First Dating/Matchmaking site, wasn’t webpersonals or

Not that many people have heard of  but it was the first dating site and compatibility testing site on usenet in 1990(?) and then on  the web Oct 1st  1995.  It was born out of a research project in Isreal .    They were offering 2 way personality and compatibility matching to US users before even the rest of Isreal was even online.  This was also long before and Webpersonals came along.

Some interesting stuff from the FAQ in 1996…………………..   I’m sure a few executives will find this VERY INTERESTING.

Q8: Only some of the people which I contacted received me also on THEIR list. Isn’t the compatibility supposed to work both ways?

A8: The compatibility DOES work both ways. So if you fulfill 85% of your date’s expectations and he/she fulfills 89% of yours, both these scores will be taken into account, and they will be the same on your list and on the other person’s list. However, the RELATIVE POSITIONS on your lists can be quite different, so if someone appears in the 3rd place on your list for example, you may appear on his/her list in the 67th place, etc. And if someone appears in your secondary list (the list of persons that fell just because of only 1 question but would have a high score otherwise), you will not appear in his/her list at all. This is why IT IS ALWAYS MORE EFFICIENT TO CONTACT ACTIVELY THE MOST COMPATIBLE DATES ON YOUR LIST THAN TO WAIT FOR THEM TO CONTACT YOU.

Q3: Why are there two columns for the IDEAL mate in the questionnaire?

A3: You use two columns instead of one if you want to emphasize some possibilities more than others IN THE SAME QUESTION. For example, if you want a mate with Post-secondary education or higher but prefer B.A. or M.A., then you fill 1 column for Post-secondary, 2 for B.A and 2 for M.A. If you don’t mind which of these 3 possibilities it will be, then you can either mark 1 column in each of the 3 or 2 columns in each of the 3 – the results will be the same. The use of 2 columns in any question will mean higher preference only if there are other option(s) in that question which you marked with only 1 column. Another example – if you want Blondes or Red hair but prefer Blondes, then mark 2 columns for Blondes and 1 for Red hair. If you don’t mind if it’s Blonde or Red hair, mark the same number of columns for both of them.

Q6: I wanted only dates taller than 175 cm but got on the list also dates with smaller height (or any other question) .
A6: This means that you didn’t give this question Absolute importance. Use the interactive filling program to correct this question and E-mail us again your questionnaire. However, you must understand that Absolute weight is available only for the questions in Background and for Height. Otherwise you can only use weight 4 instead, which can significantly change the score but does not guarantee any given condition.

Q17: Why is there no Absolute weight in Attitudes, Interests, and Personality?
A17: It is our experience that Absolute can be easily misused in these areas. In real life interests & attitudes are changeable and negotiable and cannot be considered absolute criteria for choice. As for personality, the questions are usually too vague and problematic to enable the use of Absolute weight.

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    […] First Dating/Matchmaking site, wasn?t webpersonals or …First Dating/Matchmaking site, wasn?t webpersonals or Not that many people have heard of but it was the first dating site and … […]

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