Google Demographic Bidding.

You can now target Plentyoffish Users via Age and Gender on Google Adwords. To do so go here..

View the Google announcement

More details here

6 Responses to “Google Demographic Bidding.”

  1. robert klein Says:

    Hi Markus,

    id like some advice, can u drop me an email at


  2. Zak Kinion Says:

    So how’s those video ads converting for you? The kind that used to be plastered on myspace where it shows a fake cam girl/chat right below the video.

  3. Keyword Artists Says:

    Good post, thanks! I posted a few other points on Google’s demographic bidding at We’re also testing this for a few clients and have had some great test results, in case anyone is wondering how it all works.

  4. Camgirls Says:

    i like your blog and i do read it almost daily.
    you have more blogs than just one ?
    im intrested in a linktrade.

  5. bidding Says:

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  6. bidding Says:

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