After reading David evans secret to creating  successful dating sites I am left wondering if any new players will enter the market.

3 Years ago david was promoting niche sites as the future of the industry,  now 3 years later are any niche sites making money on a grand scale  other than Jdate?    Even Jdate makes peanuts  and doesn’t come close to the  $300M plus made by and Eharmony.

Now david is writing about Zoosk and are you interested saying they are the next big thing because they have so many “users”.    Sure many of these “apps” have users  but they have no real way of making money from them.   As Noah from Okdork points out  if you have 100 Million page impressions a month  on Facebook you are lucky to make $10,000.  Now a site like eharmony gets 400 million pageviews a month and makes over $20,000,000 a month

 Even worse facebook apps seem to suffer from fads,  users of facebook view apps as entertainment.  When you create programs that are for entertainment  users will always want to flock to something newer and cooler.  Now if facebooks payment platform goes live and these dating apps start charging  what will happen?   I think no one will use the paid apps and it will make facebook subject to all these bogus dating laws that have come out.  

To make matters worse  dating sites in the US are facing  some  7 or 8 different patent infringement lawsuits,   is facebook going to be subject to all of these?   I think that facebook apps will be an ATM machine for patent trolls going forward.   Nothing is easier than setting up a shell company creating an app and then sueing facebook for patent infringement with a different shell company.

 I’ve always told David the reason for my success was doing the opposite of whatever he posted on his blog.   :)  Sites that are trendy today are rarely the ones that get huge and make money in the long run.   A good example of this are webcam dating sites  which seem to be trendy every 3 years.  Woome is virtually identical to the sites from 2002 in terms of functionality with a slightly better user interface.    The problem with them  as back in 2002 is the majority of people use them as entertainment and the chat sessions involve a vast amount of nudity.

18 Responses to “Onlinedatingpost”

  1. Sam Moorcroft Says:

    Marcus, “Even Jdate makes peanuts… “?

    If $25,000,000+ revenue with around $18,000,000-$20,000,000 of that being profit is peanuts, then what is a lot to you?😉

  2. Zak Kinion Says:

    awwww, you rick rolled me. 😦 I even clicked it despite the pre-view pop up thingy.

  3. Markus Says:

    25 million verse 300M is peanuts… especially now that they have competition and the profile margins are going south fast.

  4. Mayo Says:

    Markus, is it intelligent now to incroporate branch in US? I would like to have my company US and Canadian presence besides here in EU member states. I don’t know if website will be liable to US laws if data and the head office is outside the country(EU privacy laws here are stringent)?

  5. Sam Moorcroft Says:

    $25M & $300M are the wrong figures. It is the profit figures you should be looking at.

    JDate continues to grow. In Q4 2007, revenue was $8.6M, or $34.4M annualised. That likely means around $25M in profit. So, contrary to your assertion, JDate is not going south.

    The company as a whole doesn’t make much, but that’s for a variety of reasons, chief among them being:
    a) they should jettison every other site in their network
    b) they shouldn’t be public.

    I am not sure about you, but’d take $25M/year in profit. Perhaps that is “peanuts” to you, though. Or, you are way off base, and won’t admit it. Hmmmm?;-)

    Other niche players do well (present company included, ahem), but a lot less than your “peanuts”. It does lead for a nice lifestyle, though (as I type sitting here in Brazil)….

  6. MarkJulina Says:

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  7. Nicholas Says:

    Any idea what Speed Date is making? Not entirely niche, moreso a unique approach to online dating.

    – nicholas

  8. ShawnMon Says:

    There is a new player that will be entering the (mass) market. “Will Be” is what needs to change to “will soon be”.
    This new player has an extremely unfair advantage in the marketplace that will more than supplement current online daters and, more importantly, will capture a large portion of the 66% gap that exists.

