Big Boats.

Every morning  there is some mega yacht parked at the marina when I look out the window in the morning.    Normally its the monster Yacht Attessa  but this week its the Laurel.

Laurel  is supposidly worth 180 Million Canadian and is 240 feet long.

I took this picture from my living room.


19 Responses to “Big Boats.”

  1. Victor Trac Says:

    Where do you live? It sounds like Monte Carlo.🙂

    BTW, that site is hilariously great. Models + expensive toys is always a winning combination.

  2. Dave Says:

    Markus, are you sure that is not your new boat, oops I mean ship?

  3. JT Says:

    Now that’s a good use of $180 million dollars… If it flies or goes underwater, maybe. I suppose it beats owning a mansion that never goes anywhere…

  4. stefan Says:

    glad you like it here is a list

  5. stefan Says:

    see our list glad you like the mega yachts

  6. Ralph C. Says:

    Nice view Markus…. I have the view from my apt in Miami, Florida (US)
    Nice yachts, good looking girls with no close on the roof of the nice yacht and normally the owner is a old men with a big Cuban cigar.

  7. mathew johnson Says:

    What’s the deal with Agent4Stars? it looks like a shady escort service to me.

  8. stefan Says:

    in spain its commen for the women to wear bikinis

  9. Marc Says:

    I’ve got the view down here in Palm Beach County as well. Some of the big ones here go across to the med seasonally. I guess Markus is dreaming of possibilities.

  10. Frank Says:

    Who’s the owner? Any idea?

  11. Mayo Says:

    This one holds private corporation, but it is interesting how many >50MM € yachts are there and how many people have the amount to buy and maintain them…

  12. DG Says:

    “Plenty of Fish” would be an awesome name for a yacht after you sell the website🙂

  13. jake Says:

    Markus, please ban this sh*thead spammer, Stefan.

  14. Dan Hodgins Says:


    I am a fellow Coal Harbour resident, and I recognized the marina behind you in a few photos from Canadian newspapers. Some of those yachts take my breath away. Maybe if I am lucky you will invite me on to your own 200 footer sometime soon.

    I have to ask you one question. What could possibly be next for you after building THE biggest dating site in the world, and perhaps the perfect business? I would imagine you are looking to do something others have either overlooked or not done yet, because that seems to be the only way to get traffic/users for cheap without hiring employees. Seems like dating is becoming a crowded niche, and that users can only be bought.

    Great stuff Markus, and good luck.

    Dan Hodgins
    Vancouver, Canada
    Dipl. T (BCIT) BA (UBC)

  15. Musterd Says:

    U are so fuckin lucky u jack ass!!!!!i wish i had that view but i live in AZ.U know the desert were we r suffering in the heat!!yeah we hate u guys 4 always haveing rain!and big bodys of water! share with us plz!!!

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  17. FEROMONAS Says:

    Gotta love the big boats

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