Jangl shutting down..

Just removed all links to Jangl  from the site…   Jangl is a voice messaging system used by Match.com  And Friendfinder among others.


12 Responses to “Jangl shutting down..”

  1. bluelines1974 Says:

    Markus: Not sure if you recall a discussion we had in San Fran re. the virtual impossibility of Jangl’s business plan working out. Still, I’m shocked that they are shutting down.

    It’s just massively difficult to make money from consumer-oriented VoIP services.

  2. Erik Says:

    Markus, give me a jingle I would be happy to help you find a solution via Lypp.

  3. jim Says:

    Wow, having just discovered the company from this post I am blown away at how perfect the concept is for online dating.

    Do you have any stats for usage on POF? Did people use it?

    I am curious if it actually was as perfect a fit as it seems to me. Costs aside was there at least a market?

  4. Jangl -no one’s home? | The VoIP Mag Says:

    […] Markus Frind has confirmed it. Referencing a post at Mashable, Marcus is likely thinking about an alternative […]

  5. FunkySouth Says:

    Intersting post, thanks for the link. Heading to mashable for info.

  6. Darren Smith Says:

    Hi Markus,
    I have an idea for a website that I believe is only available in the traditional (pay for membership format) the site i would like to clone is a huge site here in the UK and I would imagine it would be an even more popular version if there was no fee to use your tag line my users could PUT THEIR CREDIT CARDS AWAY, the probolem is I have never had a web site before and apart from godaddy.com I a unsure where to start and I am reluctant to go into to much detail about my idea incase the idea is as good as i think it is and some wiz kid beats me too it, if you could possibly spare a few minutes maybe you could email me some advise darrenjsmith1972@googlemail.com I would apriciate your help alot
    kind regards
    Darren Smith

  7. kim bjorkland Says:

    Markus did jangle’s product get traction with your users?

  8. K. Bruton Says:

    Jangl was indeed a useful application… I made a lot of friends around the world using the service. The fact that it bit the dust is not a reflection of the service, but of other factors… I am sorry to see it go.

  9. Carlos Says:

    Mobile users would be best served with a custom and efficient POF app for their cellphones that would provide the same functionality available from the POF web site with some more bells and whistle done specially for mobile. i.e. proximity searching for example, show me the profiles of some people that are physically close to me for example. Kind of maps everybody on a POF party or popular coffee shop🙂

    Look at other companies, like Google and Facebook, have been doing with cellphones. Originally WAP sites were developed and the user experience was so bad that very few people use them. Now you have custom apps for everything, Google Maps, Facebook, you named it. When you have access to such feature rich graphically oriented client apps, a simple 160 bytes txt msg seems so outdated and a waste of the resources available on most cellphones today.


  10. Jangl -no one’s home? | The VoIP Mag Says:

    […] Markus Frind has confirmed it. Referencing a post at Mashable, Marcus is likely thinking about an alternative […]

  11. Samy Says:

    Markus Congrats, You earned every cent and you have made a lot of people happy too. I met my love on POF so thanks for that.
    I run a non profit with charitable status my5k.ca, Kids can earn $5,000 for graduating high school smoke free. I recently was granted $40K a month worth of google adwords by google through their charitable side. I need help learning how to use the adwords effectively. Any chance you could coach me on what you know? I would really appreciate whatever guidance and wisdom you could pass on.
    Thank you very much again

  12. Lasonya Says:

    We are wondrously made with excellent healing capabilities.

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