Google Bigtable

This is a really really big deal.

You will get access to massive amounts of computing power for cheap.   Might be interesting for me to use it to process some of my data that i’d have to construct a data cube for normally.

4 Responses to “Google Bigtable”

  1. Rob Simo Says:

    Hey Markus,

    Just wondering why do you still use google to monetize your site? Your site deserves more and could be making a higher CPM I am sure of it. The CPM must be awful with the new click zones. Have you tried other ad networks like casale media or RMX Direct? Love your site btw and the story behind it…. Go mate!!


    Sydney, Australia

  2. Zak Kinion Says:

    That sounds great for people using either service. Competition could keep both of them offering every deal under the sun to out do the other one.

  3. thenakesingularity Says:


    You are truly an inspiration. Keep on rocking!🙂


  4. Sorin Gherman Says:

    What about Amazon SimpleDB – did you consider that as well:

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