Google Admanager.

Google soft released Google Admanager today.    It works extremely well,  for some reason all the important features aren’t even discussed in the WSJ article or elsewhere on the web.   I expect once released fully  it will become the biggest ad server in a short amount of time,  because if you use adsense and don’t use it you will miss out on making more money.

10 Responses to “Google Admanager.”

  1. chris sivori Says:

    “I expect once released fully it will become the biggest ad server in a short amount of time, because if you use adsense and don’t use it you will miss out on making more money.”

    Can you explain that?

  2. Search Enginuity Says:

    GoogleClick’s First Product: Google Ad Manager

    Coming off the heels of the DoubleClick acquisition approval, Google has launched their first DoubleClick-enabled product; Google Ad Manager. The ‘free’ service, currently invite-only, allows publishers to easily manage their ad inventory…

  3. Dave Says:

    Yes, please Marcus explain this more in detail.

  4. TiTans Says:

    Dave and Chris: Take Google Manager’s Tour and you would know what Markus is referring to.

  5. Katndnvr Says:

    Hey Marcus:

    Thanks for the informative blog which I just arrived at today and read. Since you seem to be “the man” on ad managing any additional info would be appreciated. I thought the ad business was on it’s way out after recent news and changes to that business, but maybe not? And maybe I should rethink selling the very large domain name portfolio held since 1996 at and start putting an ad business on it.
    anyway…good food for thoughts.
    Have a nice day! “sounds fake but I really mean it”

  6. markus Says:

    Adsense is integrated as a real time auction..

  7. Yujin Says:

    This can attract more web sites to use google ads on their web site even with out paying. Also google can take part of the money they earn by selling ads on users web site.

  8. samadhi4now Says:

    when I was in Cancun, I met a woman who said she maintained a POF site. She said she received an income stream from google for advertising.

    Is it possible to get involved with POF. Are there cities in Mexico that might be candidates for new sites?

    roger weitzel

  9. Westmeyer Says:

    I have found that giving out free stuff is a remarkable way to achieve sustainable spikes in traffic. Like I have been giving away this free article rewrite software called SpinnerChief and it works with some pretty neat options. Anywho I have found that it helps to build email lists when you you give away free stuff initially that will eventually be in the related niche that you want to sell a product for down the road. You can just pull out your email list that you built from your free product giveaway. article rewrite software

  10. John Homes Says:

    I have read a few of your posts and they are quite informative to newbies to this whole “internet marketing” world. I still believe that the world wide web allows people who otherwise could not start their own brick and mortar business a chance at “being their own boss”, and a chance at the American dream of becoming a home owner! That is my goal.

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