Plentyoffish is down…

Massive power outage in vancouver knocked out the site.   Looks like Peer1’s backup generators failed or something.

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  1. mentorcoach Says:

    I am glad I thought of coming here to look . Naturally it happened just as I was checking a response I was waiting for.

  2. Jeff Says:


    Have you looked into Amazon Ec2? Wouldn’t that also bring your bandwidth costs down?

  3. Smilinglaughing Says:

    Why do fishes need power?
    Electricity actually can be kind of dangerous in water…
    Take care Marcus, we need you – hope to find My Love on your site…hopefully soon….so good luck with fixing that connection…cheers!:)

  4. Zoltan Says:

    You are in Paris now, right? Flying back to Canada?
    How much are you loosing per hour?

  5. Markus Says:

    I’m not anywhere just waiting for it to get fixed. Completely unacceptable that there isn’t a working generator especially since the same thing happened 2 years ago.

    • happy fish Says:

      Is POF down in Toronto? I havn’t been able to access the site in almost a week😦 Anyone else have this problem?

  6. HawaiiUncle Says:

    Marcus, get well soon !!

  7. Striker123 Says:

    With your zillions of dollars you can’t afford a generator Marcus?


    Many thanks for helping us all to find someone.

    Great Site! Keep it UP! lol

  8. Ulrike Says:

    Hi from East Vancouver! Just a quick note to say how much I respect what you’ve done with your project. I’ve only been on your POF site for a little while but appreciate your approach. We’re here for you, don’t you worry. U.

  9. Bravewiseheart Says:

    Yes, I’ve some messages to check out … AND will also take a look at Smilinglaughing when we’re up and running again. You never know. Love, all around, Linda

  10. dreams_and_work Says:

    wow I didn’t know you had a blog… thanks for the info.

  11. Cndn_lover Says:

    Doing a great job Fri(e)nd, hope it comes up before the day is out. Keep up the good work, and I’d suggest telling Pier1 to get their act together if that is who you are still with.


  12. jo bob Says:

    When will it be up?

  13. Ken Says:

    Hey Marcus,
    Congratulations on the site. Normally it works phenomenally. As someone previously mentioned – I didn’t know you had a blog to post comments. Not a bad thing to mention on the website for feedback, improvements, etc.

    So, as “jo bob” said, “When will it be up?”

    One last comment: Chat amoung my fellow SoCal POF’ers indicates that the local ‘mixers’ postings got banned and they had to start their own site. Someone said it was because of advertising the mixers on If true, and since they aren’t your competition (even though you allow other dating sites to advertise on your site) maybe a little overreaction? It sure was convenient to find out about the mixers on POF. Plus the Meetup information would only attract more people to your site!

    Just my two cents.

    Good Luck (and get the power back on!),


  14. Steve Says:


    You need to stop this type of problem from happening.

  15. nancymuree Says:

    ……marcus your killing me……….
    i just got home and wanted to check this beautiful site of yours and i can’t because of a………….
    generator? noooooo, cant be

  16. dreamweaver23 Says:

    i sure hope the problem is solved soon , im sure your doing your best take care

  17. heist Says:

    I hope no mail or data is lost!

  18. Dustin Says:

    Hey Markus, what’s with all the site problems these past few weeks? I realize this power outage is beyond your control, but the site’s been sort of useless twice already in the past two weeks. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I hope it all works out, maybe it’s time to invest in some new hardware or software?😉

    Despite the couple of issues though, I among many others appreciat what you do for us, it’s a fantastically popular service with the added benefit of being free. Congrats on the success Markus!

  19. typical_male Says:

    But I wanted to log on to get yelled at by all the bitter and hostile men-hating boozehags on the fish site. Where can I get my daily dose of abuse?

  20. Byron Says:

    What would make me very upset if I was Markus is the fact that Peer1’s website is running fine and mine isn’t. Customer’s websites should be up before the hosting company’s website.

  21. Leo Says:

    Hey, thanks for providing info, had to google it. Hope it comes back up. Amazing website BTW, I completely love it! Look forward to fishing again soon!

