’s new advertising.

David writes about trues new advertising here…   This time its all about T&A  they don’t even bother showing faces.

I think this year  we will see a lot of dating sites try harder and harder to stay in business and push more towards adult like sites.

5 Responses to “’s new advertising.”

  1. Ross Williams Says:

    I don’t know why companies change their brand values like this when they could just start an adult version of their site through a white label option.

    We’ve had a few people start an adult (or “casual) dating site with us to complement their existing general dating site but I’m surprised more aren’t doing it – it’s far more profitable than general dating for everyone and with a white label option it can be done without affecting the general dating site brand.


  2. TiTans Says:

    Hey Markus… Could you post your last 7 day stats?

    For example…I have

    1,551,452 29,917 1.93% $0.88 $1,358.09

    I wanted to know if your SEO optimization helped your page eCMP?

    Can you write a blog on adsense optimization and improving eCMP and CTR?

  3. Eric Says:

    Seems kind of desperate if you ask me..

  4. TiTans Says:

    meh… desperate or no desperate.. you are a talented and smart individual and thought you may wanna help educate the young kids who look upto you as a source of inspiration.

    I am a BCIT student and in the learning process… anyways..hv a good one.

  5. Michael Stevens Says: dating site boasts about eliminating married people from using their site….What a joke…How can they screen all the members and how can you determine if they are giving you accurate information to look up for back ground checks… To me that is a weak advertising campaign….Mike/ezdate123

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