Business week article.

Sarah Lacy does a story on online dating and says that dating sites are dead.  She also says more people are looking to digg and yelp to hook up.  

nice quote from the article here.
“ComScore does show some names like growing, but these are new sites with far smaller user bases. Many of them go at online dating in a new way. Plentyoffish, for example, allows you to browse profiles for free. I doubt they’ll ever get to the size or valuation of a The Web and the way people use it have just changed too much since then. ”

I see the same comscore stats and plentyoffish is number 1 in north america when looking at Pageviews,  visits and other engagement metrics.   I must admit its been a few years since someone called plentyoffish a small site that won’t get anywhere.

7 Responses to “Business week article.”

  1. val Says:

    thats some funny shit, she says “new sites with far smaller user bases”. lol🙂

  2. Andrew Johnson Says:

    BusinessWeek is the tabloid of business publications. The journalism is absolutely horrible. I should write down every “wrong” article I read there..

  3. Mayo Says:

    Of course it makes more sense to go to a bar than to pay for et al. phony profiles.

  4. Marc Says:

    I agree with Andrew entirely. Back in the day BW was a great mag. Before the internet that is.

  5. Rush Says:

    who uses digg to hook up? ROFL

  6. PK Says:

    And so shall this pass, just like many years back when you were one man on a mission… They say it’s better to teach one how to fish rather than give such…but the real secret is to create a place where the fish want to be…where no fishing is necessary but rather food is a plenty…

    You should be having a blast, but then again you probably are getting bored…time to create some new toys on the farm?


  7. nightmasa Says:

    Why I can not log in?My account is deleted? i was so sad about it.
    Please tell me more information.

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