Heading to paris…

I’m going to paris at the end of the month with the girlfriend…   Any ideas on what the nicest things to do there are?

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  1. Victor Trac Says:

    You should take your girlfriend to one of the many Michelin 3-star restaurants in Paris. They’re worth it.

  2. Christian Cadeo Says:

    You should try out this free tour called:


    Well worth it as the guides are college kids who know their stuff. I went on the tour and it was excellent. Even better than any of the paid tours.

  3. Simon Bretin Says:

    Definitely a cruise on the Seine. Plenty of what they call “bateaux mouches” start from the city heart., You can even have dinner on some of them, where they serve pretty descent meal while you observe the famous buildings and scenery available throughout the city.

  4. anonymous Says:

    There’s a place in france where the naked ladies dance. There’s a hole in the wall where the men can see it all.

    Take her there.

  5. Olivier - 42Stores Says:

    Hi Markus, i leave near Paris. There’s is so much thing to do. How long will you in Paris ?
    A michelin 1-star restaurents will be also realy great… and you’ll can go several time ….
    An original tour : http://www.4roues-sous-1parapluie.com/
    An other original visit http://www.catacombes-de-paris.fr/
    An of course http://www.montmartrenet.com/

    Have a good visit…

  6. anonymous Says:

    Plenty of internet cafes. You will enjoy your stay.

  7. Dirk Says:

    There’s a restaurant that’s pitch black inside, you can’t see a thing. It simulates how it would feel if you were blind. Good food, good athmosphere, good experience… It’s called “dans le noir” (in black).

  8. Rob Says:

    If the weather is nice have a picnic on the Seine. Just grab a baguette,some cheese, sliced meats and of course a bottle of wine and sit on the banks of the river close the the Notre dame.

    Also go to Palace of Versailles. The gardens are simply breathtaking.

  9. CSmedia Says:

    The Rodin Museum – I highly recommend it – beyond the fact that the sculptures are incredible moving and beautiful – the house and gardens are beautifully landscaped and make a great afternoon away from the dirt and grime of Paris.

  10. Mr Boin Says:

    Visit the Marais, the central district in Paris (also the gay area), full of very old buildings and monuments, perfect for a shopping spree with a girlfriend.

  11. Mr Boin Says:

    Oh… Montmartre district is also a must, just avoid having lunch here, it’s a major tourist trap, everything is overpriced and not that good.

  12. dg Says:

    The best museum is Musee D’orsay (the Louvre is just too huge). Even if you are not into museums you will be impressed. Avoid the queues by buying tickets in advance at http://www.musee-orsay.fr/en/visits/admission/tickets.html. The best collections of Monets is at small museum in a lovely residential district: http://www.marmottan.com.

    Definitely drive 18km (or take a tour bus) to the spectacular Palace of Versailles. Climb the Arc de Triomphe for the views down the Champs Elysee.

    You can’t beat a fresh baguette, French cheese, and a bottle wine.

  13. Travis Says:

    I used to live in Paris, and Picnics in the park are a wonderful, wonderful thing and very cheap. But not every park lets you go on the grass.

    Parc des Butte Chaumant is on the North side of Paris, well worth the extra 15 minutes to get there, and you can picnic.

    For a late-ish lunch try Mariage Freres tea house on 30, Rue Bourg Tibourg — that’s the best of their three locations. Not too expensive, and over 1000000 kinds of teas.

    The Rodin museum is small but one of the best. It doesn’t overwhelm, and it’s close to the Eiffel Tower.

  14. Eliot Says:

    I second visiting Versailles.

    When my wife and I were there back in 2004, we were in our hotel room one evening, a Friday I think, when we heard this strange zooming sound coming from outside.

    It was the largest group of rollerbladers that you can imagine – I’m no fan of the activity, but this was a sight to behold. They just kept on coming, like this huge army on wheels.

    After the event I remember reading about this being a regular, weekly perhaps, occurrence. If I were to go again I’d find myself a nice cafe on the route and watch it go by.

    Also, the Tour de France is on now, I think they often finish in Paris so you might be able to catch that if the timing is right.

    If you’re into Disney or theme parks then you’ve got Disneyland Paris.

  15. steve Says:

    You are going to love the food🙂

  16. Peter Says:

    You should have beakfast or at least a coffee at the “Café de Flore” (take an ashtray as a souvenir, they might disappear soon).

  17. Marcel Says:

    Send photos!🙂

  18. vimal Says:

    I was just in Paris a month ago, and WISH my girlfriend could have come. I would recommend the following:
    – Take a night bike tour of Paris. I would do this early in the trip because it gives you a quick introduction to all the fun and cute neighborhoods in the city. I went on fat tire’s bike tour and it was so much fun. Included with the bike trip is a night cruise on the Seine (http://www.fattirebiketoursparis.com/)
    – Go to Montmartre at night. You’ll have to walk up a bunch of stairs, but you get a beautiful view of the city at night. Walk past the Sacre coeur, and find a small outdoor bar and have a glass of wine with the lady. One place that has outdoor seating I liked was Cafe de la butte at 71, Rue Caulaincourt (http://www.flickr.com/photos/80095953@N00/178330479)

  19. Markus Says:

    Thanks guys these suggestions are awesome!!!

