Bebo Numbers…

2006.    $ 7 million revenue  3 Million EBITDA.
2007     $20 million in revenues  $5 million in EBITDA.

Bebo has  12 Billion monthly pageviews which comes out to about  1.7 million dollars a month  or 14 cents CPM site wide.   Looking at comscores numbers,  Bebo’s traffic has been declining since last June.   Bebo’s strongest market is the UK and the currency exchange rate right now is 2:1.

“Projecting outward, the company estimated–remember, these are not actual numbers, but a best guess by Bebo execs–it would have $50 million in revenue and $10 million in EBITDA in 2008; $117 million in revenue and $48 million in revenue in 2009 and $193 million in revenue and $92 million in EBITDA in 2010.”

Given that the traffic at least according to comscore has been declining since last year I don’t see how bebo could hit 50 million in revenue  unless Yahoo is forking over a ton of money for Bebo’s inventory in the UK.

13 Responses to “Bebo Numbers…”

  1. ViralKing Says:

    Yep, right. I guess the purchase prive was based on the projections by the execs. $850mill seems madness to me!

  2. Zoltan Says:

    Markus, you are right. $850 million is way too much… internet properties are quite overvalued at this moment and I do not know how long will this last, so Markus, take it as a friendly advice, you might want to sell now, it is the best moment.🙂

  3. James Says:

    Hi Markus.

    I have emailed you via your websites contact form, just incase you haven’t received it I am trying to contact you here. Could you please email me at my email address which you have access to from information I have put in this form. Maybe we could arrange a time for a instant message conversation as I have something you may be interested in. Look forward to talking

  4. kim bjorkland Says:

    Markus – AOL should have bought POF instead of BEBO. Your numbers are better. Except the only thing you lack is an audience in new zealand😉 lol

  5. mobiletechdude Says:

    markus, your story has been one of my inspirations and i would love to ask you for some advice about my fledgling idea if you’re feeling charitable. if so, please email me or we can chat on cre8asite or webmasterworld forums or something. thanks so much, keep up the good work.

    ps – website withheld for reasons that i’ve heard you speak on before: digital ninjary.

  6. Says:

    great rate !! hope my own blog get 1% from this visitors .. best wishes

  7. CraigsIdea Says:

    In this Billion dollar industry, competitors divide their problems amongst each other in order to share the profits according to the amount of marketing and advertising each competitor spends. Without an intriguing solution, their profits naturally rely directly on their marketing dollars spent.

    4-6 companies each making 150+ million, a runner up network of sites pulling in 100 million total, and the rest spilt up between 1,000 others.

    Only ~30 million out of 90 million in the US market currently use this type of service. Only ~3 million out of the 90 million currently pay regularly for this service. There is a lot of money being left on the table due to the fact that the problems in this market are not addressed simultaneously, instead they are divided, leaving a large gap for growth potential as the market waits for a solution.

    We own the solution. We’re coming for those profits!

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    The industry? Soul mate searching, match making, dating, love, marriage, prosperity; A very lucrative industry that is finally experiencing a slow down in growth. This not due to people giving up on love, but rather (starting to) giving up on the online providers, as a genuine solution remains yet to be discovered and deployed.

    I’ll say it again. We own the solution to these problems.

    This is an opportunity for like minded investor(s) to cash in on a “first-to-market” innovative concept while also adding a magnificent logo stamp to their portfolio.

    I appreciate your time and further interest.

  8. Santit Says:

    Markus..its day 3 or 4 and no entry…write somethen … I miss ya :p

  9. Patrick Says:

    How is bebo going to make money. The only time they mention it in the local news is when some gang member is buster for putting pictures of himself on bebo.

    My friend says it’s a very low rent (member wise) version of facebook. I don’t know for sure, but I took a quick scan and most profiles seem to be written in the same style as lolcats.

  10. Nicholas Says:

    Bebo definitely is getting too much hype, I would say that Hi5 and Imeem are bigger deals than Bebo. AOL should have looked at the numbers versus US hype.

  11. Lemarr Says:

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  12. Younes Says:

    Great job with the info. How did you find it? Please let me know.

  13. semi Says:

    Nice.. 1.7 million dollars a month.. The world of internet is grazy!

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