Wired Cover Story, Online Markets will all go to free.


Wired says that all markets will go to free as marginal costs of creating the service fall to 0. Its happening to pretty much every industry online.

4 Responses to “Wired Cover Story, Online Markets will all go to free.”

  1. Mayo Says:

    Hehe, just been reading it before i hit your blog and wondered if you would quote it…🙂

  2. Zak Kinion Says:

    I enjoyed the article and the video with it.

    Here’s a good article that relates the concept to porn on the internet:


    Its even titled “Adapt or Die”, like your blog. 🙂

    More importantly, the article mentions indirectly that money doesn’t go away completely, but instead where money is actually spent is just moved to a different area. Interactive sites (webcams) are doing very well these days. Some of the more successful ones can be down right scams, hiring people to pose as cam girls in social networking sites, and chat people up into joining, which soon rebills their credit card. I have known people that have worked inside of one. There are even successful dating sites that do a similar practice, having customer service people chat up/msg people to convert them over to paid mode. There will always be money to be made off of human inefficiencies.

    My main point is that I don’t believe all online markets will eventually go free, its just that where money is actually made will be shifted around with the tide.

  3. vepa Says:

    Watched video from nokia conference posted on Guy Kawasaki blog. Also mentions about metering nuclear power…


  4. kawasaki Says:

    Ta witryna doprawdy daje radę, głośno trzeba podkreślić: wszystko jest z nią wporzo – dobrze było do Ciebie
    wpaść!😀 Pragnąłbym dowiedzieć się przy okazji, co sądzisz o mej działalności blogowej
    – byłbym szczęśliwy, jeślibyś zajrzał/zajrzała.

    .. Do następnego!

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