Going under?

Lots and lots of rumors since May about  going under.   Looks like the mainstream media is now picking up on it. owes advertising companies millions and hasn’t been paying the bills.

Nothing is more scary for affiliates than promoting a company and seeing it go under without getting paid.    I’m sure this story will hurt make some affiliate marketers run.

2 Responses to “ Going under?”

  1. Ralph C. Says:

    Tru will be gone within the next 2 yrs.
    They will sale or do a massive changes in there site, staring with there C.E.O. and right after who ever is in charge of the marketing department.
    They have so much bad reputation that it will be no way they can even stay with the same name, they should return to be like before.

  2. Brian Rauschenbach Says:

    We have been owed a few thousand dollars from True’s affiliate program with CJ and don’t see them paying the money in the near future. Check out the blog post I just did on them:


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