NYT Article.

Nice Article in the NYT today.

600,000  members log into the site  per day,    not total active members.

Plentyoffish is growing like a weed all over the place,  the UK is leading that growth.    I hope that I can replicate what I did in Canada and end up with 50%+ marketshare by year end.  

Stay tuned for several major announcements coming up in the next few weeks.

35 Responses to “NYT Article.”

  1. mrgrownupgeek Says:


    That’s really about all i can say.

    good luck in Canada..

  2. Plenty of Fish equals Plenty of Money - - mathewingram.com/work Says:

    […] that won the Fields Medal, the math equivalent of the Nobel Prize. Markus also says there are some major announcements coming about Plenty of […]

  3. Jorge Rodriguez Says:

    Awesome Markus!!!. I’ve read a lot about you and the story of Plenty Of Fish mainly because I own a Web Community for Spanish-speakers that has been running more or less by itself for the last 10 years. Unlike you I can’t make a living with the site (although I did for a couple of years back in the dotcom boom), but at least it makes enough revenue to pay for the server. I’m hoping that things can take-off again with the Social Network that I’ll be launching in the next few days.

    Good luck in the new markets!!

  4. Richard Says:

    Great article Markus! Great to see the business is still growing since we met…gee, almost two years ago now.


  5. chrisco Says:

    Nice work, Markus.

  6. Andrew Galasetti Says:

    Congrats Markus!

  7. Top Posts « WordPress.com Says:

    […] NYT Article. Nice Article in the NYT today. 600,000  members log into the site  per day,    not total active […] […]

  8. burtonator Says:


    If all this is true why not keep your mouth shut?


    You’re only inviting competition especially when the barrier to entry is so low.


  9. Andrew Galasetti Says:

    Anyone can start a site just like plenty of fish, but it’s all about execution and marketing. That’s what’s great about the internet. Markus has done and amazing job. His story is also an inspiration, so why not tell it?


  10. Mayo Says:


    i presume you would not also beleave loads of affiliate marketers that spend milllions of dollars on advertising w/ only them in the company. Internet is still not to the knees of the offline business revenues but the entry is relatively low, the marketing wizardry on the other hand is rather demanding this days (it was always demanding).

  11. Mayo Says:

    BTW Markus has a site so big that he really is not endangered any more by most online dating companies, POF brand is already established and the free PR that he receives only makes his business bigger by the every day it passes . Most folks are mentaly lazy and even if you give them a map to the gold treasure most of them will be to lazy to even participate, and those that participate will fell out saying that it’s interesting but not profitable.

  12. Fabianadas — Ligar por internet… servicios gratis Says:

    […] como Plentyoffish que ya tiene la respetable cifra de 600000 usuarios activos diarios (blog de su creador, que lo mantiene él solito dedicando 10 horas a la semana, […]

  13. chika Says:

    Well done Markus

    Keep inspiring people!! I’m right behind you

  14. lauren Says:

    Markus – you’ve inspired me to work towards the goal of working only 10 hours a week and be as successful as you. 🙂 So why is it that you’ve done so well on the free model while others like hotornot tried to go the free route and had to retract?

  15. lauren Says:

    Markus – that’s a great article in NYT btw. Another question for you, in the article it mentions that a big part of your revenues come from “affiliate” relationships. What’s your advice on finding the best paying affiliates? I run a site that is content based, and was thinking about putting up Amazon ads related to the topic on a particular page, but have heard that they don’t pay very well. Plus, their ads weren’t always showing the most relevant results.

  16. Aaron Says:

    “You’re only inviting competition especially when the barrier to entry is so low.”

    hmmmm – try it yourself, and you’ll see how much it costs to launch a dating site.

  17. Dave Says:

    An inspiration for sure. I wish there was some formula for starting the virus. I am trying out a new twist on a social site -I guess we’ll see if I can get the net infected….

  18. Immembelypsulk Says:

    I knelt on the table in underside of her and stared at her sex.

  19. uploalmprorgo Says:

    I’d prefer reading in my native language, because my knowledge of your languange is no so well.

  20. Single2.com is my favorite Says:

    Markus Frind is busy working, why don’t you let him do what he does. Check this out: http://www.single2.com (i’m not the owner!)

  21. Woerner Says:

    is this an official wordpress theme? your blog looks great!

  22. Requa Says:

    are you serious?

  23. Dennehy Says:

    Believe you have to consider all aspects in the current economic climate – personally do no think we have seen the full extent of the recesssion, so would be cautious in considering.

  24. Peri Says:

    Thank for your post

  25. Robbi Spencer Says:

    Hey Marcus, I dedicated my dating book to you, since you were such an influence on me in my dating journey. I guess at some point, I became an expert on the subject. Book sales are good!!!

  26. Plenty of Fish equals Plenty of Money | Prescription World Says:

    […] Markus also says there are some major announcements coming about Plenty of […]

  27. Rick Carpenter Says:

    If you had all the top broadcast equipment (I am an x TV News Person) what would you do in today electronic market.
    Youth web series, another fishing series, travel, business, maybe even video messages to potential life mate.

  28. Wilk Says:

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  29. Carlton Says:

    Just after go through a number of the content on your blog these couple of days, and I definitely like your personal style of writing a blog. I saved it to my favorites web-site list and will be looking at again soon.

  30. Markus Frind, Founder of ‘Plenty of Fish’ – Either a Liar or a Fool Says:

    […] Markus himself follows up and says they have plenty of announcements soon. […]

  31. Casual Dating Says:

    Casual Dating…

    […]NYT Article. « Plenty of fish blog[…]…

  32. Casual dating Says:

    Good write-up. I definitely appreciate this site. Keep writing!

  33. 123789456 Says:

    Plenty of Fish is run by a little snotty nosed dictator who will delete profiles as they/he/she see’s fit wether you are breaking the rules or not. There is zero customer support when issues arise, zero opportunity to plead any cases that may deem the deletion and banning of your profile a mistake or unjustified. The POF in my city is a place to simply hook up and get laid, get diseases and get swindled meet random junkies and dregs of society, it is not a safe place nor a reliable place. Any kind of success stories from the POF are far and few between. There isn’t any structure to the website, the website is outdated and can not compete with other dating sites, the only draw is that it is free to use. But wait there are now other sites out there that are now free and offer a lot more than what the POF does, it is only a matter of time before the POF ship sinks (i guess this is why it is currently on the market for sale, sell it before it sinks-cuz it stinks). Anyone buying this site would have to spend a good chunk of cash to compete with what is available now. The POF is destined for a big plummet. Which in my opinion is great, it’s time to let better sites into the light and time to give users what they want and need from a dating website. I have recently seen the same users on other dating sites that I once saw on the POF, the switch is happening slowly as people become aware. For instance check out okcupid, it blows the POF clear out the water!

  34. 123789456 Says:

    on a side note, my contacts from/on the POF are becoming aware of the these other sites on a daily basis🙂

  35. Carlton Says:

    It’s going to be end of mine day, but before end I am reading this fantastic paragraph to increase my experience.

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