Patent Infringement Lawsuit.

Filed papers yesterday and we are out of the case.   Apparently someone didn’t realize Canada isn’t part of the US.

Back In November Eharmony & Match  asked the patent office to re-examine this bogus patent.   Spark Network Services was arguing they invented the concept of matching people based on preferences.    The exam was granted last week and the case stayed pending the results of the re-exam.     So basically for the remaining defendents the case will be on hold for 2 years until the patent office rules.

7 Responses to “Patent Infringement Lawsuit.”

  1. kim bjorkland Says:

    Rim is a canadian company, and they were sued in USA for patent infringement.

    Just because you’re not American doesn’t mean you can’t be named in a suit. Especially if you’re making money in the USA.


  2. tamosius Says:

    kim, push those patents to your hole.. patents like that are just plain stupid…

  3. andy Says:

    Hi Markus, just read this:

    I’d like to know your opinion about it?
    Is Spark going to patent ‘dating’ altogether?

    It’s a great topic and a business issue, I just think you’re doing a great job and are a good example to a lot of us (lamer) webmaster/netpreneur.

  4. Markus Says:

    Its spark network services who has the patent, they also sued spark networks ie operators of Jdate, americansingles etc.

  5. kim bjorkland Says:

    kim, push those patents to your hole.. patents like that are just plain stupid…

    Tamosius – did I say that patents are not stupid? Or that I enjoyed them? What’s with the childish comment?

    Like them or hate them (I guess it depends which side you’re on), patents aren’t going anywhere. Lawyers need to feed their kids too you know!

    The point I was trying to make is that if you do business in America, it doesn’t matter what part of the world you’re from, you can still get sued *IN AMERICA*. Your sovereignty doesn’t matter.

    In the case of Markus for example, someone could sue him in America, and then compel google – an American company, to stop paying him to enforce judgment.


  6. Bisi Says:

    Friendster actually has the patent for socila networks really does not mean much ..

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