Stats by Education…

In a couple of days targetting by education on Plentyoffish will show up in Google Adwords…

Here is a breakdown of Subscription rates by education and major sites… On’s chart you see 8% next to PHD, that means 8% of all dailly PHD users to plentyoffish in the US are current active paid subscribers to

4 Responses to “Stats by Education…”

  1. Most Trafficked Religious Dating Services Says:

    […] piece of stats coming from the same source – stats by education. It looks like educated people are most addicted to dating services. Explanation? Busy people […]

  2. vepa Says:

    …8% of all dailly PHP users to…

    needs to be “PHD” I suppose. ?

  3. Lizeth Espinoza Says:

    Education place. Hopefully I will meet a couple and go out. A very pleasant city to a couple.

  4. Hasreeta Says:

    Interaction is great. My blog is cartoons and commenters are playing off the gag and people are reading the comments because they are as funny as the post if not better. One upmanship grows as people try to out comment other commenters with more outrageous funny. hotel online booking

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