    Would you agree that the problems in the market that allow this 66% gap to exist are split amongst “paid” and “free” site contenders? In other words, some of the problems you face are not the same as the problems that a “paid membership” site would face. And likewise, the problems paid memberships suffer are not the same problems that your model suffers?

    So, how do you solve those problems simultaneously and close the gap?

    This new player to enter the market has that solution and will be coming for those profits at a viral speed.

    This key player is currently searching for an industry experienced mind to launch with. You may be interested to take a closer look?

  9. Ralph Castillo Says:

    Not all niche sites like JDate are going south, only the trendy sites like speed dating are the ones that can go south at any moment.

  10. Free Dating - » Blog Archive » Rickrolled over Niche Dating Says:

    […] at Plenty of Fish Rickrolled me on April Fools day, nice one Markus. Read his post so you have a context for my […]

  11. michael salway Says:

    I think as long as POF and markus allow people to go onto his site and say what ever they want and openly and publicly accuse someone of something I think fewer and fewer people are going to go else where where that kind of crap isn’t allowed. POF is going down because he allows people to do this. I am already letting people i know that are on that site about his atitude and they are deleting their profiles and I will continue to warn people about his site.

  12. Mac Says:

    Hi Markus, I have started a completely free dating website for practicing Christians. Hope to do for them what you have done with POF. I found a nice gal by the way in Sehelt thanks to your site – thanks, it works..

    Problem I have is getting exposure, I tried advertising on your site ,money went faster than warp 9. I did get some sign ups but not enough to justify the expense. I may try again though, I would prefer to pay for click through ads rather than page view.

    Site uses Date pro, I had to do quite a lot of debugging the code though, the support from them was ok – but most of time they live in a state of denial.

    Mac –

  13. bedroom alarm webcam Says:

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  14. John Says:

    Yo, Markus – I have been getting people from your site over to mine – They claim that I have been advertising on your site – which I haven’t until today (June 08, 2008). I had a spike in memberships on friday the sixth of June. I am affiliated with datingadnetworks, its unpaid by me – I just post banners delivered by them – I can’t tell if its them that are doing the advertising on your site. I’m baffled but grateful for the new members.

    Regards, John – owner and admin

  15. John Says:

    Hello Markus, re my previous post – it seems that the membersip increase I had was a mix up with plentyofotherfish.NET aparenty they had run an ad with the the title “Plenty of Fish Sucks” I had no involvment with this ad – in fact I was quite mortified when one of the new sign ups told me about this – I would never advertise on your site in the fashion. I even have a profile on POF my self. I not sure how often you read these posts, but I wish to point out the mistake. I wish you all the best, I just wish my site was as easy to use as yours.

    All the best, John, owner and operator of plentyofotherfish.COM

  16. mark Says:

    Very Helpful Site,
    Thank You.

    Please make more Articles Like this…

  17. himagain Says:

    Hi Markus,
    Don’t know whether I’m in a state of denial or just a state………… :-}

    The astounding numbers involved in just your industry are mind-boggling and the sort of profits that one would only expect from a small war, or Columbian Export Farming.

    I simply cannot get my mind around the extraordinary finance figures, much less traffic statistics involved.

    However, thank you for this blog.

    I keep returning every so often and am impressed by your nonchalance as much as the numbers involved and your extraordinary performance with virtually no staff, no “real” equipment and no mega-budget is as baffling as it is inspirational to one who has not stopped trying to get off the ground and into the Cyberbog since almost before you were even born…..

    I started the second Fido BBS System in Australia around 1984………

    Of course, you may never see this missive, but I just keep smiling every time I read about PLO’s and fantastic investment requirements to match fantastic profit claims (one day) and I do think of you.

    What makes me so happy as even a non-geek, is that you SEEM to be one of the worst marketers I’ve ever seen……. 🙂
    AND I only want a fraction of your success out there, just a fraction…….

    Thank you,
    Himagain (The original)

  18. German Romance Says:

    This is a great post, please do more post like this Markus, thanks!

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