Going to Future of Media Conference.

I’m speaking in Banff this weekend at the NextMedia  Future of Media Conference on a pannel with the other  “top innovators”  in canada.    I hired a second employee recently to help with all the admin work on the site,  i’ve been running the site as a hobby for the past 5 years and now transitioning it into a Startup.


This will be the first non web conference i’ve gone to,   everyone here is from TV,  Film,  NewsPapers and other forums of media and advertising.

7 Responses to “Going to Future of Media Conference.”

  1. Marcel Says:

    I’ll be there🙂

  2. bobby dassler Says:

    Hey Markus, so what will you be discussing media? Or user generated sites perhaps? Have a good time! J

  3. Guy Says:

    Hopefull there’ll be a web cast to watch about it sometime in the future. I enjoyed the discussion you were involved in with Guy Kawasaki some time back.

  4. Ralph Castillo Says:

    Hey Markus, are you going to the San Francisco conference in July?

  5. Yasamin Says:

    i hope it went well. is there gonna be a transcript?

  6. Cody Says:

    Ahh I wish I would have looked at your blog sooner, I would have loved to have gone. I live only 5 hours away; hope everything went well.


  7. Samy Says:

    Hello Ralph
    What is happening in San Francisco in July?

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