Bebo Sold $850 Million

Bebo sold for 850 million to AOL this morning. says  bebo had 19 million visitors in the US last month  compared to Plentyoffish’s  29 million.   Bebo’s  year over year growth in the US was 3%.  At 19 million monthly visitors Bebo is the 3rd largest social network in the US..   Looks like a winner take all situation in the US for social networking.

11 Responses to “Bebo Sold $850 Million”

  1. Daniel Gibbons Says:

    Bebo is much stronger in the UK than other markets. Can’t find the growth figures, but they have over 11 million users in the UK alone.

  2. Dr Nick Says:

    A “visitor” is generally deemed a unique visitor — the metrics you have given are visits (i.e. a visitor can be counted twice). Bebo in this case has 3.5m visitors vs POF 2.5m (40% more) — from my experience, advertisers are more interested in how many uniques a site has rather than visits, and that has a stronger influence on the value of site (more individual pairs of eyeballs).

  3. Dave Says:

    Hilarious, another one of these “social networking” sites that I’ve never even visited that sells for the big bucks.

    Hey, has anybody told the corporate world that there was this thing, a lon, long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away called the “dotcom boom” which subsequently led to the “dotcom bust” and all the poor little shareholders were left holding their valueless securities, crying in their spilled milk.

    Bebo ??? Well, maybe it’s the fact that I’ll be 40yo this summer or maybe it’s the “kewlness” residue left over from my middle school days listening to Iron Maiden or maybe it’s just because I dislike “cutesy” things but I’d never join a site called Bebo (or Yuwie for that matter).


    I got it !!! Web 2.0 was created by the Tele-Tubbies !!!

  4. Henrik Says:

    Conventional marketing wisdom states that as we grow older we become more conservative and less likely to change habits. So of course new sites aren’t targeting someone turning 40. It’s much easier attracting someone who is 20….
    Of course the catch is that the 20 year old might be quicker at switching away from the site.

  5. michael salway Says:

    if BEBO can stay honest they should be able to beat plentyoffish. It appears anyone can go on POF and say and accuse anyone of anything without any facts or prove. twice on that sits 1 person has accused me of looking for someone to control, isolate, dominate and feel superior over and being dishonest. I do not know this person nor does she know me yet she continues to slander me and commit defamation on that site and POF and Markus Frind refuse to stop her or ask for her prove. that site will not continue to stay in business that way.

  6. tommy Says:

    Keep your eyes open for Tattoo Or Not.

    Kind regards Tommy

  7. Jay M Says:

    Bebo is definitely worth the price!!

  8. Says:

    We will be publishing this report on with all the facts about website sale!!

  9. social networking rejects | Irish Internet Entrepreneur - Smemon Says:

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