Another Amazing computer dating program from 94…

Between 1988 and  1994 One of the large offline matchmakers created a computer dating application.   Instead of hoarding all this prior art i’ll just throw it out into the open.
Professional: The difference between Single Search and other matchmaking services is the software. Our custom-designed, state of the art program matches characteristics, traits and preferences (350 items), then cross-matches to ensure that both parties needs are significantly met. All reported matches must be at 60% or better! This AAA rated system insures that you have a high probability of being in a successful relationship with clients who meet your criteria. When romance blossoms between Single Search clients, its a strong bond. ”

More info here    (this company advertised mostly offline)

Also this other site did nearly the same thing to

This sounds virtually identical to Bogus Patent 6272467 

Transaction History 08/784,713  of patent 6272467
Date Transaction Description
03-17-2005 Applicant Has Filed a Verified Statement of Small Entity Status in Compliance with 37 CFR 1.27
02-16-2000 Workflow – File Sent to Contractor
08-07-2001 Recordation of Patent Grant Mailed
07-19-2001 Issue Notification Mailed
08-07-2001 Patent Issue Date Used in PTA Calculation
07-01-2001 Application Is Considered Ready for Issue
03-07-2000 Issue Fee Payment Verified
06-23-2001 Withdraw Publication/Pre-Exam Abandon
06-04-2001 Termination of Official Search
06-04-2001 Case Found
06-04-2001 Official Search Conducted
06-04-2001 Case Reported Lost
04-04-2001 Mail Abandonment for Failure to Correct Drawings/Oath
04-04-2001 Abandonment for Failure to Correct Drawings/Oath/NonPub Request
11-27-2000 Mail Miscellaneous Communication to Applicant
11-27-2000 Miscellaneous Communication to Applicant – No Action Count
02-02-2000 Mail Examiner’s Amendment
02-02-2000 Examiner’s Amendment Communication
01-18-2000 Communication – Re: Power of Attorney (PTOL-308)
01-03-2000 Mail Notice of Allowance
01-03-2000 Notice of Allowance Data Verification Completed
12-22-1999 Date Forwarded to Examiner
12-16-1999 Amendment after Final Rejection
12-18-1999 Communication – Re: Power of Attorney (PTOL-308)
10-12-1999 Mail Final Rejection (PTOL – 326)
10-12-1999 Final Rejection
09-28-1999 Date Forwarded to Examiner
08-30-1999 Continuing Prosecution Application – Continuation (ACPA)
08-30-1999 Mail Express Abandonment (During Examination)
08-30-1999 Express Abandonment (during Examination)
08-30-1999 Request for Extension of Time – Granted
03-02-1999 Mail Final Rejection (PTOL – 326)
03-01-1999 Final Rejection
12-30-1998 Date Forwarded to Examiner
12-17-1998 Response after Non-Final Action
12-17-1998 Request for Extension of Time – Granted
07-17-1998 Mail Non-Final Rejection
07-15-1998 Non-Final Rejection
05-17-1998 Case Docketed to Examiner in GAU
04-18-1997 Information Disclosure Statement (IDS) Filed
04-18-1997 Information Disclosure Statement (IDS) Filed
04-23-1997 Information Disclosure Statement (IDS) Filed
04-23-1997 Information Disclosure Statement (IDS) Filed
04-23-1997 Information Disclosure Statement (IDS) Filed
04-23-1997 Information Disclosure Statement (IDS) Filed
09-13-1997 Case Docketed to Examiner in GAU
05-13-1997 Transfer Inquiry
03-29-1997 Application Captured on Microfilm
02-12-1997 Initial Exam Team nn

9 Responses to “Another Amazing computer dating program from 94…”

  1. Bp Says: DATA shows that has 4.9 mil unique visitors per month. has only 1.5 mil.

    assuming that 5% of members on match are paid and subscribe on average for 3 months for $34 dollars a month

    that is 26 million US cashflow PER MONTH for
    per year that is over 300 million net profits

    Now your craiglist looking POF site probably at most generates you 2/3 bucks a year per user. 1.5*2*12 = about 36 million dollars a year
    a nice chuck of cash no doubt, but you cannot compare your site

    300 mil > 36 mil

    Think of it this way, the future for PAID dating sites may very well be numbered, but as Evolutionary Darwinism goes, do you think an entity as large as will simply sit there and let you take over ???? They
    [match] have the members, they have the monnies, they have the connections, they have the hardware and infrastructure, they have the experience, they have the reputation…. push comes to shove, they will do an Apollo 13 on you and downsize the company, the employees, become a hybrid paid/free dating site or hell just become free altogether and YES they will make a lot less money but they will survive…

  2. Bp Says:

    One more thing, your site being a one-man show is impressive,

    but the whole darn site is very super unintiutive (just like the new Vista OS and Office 2007 ribbon interface). It has a annoying craiglist feel to it, not at all the simple elegance of gmail, google, etc…

    Just look at, now thats a SMOOTH and friend user interface…
    Why can’t you give your site a facelift cause it honestly looks like crap..
    I mean I can design a site that looks better than that, and since you have such a large audience you must have done something right, so what it so hard for you to make it a decent site thats not an eyesore and pain in the rear to use????

  3. Zak Kinion Says:


    I think you’re worrying too much about that lawsuit you spoke of earlier. The last 3 blog posts you made were about prior IP, etc…

    I know the legal system in the US is very corrupt with regards to lawsuits, but I’ve been sued hard before and its not all that bad. You’ll probably have to pay little to no money at all. It certainly isn’t something to lose sleep or even blog over. Businesses get sued all the time.

    Keep up the good work. 🙂

  4. Markus Says:

    average cost for defending one of these bogus patent lawsuits is 1 million.

  5. Wikipatents Says:

    You can actually discuss this patent at and see its pdf drawings and complete file history.

  6. Rc Says:

    Bp sounds like a whining nobody who hasnt created anything of value in his life. . .
    why not learn from POF and its creator instead of taking shots at its design, how silly. .
    if its a pain in the ‘rear’ how come so many people love to use it?

    the lesson is simple looks arent everything, value is

    sure you can design a better looking site, so what? I can make a better hamburger than Mcdonalds , grow up.

  7. vod adulte Says:

    Easily, the post is actually the sweetest on this laudable topic. I fit in with your conclusions and will eagerly look forward to your next updates. Just saying thanks will not just be adequate, for the phenomenal lucidity in your writing. I will instantly grab your rss feed to stay abreast of any updates. Genuine work and much success in your business dealings!

  8. Continue Reading Says:

    Continue Reading

    Another Amazing computer dating program from 94… | Plenty of fish blog

  9. Jim Says:

    info yang sangat menarik, sepertinya harus dicoba🙂 , Affleck

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