Web 2.0 Conference next week. & Investment Banking Conference.

I’m off to the web 2.0 conference next week.   It always amazes me how much easier it is to get deals done at conferences  verse  trying to send an email to a company and then work your way up the chain.       After  web 2.0  its off to a Major investment banking conference,  speaking in front of a few hundred bankers and stock analysts should be interesting.

Anything at the web 2  conference look really interesting  or is it just more of the same?

6 Responses to “Web 2.0 Conference next week. & Investment Banking Conference.”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Yeah. There is this new concept called “social networking”. I hear it’ll be big. j/k

  2. Jay R Says:

    You mean you’re actually going to get out of your apartment and breath real outside air? justsayhi.com must be scaring you or something hehe😉

    Either way, good luck with the bankers mate!

  3. Marc Miles Says:

    WOW, justsayhi.com looks just like plentyoffish.com but with a clearner UI, its almots a direct clone.

  4. Markus Says:

    Yup, No originality everything thinks they can strike it rich by making an exact clone of plentyoffish and changing a few things around.

  5. Mayo Says:

    Yer, but for sucessfull clone you gotta have successful and bright mind. Everything starts as a clone only later the clone becomes a thing for it’s self, a brand new identity. That is of course if the creators have an identity that is cool. Markus is cool by my standards, he is a fellow geek.. only successful one, something i strive to be too.. ain’t we all… lol

  6. Carlos Says:

    Off course others will try to out-do you, like you say on this blog… adapt or die. You need to raise the barrier to entry with features other sites don’t have ,users will appreciate, and that are hard to copy. A mobile version fits the bill nicely if you ask me, but then again as you know I am biased🙂

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