Attack of the fakes….

Over the last few years i’ve seen everything,  from people pretending to be me in bars trying to pick up girls to posts on the net trying to push some agenda.  Check out these blog comments by my “fake”   When everyone can say they are anyone I rarely believe what is posted unless I see it on their actual blog.

13 Responses to “Attack of the fakes….”

  1. Gomer Says:

    Yeah, that guy is definitely not you, he has coherent sentences and his spelling is way too good😉

  2. Sam Moorcroft, Says:

    Markus, could it be that the guy posting on
    just happens to have the same name as you?

    How common is your name?

  3. Bill Gates Says:

    Do you mean that that Steve Ballmer that always posts on Techcrunch is not the real one?

  4. Callum Says:

    Could it be that somebody else shares your name? Just because they’re using the same name as you does not necessarily mean they’re trying to impersonate YOU.

    Vanity, my favourite sin…

    Imitation is the greatest form of flatter!

  5. Markus Says:

    I think there is one other person in the world with my name somewhere in denmark. My name is extremely uncommon.

  6. Mitch Brisebois Says:

    First The Fake Steve Jobs… now The Fake Markus Frind! I spot a trend.

  7. Carlos Says:

    Not only the uncommon name but the guy also claims to have a dating web site called plentyofshrimp… ok the plentyofshrimp thing I made up🙂 I am no detective but it looks certain to me that this guy was trying to pass himself as Markus.

    Now back at the article’s content… the reason Google and Yahoo are not successful on mobile yet is because the wireless carriers control the market and only “allow” companies to develop for wireless that they view as never been competitive to them. So they rather work with smaller, more controllable companies, than larger ones. So without the wireless carrier’s permission Google can’t really innovate in the field.

    Make no mistake, the current wireless market is fully controlled by the wireless carriers, it is not an open market where any company can compete and that is why Google is now on full attack on this very important market. Google is set out to charge the rules of the game in wireless to match more closely how things work on the internet. If you have been on wireless as long as I have been you will see that major disruption in wireless is going to happen soon. Exciting times we live in.

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