$15 million a month on ads. spent $145 million between January and October 2007 on  Ads.

7 Responses to “ $15 million a month on ads.”

  1. Eric Says:

    hi marcus, big fan of your site and ability to put something together that has drawn such attraction from a niche flooded with companies.

    im doing the exact same, but in the fitness niche. about ready to launch

    any last minute advice? :o)

  2. alanj878 Says:

    Markus do you spend anywhere that much on ads and that is hard to believe do that 15 million a month bring in 20 million a month

  3. Rebecca Fox Says:

    Markus – A friend and I are trying to start a chain of speed dating events for young 20 somethings… our test market is New Orleans because of the high amount of singles but the lack of resources following Hurricane Katrina. There is speed dating but not for anyone under 30 here. We are interesting in teaming up with an online dating site for data/participants, and we will provide the location and refreshments (and moderators). Participants will be charged a SLIGHT fee of $10 per person (unlike the other $40-$50 speed dating fees). Are you interested? Please contact us…

  4. Tom lee Says:

    $15 mill in advertising for the site, wow that is big bucks. Well if the $15 mill would bring in $30 mill in revenue it would be worth it, however word of mouth an dorganic search engine traffic is the moust targeted traffic and best of all it is free.

  5. Dating Showcase Says:

    We’d love to get your feedback! We recently started an Online Dating Forum and would be interested in hearing your opinions about Please feel free to share your experiences with Match or any online dating service you are using – or may have used in the past. Hopefully, your feedback will help others navigate through the endless array of online dating services and help them avoid mistakes when it comes to online dating.

  6. alanbbc Says:

    Oh, Thanks! Really amazing. Big ups!

  7. JoshWink Says:

    Oh, Thanks! Really funny. Greets.

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