Pocado.com to kick the bucket.

For organisational reasons Allegran Ltd who own both Loopy Love and Pocado will be shortly ending Pocado’s existence as a site in it’s own right and blending the two sites’ membership databases together whilst keeping the Loopy Love interface and brand.”

Looks like the closure date is April 1st  2008.    A year or 2 ago  Allegran  used to have 3 or 4 sites in the top 10 dating sites in the UK…

11 Responses to “Pocado.com to kick the bucket.”

  1. Ross Williams Says:

    Very interesting.

    Allegran have been investing heavily recently in their marketing (check out Hitwise rankings) and I suspect that they’re just focussing on the LoopyLove brand rather than trying to grow many brands.

    We regard Allegran as one of our main competitors – although they’re more “multiple brand” white label than a focussed white-label operation, they still have a sizable market in the UK with all their brands combined.

  2. Markus Says:

    Ya i guess the marketing just go to expensive for them. Hard to maintain so many seperate brands that target the mainstream.

  3. The Insider Says:

    Nice try guys. The portfolio approach worked really well for them but the reality is they have lost all their key staff, bullied out by the new management. Over half the staff have gone in last two months and those that are left are either new or unskilled. The new management have an arrogance that is staggering but they can’t ‘walk the talk’ like the departed staff did.

    Look at the evidence, market share halved, revenue is less than half what it was a year ago and traffic nose diving. Some of the new features on the revamped sites are distracting and advertising on a subscription site? Have they EVER worked in the web before? Talk about Hero to Zero!

    What’s gone largely un-noticed is that they have also shut DreamsDiscovered.com and rumour has it that litigators will be breathing down the neck of GirlsDateForFree.com and QuickFlirt.com for breaching UK sex discrimination legislation. Do two sites count as a portfolio?

    A swan that has become a lame duck that needs putting out of it’s misery. I give it till October.

  4. Qui est le Papa? Says:

    Quite like the line blend the 2 sites membership databases.

    It’s a shame to see the company which had nearly a quarter of the UK market head towards the wall in such a spectacular fashion. The only blame can be apportioned to senior management, who quite evidently cannot run the venture as the previous owners and founders did.

    Anyone who works in the online dating business knows it’s not about marketing, its more about getting a feel for what your customers want and providing that.

    I’d say the end of the year will probably see the end of Allegran.

  5. margaret Says:

    I am writing regarding the closure of pocado,what happens to ppl like myself who were a full subsciber to pocado and have been for quite a while now, will I automaticaly be a full member of LOOPY LOVE?

    I have lost contact now with a good few ppl I had become friends with on pocado,
    Any help you can give me in this matter would be most appricated,
    Thank you for taking the time to read this,

  6. Rob Godfrey Says:

    Looks like The Insider was pretty spot on about Allegran, albeit a day or two out, The Times has today reported it has been sold off to Bill Dobbie’s Easydate for a song, this just after laying off 70% of the workforce.

    The affected staff would have every right to call for the heads of the CEO & directors here, it’s got to be one of the most spectacular mishandlings of a company I’ve seen in recent times, failing abysmally at every turn with both astonishing lack of business and common sense to capitalise on an already cornered market, instead sending this once reliable brand speeding headlong into the arms of their Eastern European rivals so as their former owners can make just a little back on a bad deal, it can’t even be blamed on the credit crunch.

    There predictably has been no official announcement of the sell off yet from the normally verbose CEO, even, so I’m told, to their own employees, three quarters who are already having to find alternative employment just coming up to Christmas as a direct result of their bosses obvious lack of knowledge of their chosen profession and I’m guessing from what’s been said before, their team building & retention skills.
    I worked in the business long enough to know both of these factors are paramount in this very competetive market.

    I wish good luck to all those who have had to leave under what must be unbelievably frustrating circumstances, I’m sure knowing how easily avoidable this spiral from grace could have been.

  7. Steve Smith Says:

    I second that last comment.

  8. Qui est le Papa? Says:

    Well it looks like I was pretty much on the money with my prediction above in these comments. Allegran sold like an unwanted ornament at a car boot sale before it hit the wall. Such a shame my heart goes out to each and every one of the staff who were pre AND.

    You guys set the benchmark pity the senior management didn’t have enough about them to see what made that company number one in it’s field and imposed a pretty egotistical campaign on how they thought a dating site should be run. How wrong they were.

    Good Luck to you all – you didn’t deserve this.

    As for Ukraine – whoever inherits that company should reverse that decision. Allegran will not ever be in a position to compete if it outsources the very people it needs who have the experience and on their feet thinking to keep abreast of the industry changes.

    Existing top management – you should be ashamed of yourself’s. Defeat egotistically snatched from the jaws of victory.

  9. Tommy Turkish Says:

    The founding management who sold this company to Associated Northcliffe left it with some very strong hands at the helm, notably the Ops Director, Software Manager and Customer Services Manager, and a very smart, enthusiastic and capable team. The Chief Exec and those arrogant leeches at AND, you should hang your heads in shame and what you have done, not just to the company, but the people who built it into what it was. They all told you how to run this business, but you thought you knew better. Qui est le Papa is right, they didn’t deserve what has happened to them.

  10. divya Says:

    dating business is on rise

  11. Rob Godfrey Says:

    It is if you know what you’re doing…The jokers who run this into the ground clearly didn’t.

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