  20. Annie Kanciar Says:

    Can’t wait sweetie!

  21. john Says:

    Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris oh ya and while there get married😉
    Have fun Markus

  22. Youri Says:

    Hey Markus,

    I’m living in Paris and I’m writing a blog about online dating named Datingwatch.org. So, if you want some tips about Paris, just send me an email.

    See you


  23. Kurt Says:

    Hey Marcus- One restaurant recommendation:

    Willis Wine bar

    The food is amazing and the staff all speak English. I lived in Paris for 6 months… this place was one of my favorites.

    Have fun!

  24. patrick Says:

    Hey I was in Paris just 2 months ago. There’s a really interesting castle on the beach called Mont Saint Michel, about 3-4 hours southwest of Paris. There are daytrips there, and it’s very worth the time. If you have a spare day, check that out.

    Get the “Paris Pass,” which gives access to most of Paris’ attractions… Versailles has huge lines, so be sure to get there early — even if you have the Paris Pass that lets you get to the front of lines. And I agree that Musee d’Orsay is a good one to visit. Louvre too. There is a cafe called “Angelina,” that serves world-famous hot chocolate. It tastes like they melted a chocolate bar into a cup.

    Hey can I come with you guys?

  25. Margaret Says:

    Assuming it’s not too hot, walk everywhere. …. ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but many of the tourist hot spots in Paris are within walking distance of one another. Sacre Coeur to the Louvre is easily accomplished (a very slow amble will do it in under two hours, I guess). La Sainte Chapelle on the Isle de la Cite, Notre Dame …. Palais de Maillot, La Tour Eiffel, Les Invalides, ….. aaaaaaaaargh, I want to go back. I am so full of envy – have a really lovely time.

    Walk along the Champs Elysees – it used to be possible to buy Gauffres – waffles, which were fantastic. I think it’s more likely that the vendors are selling crepes now.

    Visit some of the open air markets – the most famous, of course, is the http://www.parispuces.com/en/Default.asp

    are you sure you have enough time??


  26. Eve Says:

    Retrace the scavenger hunt in the film Amelie! Also, the view from the Musee d’Orsay is extraordinary.

  27. Top Says:

    Musee du Cinema if you like the movies

  28. Dejan Stamenkovic Says:

    there is few museum.. that u can’t miss.

  29. Uncle Tony Says:

    Paris in August?
    Go to Stocklolm!

  30. vicki Says:

    hi, i would definately advise you to take her to a fabulously decadent patisserie by the tuilleries..the cakes are works of art and there is generally a queue to go in but its amazing…we went there in the spring…angelinas tearoom …226 rue du rivoli….seriously…try it…
    have a lovely time….

    also….i would say try a trip out to monets garden at giverney…truly beautiful and not too far to go by train….

  31. vicki Says:

    avoid…pizza pino…in the champs elysee..used to be fabulous but now its awful..unless you like tins of tuna and barely cooked egg dumped on your pizza !!! disgusting….

    also,i suspect they water down the carafes of wine as our rose was paler than the carafe another table had…..

  32. Dawn Says:

    Go to the top of the Arc de Triomphe – much more impressive view of the layout of Paris than the view from the Tour Eiffel. Other great activity is the Marche aux Puces which is located in north Paris at the Porte de St Ouen (I think) – it is huge and takes at least a full day to take it all in. Galeries Lafayette is a must for shopping, as it Au Printemps – actually anywhere on Boulevard Houssman. Have a blast, it is a beautiful city – shame you are going in August though, as that is when all the Parisiens leave the city for the beach!

  33. trolldawl Says:

    My two most memorable cafe visits were Cafe du Metro, and Cafe Angelique. If you can, check them out!

  34. ParisChik Says:

    Bonjour Markus!

    I am a transplanted Vancouverite, running a tour company in Paris, visit http://www.NuitBlancheTours.com. I have written an ebook titled Practical Paris, Everything You Need to Know About Paris but Didn’t Know to Ask for http://www.InsiderParisGuides.com. I would be happy to send you an eval. copy, and wish I would be there to show you and your girlfriend around, however, I am in Canada for the summer.

    Please provide me with an email address to send the guide to, and happy reading! PS I am so impressed and happy for your success and will be incorporating some of your proven idealogies into a new shopping site I am creating.

    Guidebook Author: http://www.InsiderParisGuides.com

  35. kimbo Says:

    best thing to do in paris, is to…leave paris. and fast.

    it’s a shit hole. bad service, lots of dog shit on the streets, and it’s real stinky this time of year.

    have fun. but i recommend you get on train or plain and go to the riviera instead.

  36. laurent Says:

    Hi Marcus, go to the Buddha bar, use to be for jetsetter but now has change and is a spot for foreigner living in paris, go to the bar and mingle with people , you will know what and where to go in Paris

  37. Valentin Says:

    I was digging on your blog and found this topic.
    I was wondering if you could give a feedback on your trip and the places you liked🙂
    Best regards.

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