Okcupid Raised $7 million, $1 Million in Revenues.

Big Inc Magazine article on Okcupid.

Raised 7 Million.
1 Million in revenues in 2007.
2 Million in expected revenues in 2008.
550,000 “active daters” in April 2008

“To deliver to advertisers and turn a profit, Yagan figured he needed eight million users and two million regular daters, roughly eight times his current traffic”

“Yagan says the attention should make it easier to raise money and hire more engineers.”

The article has good numbers,  i’m surprised that okcupid needs to grow traffic 8 times to  break even..  Okcupid has 2 banner ads per page,   Plentyoffish has one.     Okcupid has 18 or more full time employees Including an advertising sales director.  

I added up the visitors, and pageviews in comscore  for  Okcupid and Plentyoffish in the UK, Canada and the US.    Plentyoffish has 18 times the visitors and 14 times the pageviews.    If monetization per visitor  on plentyoffish was the same as OKcupid  Plentyoffish would earn $36 Million this year on CPM’s over $3.00.

28 Responses to “Okcupid Raised $7 million, $1 Million in Revenues.”

  1. Risa Says:

    Anyone have any idea if/when OKC is going public? I’m very interested in investing.

  2. Bill Says:

    If Markus is so darn rich and such a great code writer why does he use free WordPress for his blog (with no adsense ads to boot). Kind of tacky imho. Or is he being frugal?

    Did he write all that code himself? His site looks more like a Frontpage 2000 WYSIWYG created site.

    Why would a rich guy move to another apartment, rich people buy homes. I’m not rich but I have a nice home on 3 acres. This Marcus sounds like a phony to me. Allot of internet blah blah blah BS.

    This is just my opinion.

    His site is just a crappy hack version of Yahoo’s online dating with a poll option and a hey ‘look at me make a killing of Google Adsense’ as the marketing plan! The site looks like crap and the pics make the people look like mongoloids because the genius code writer is such an expert.

    This clown reminds me of the Milliondollarhomepage creep.

  3. Sam Moorcroft, ChristianCafe.com Says:

    You mean this filthy rich clown – you sound like sour grapes to me, buddy!

  4. dirty berty Says:

    I think that was a rant.

    Markus those numbers make an interesting read…have you found any slump in adsense earnings given the state of the U.S economy ?

  5. tau Says:

    Well, Bill
    Here is something to think about: I have enough money to buy Porche, but I drive old Mazda… why?

  6. Sam Moorcroft, ChristianCafe.com Says:

    ..and, Bill, I have a great home on 10 acres, so there;-)

    I’ll bet Marcus’ new apt is bigger than your 3 acres – the difference is that he is 26 floors up, overlooking probably the most scenic cites on earth:)

  7. kacey Says:

    hey Bill,

    don’t hate the player, hate the game!

    the images on POF are most likely rendered to reduce their size. my guess is to offset bandwidth costs. where POF may lose in image quality, Markus gains in reducing server and bandwidth fees. until users start to demand higher res pics, theres no reason for Markus to run out and make changes. personally, i believe in function over form not the opposite.

    but that’s just my opinion.

  8. Chris Says:

    Don’t forget that OKCupid is officed exclusively in New York City, a place where you might as well set your wallet on fire. Cost of living – $3000/mo for a 1-bed. $4150/mo for a 2-bed. $11 for a beer. If they wanted to turn a profit, they sure picked a bad location.

  9. Bill Says:

    Bill, clearly your an idiot. Do your research before you open your mouth.

  10. James Says:

    Are you still pulling in 300k plus a month off the Google money tree from all your traffic? I know most are getting allot less now then in the past from the Peoples Republic of Google but was wondering if you are still milking them for the same amount of cha ching as the picture of that check you show? Inquiring minds want to know!

  11. James Says:

    Show us some new Google check pictures, please!

  12. Samy Says:

    Markus Congrats, You earned every cent and you have made a lot of people happy too. I met my love on POF so thanks for that.
    I run a non profit with charitable status my5k.ca, Kids can earn $5,000 for graduating high school smoke free. I recently was granted $40K a month worth of google adwords by google through their charitable side. I need help learning how to use the adwords effectively. Any chance you could coach me on what you know? I would really appreciate whatever guidance and wisdom you could pass on.
    Thank you very much again

  13. James Says:

    You should do what that Chinese con artist dude does on his get rich on the internet scam blog and give us a monthly financial update for all us to drool over. It could increase your traffic even more!

  14. PlentyOffish has a bigger aquarium Says:

    […] Markus points out an article about OKCupid in INC Magazine. This is a great overview of free dating and how difficult it is to compete with subscription sites like Match.com that pay $50 for each new subscriber. Founder and CEO Sam Yagan is quite open with how much he spends on marketing for OKCupid. […]

  15. OKcupid in INC Magazine Says:

    […] Markus points out an article about OKCupid in INC Magazine. This is a great overview of free dating and how difficult it is to compete with subscription sites like Match.com that pay $50 for each new subscriber. Founder and CEO Sam Yagan is quite open with how much he spends on marketing for OKCupid. […]

  16. Scoprpio Says:

    I have used OKCupid. You answer all these questions, so the system gets to ‘know’ you. You then get presented with your ideal matches. Unfortunately, this is limited to the same people again and again and is limited to only about a handful. Unless I have a serious character flaw and its telling me I am not compatible with many people; I see no value in restricting my potential partners and furthermore, it reduces the owners potential for page impressions and click throughs. I reckon he needs to change his model.

  17. OKCupid Says:

    OKCupid has nice design and easy to follow. I like this design and I am impressed about how smart he is in terms of marketing to run a successful dating web site like this.
    Thanks for sharing.

  18. Jeff Says:

    interesting article

  19. Jeff Says:

    Okcupid is alright, but i think Confonder is better for free online dating. Okcupid’s site is just too confusing

  20. SG Says:

    Good to know, very good to know.

    I have programming skills and design skills to boot.

    Lets see how much it makes me😉 And how long it takes to be the new POF


    • Paul Says:

      Just running through the posts on OK Cupid revenue and found your reply.

      How is your site doing? What happened is it up and going working running revenue?

      let me know I am looking to get in the business.



  21. divya Says:

    how they earn so much revenue…
    i will go mad

  22. 902b grants Says:

    Very good article. Looking forward to seeing you write a lot more about this subject.

  23. pay per click advertising Says:

    I was just talking to my PPC partner about this very topic. You must be psychic or something!

  24. kellie ault Says:

    I put my pics on plentyoffish and cant find them anywhere this is the only site I geave pics to. help me please eye1all@yahoo.com

  25. gofish Says:

    Go invest some of that PlentyofFish revenue on a better interface– because POF currently blows in comparison to OKC. no Contest.

  26. gdeblog Says:

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  27. Tom H Says:

    Great read. I understand how hard it is for the little guy to try and break into the PPC free dating niche. Been at it for just over a year now and averaging just over $1 a day. This is a competitive business and very tough to drive traffic. Markus, you are my inspiration to keep trying.

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