says:

    I just went to the website – there isn’t even anywhere to sign up – and i’m an advertiser, not a publisher. What, i need to speak to a salesperson? With Adsense, I just sign up online and within 10 minutes, my ads are showing.

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  9. PK Says:

    Google has the edge, it’s reached the tipping point. Have to agree with Marc above on Yahoo’s acquisitions…dead canvas they become.

    Plus what Aris wrote is spot on – Google is easy, simple.

    Who is more honest to the advertiser…possibly Yahoo. It’s all about perception and then about execution. Google just gets shit done.

    Markus – you get shit done as well, and that’s the bottom line.


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  11. Markus Says:

    Bluelithium pays 5-10 times as much per CPM as google. There is no competition. And for me they blow away any other ad network.

  12. Lonny Says:

    Hi markus. I sent you an e-mail the other day asking if you’d help me with a school project. Haven’t heard back from you, but I figure you must get a ton of e-mails. If you would find time to reply, I’d really appreciate it!

    I sent the e-mail from the same account im using to post this (incase it is buried in your e-mail folder).


  13. Terry T Says:

    I welcome the Bluelithium acquisition by Yahoo. I find Google too inflexible for my site. I expect Google will respond to this move by Yahoo though and be even better as a result.

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  15. urban music Says:

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