Some Lawsuit details.

There are 8 dating sites being sued to date and one of the things being thrown about is a Signed & Sworn Statement from execs of the time is that the main dating site at the time didn’t have or own 2 way matching prior to 1997.

Oh really….

ERIC KLIEN created the following computer dating system that employed 2 way matching.

Which was then sold to

Confirmed here

You can even see him using a email address back in 93.

4 Responses to “Some Lawsuit details.”

  1. Matchmaker Says:

    Matchmaker also employed 2-way matching- it would match straight men only to women, and bi men to both bi and gay men, and straight women, etc.

    In fact, I think every dating match service I’m aware of that checked the genders while generating matches would violate this patent.

    The patent was issued despite being both obvious and there being significant prior art.

    I can testify with certainty that I was employing such a system in 1994.

  2. Aris Says:

    I recall from the early 80’s that one of the first things a dial-your-match (DYM) BBS’s would ask you was (H)et (B)i or (G)ay – to match you up to the correct type of person.

  3. dg Says:

    Just because you have the facts on your side doesn’t mean you will win a patent lawsuit (RIM!). Good luck bro!

  4. James Houran Says:

    This fight goes well beyond Markus; it’s an industry problem. I’m confident this bogus patent will be beaten easily.

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