The future of the internet.

Throughout history technology and change has always been driven by one thing,   the need to become all knowing.   People want to know what others are thinking,   People want to know how others behave,   people want to be other people.   Many of the most used inventions of the past 100 years tap into this,   The Telephone,  TV,  Movies,  Computers,  Cell Phones,  The Internet.   Each of these inventions allows us to know more about other people,  and to communicate faster with other people.In the last 2 years we have seen social networks take off and Youtube spring to life,   these are again just stepping stones to us wanting to become all knowing.    Sites like facebook allow us unprecedented access into the lives of others, by viewing others social circle, by seeing what parties they went to along with endless photo’s etc.  Sites like youtube show us how others behave and think,  and in many cases convey emotion. My prediction for the next 100 years…

1.     There will be a device that can record your thoughts emotions and your vision in real time and you will be able to store it on something like  were others can experience it.

2.     The internet today is composed of computers,   the brain is basically a computer  it would make sense that at some point down the line technology will come about that allows your brain to connect to the net/others.   I could see it working much like webcams do today,  you just find someone you like and hear/feel/see what they do as they go about life.   In the scientific world I could see computers creating a virtual world for you that looks like a dream,   other people can then enter the dream and change things at will.    Think of hundreds of people working together to design something,  but instead of using tools like autocad its done with your mind connected to others as well as computers.

I wonder if i’ll live to see any of that…        In the next 5 years I think the next major thing on the internet  will be a site that helps convey emotions  in some way.   Social networks only seem to tap into vanity,  ie  who has the most friends,  who looks the best,  how many persons  top friend are you  etc.    But there are many other emotions that can be tapped into.

13 Responses to “The future of the internet.”

  1. Gomer Says:

    Markus, these things may happen but I think the timeframes for this will be more than 100 years. One thing that has been consistent in predicting the future is that people think technology is more advanced than it is and accelerate timeframes for innovation.

    Had to smile when I read this post, very Saturday night in BC kind of post.

  2. boxcarwilli Says:

    Markus, I’ve been following you for some time now. Just wanted to comment on this post and quickly mention 2 unrelated items.

    “Vanity” is right. I’m not a social person at all, and have been developing web aps professionaly since 1998. I’ve avoided the social sites becuase they give me “zero” value. However, I’m developing a facebook app becuase there is money to be made, and cant let that chance slip by. When you say “there are many other emotions that can be tapped into” I believe someone, this year will create a social network that truly connects people based off of their real personality types, and will be the 1.0 of what you mention in this post.

    Unrelated item #1…..HUGE PROPS to you BTW, just read this new post and you are kicking some ass. However, you need to diversify bud. Sell some merchandise, something other than AdSense being your only source of revenue. Above all, keep the site itself free.

    Unrelated item #2…..You should really look into using Amazon’s EC2 and their newly released Simple DB. Use WeoCeo with EC2 and you have a 100% scalable load balanced system that you only pay for what you use. Switching to LAMP isnt that hard, I’m doing it now. MS can kiss my ass. Hell, you dont even need the ‘M’ in LAMP with Amazon’s Simple DB…… I don’t work for Amazon.

    Anyway, if you ever want to talk send me an email.

  3. Andrew Arnott Says:

    (In Robot voice) Markus… have you been talking with Stephen Hawking?

  4. mrgrownupgeek Says:

    Good points Markus.. But we all know that it’s the porn industry that drives technology 😉 … if they can figure out how to make the innovations that you’ve listed, just imagine the possibilities!

  5. Tim Says:

    Hi Markus,

    I wonder if it will be technology that will enable us to do such things, or if we will discover more about the vastness of our consciousnesses. Maybe the effects you are looking for are already possible sans technology?


  6. john Says:

    Markus your starting to sound like Bill Joy🙂
    so what about merging with my soon to be pubco? We acquire and you continue to run?
    Had to ask as one day you might say ok! Happy new year dude!

  7. James Plouf Says:

    Markus. I know you don’t like to read but you should look at:
    The Age of Spiritual Machines. There are many out there that agree with your predictions.

    Have you thought that maybe we are currently in an iteration of this cycle of virtual worlds. Translation: Are we living in a machine right now?

    Are you attending the SN Conference in Miami?

  8. Bisi Says:

    Look at this
    The runner-up spot went to, sold by for $29,000. #3 was close behind with a $28,100 sale at That was one of five chart entries for NameJet who claimed three of the first six positions.

  9. Paul Pattison Says:


    I agree. I’ve been working on such a system for about 18 months now and hope to launch it soon. It doesn’t use the “mind reading” tech you mention but instead braces a CUI (conversational user interface) that can easily extract information from a user in context that no web form can come close to. Email me and I can link you to a demo.

  10. Top Says:

    These technologies may come about but in the meantime I think spam, big borther or other negative aspects of the internet may mean a retreat into more private or closed social groups where everyone’s life isn’t an open book or targeted ad.

  11. Mark Hankins Says:

    Technology has been driven by the need to protect your stuff from people who would take it, or to take stuff from other people. In other words, War drives technology. Most technologies were curiousities unless and until they could be adapted for war. Then a technology has a strong base and is usually readapted for peacetime uses. Even the internet was developed by DARPA. Canned food first fed Napoleon’s army, nuclear technology’s first practical application was to vaporize Hiroshima, etc.

  12. Ugly Says:

    You should read Ray Kurzweil’s “The Singularity is Near” – your 100 year prediction is probably too pessimistic. Kurzweil predicts 2045 for the Singularity and provides a thick book of evidence to back it up, which is very convincing.

  13. One Year of Canada 9-5 Says:

    […] related to dating sites. At the beginning of the year, Marcus got philosophic and shared his technological predictions: [In the next 100 years] In the scientific world I could see computers creating a virtual world for […]

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