  22. Cndn_lover Says:

    Today at 9:30am a fire broke out in an underground Backup power station in Vancouver. The fire was finally put out at 2pm. BC Hydro has not yet given an estimated time of recovery. This may not be fixed until tomorrow.

  23. alkyk Says:

    hope you will be back soon ,cuz i already missing my only real genuine love i ever had ….. iwant my sassylady


  24. everythingsgoingood Says:

    I was checking the Peer1 site that hosts Markus’ servers, and they seem to be powering everything up now. So, hopefully not long.

  25. BRENT40 Says:


  26. AJ Says:

    Am sure your watching this Markus, but it looks like Peer1 finally got the network side back up.

    I’ve been reading about all this over on their forum. Quite interesting.

    Enjoy the trip!

  27. isthereanymoreusernames Says:

    I lost the date of a lifetime because of the power outage…can you reimburse me a few hot blondes please? lol I know its not your fault…thanks for all the hard work on the site though!

  28. Densetsu Says:

    Ya, it’s just a bit odd that the company puts their website ahead and above of their customer’s sites. Maybe something manual has to be done on Markus’ side before the site gets up again?

  29. simplydating Says:

    Having POF down just makes me realize how much I love the site. Keep up the great work Marcus.

  30. ladyc4 Says:

    Actually, in the couple of years I’ve been a member, this is the first time I’ve experienced the PoF site being down.
    Glad I researched it, was about to blame my own ISP( dialup provided by the Amish LOL)…hope it’s fixed soon…
    Cindy O

  31. dreamweaver23 Says:

    darn darn darn it

  32. blueskysunshine Says:

    Missing the fishes – thanks for all your great work Marcus!

  33. alan Says:

    Hey Markus, POF is a great idea. I’m getting frustrated, (in more ways than one!), with the recent service anomolies and now this. I really hope you can ressolve this problem soon. Any guess? And I’m still wondering what happened last week. Couldn’t some explanation be offered when someone logs in? Not for the present problem obviously. Just wondering.

  34. Here Fishy Says:

    Here’s one possible silver lining: The reporter for one article (above) is asking for stories of people affected by this. (See very bottom of page.) Yours would be an ideal story, showing how Vancouver’s reach is truly world wide, and how just your one website outage affects X million of your users. You could get some sweet publicity from this.

    I found your blog from the Yahoo! Answers page that was created for the PoF outage, which is where Google is sending people.

    — Here Fishy (a brand new user; just signed up yesterday!)

  35. Dale Says:

    Hey Markus, How much longer?

  36. blueskysunshine Says:

    Oops – Markus

  37. joe Says:

    Outages suck, but it’s great that you told the world the true story. I used to work for a tech company that NEVER fessed up about problems. Their “network status page” was the biggest fantasy I’ve ever seen. Kudos to you!

  38. Jonnydark Says:

    Awesome site! Thanks for all the work you put into it. I hope this gets resolved soon. but things like this happen to every website every now and again.


    Does anyone want to date me? lol

  39. Pasquel Says:

    I know this outage is probably bugging you even more than it is all of us, so I just want to tell you what a great web site you have. “See” you soon when the site comes back up.

  40. So Solana Says:

    I’m new to POF & signed up thinking I was going to hate it & now I’m addicted! I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed visiting the site until today’s outage…

    Thank you Markus for providing a surprisingly refreshing highlight to my ordinary day to day!

  41. P Says:

    I’ve been trying to log onto POF all day, glad I came here. Now I know why the site is down!! Hope you get it up and running soon.

  42. Ron Says:

    Maybe we need to send him to Home Depot! I thought everything in Vancover required a backup power source heck I know some cabins with solar panels and Battery Backup!
    Great Site see you backup and running soon!

  43. Ken Says:

    At least now it states, “Service Unavailable”.

  44. Spirit of Adventure Says:

    Thank you for such a great dating site. I just started using a few days ago and rarely go to myspace anymore. I’m sure it will be up soon. People need to chill
    out, stop complaining, it is FREE after all. Stop being codependant to your computer! Think positive, send out some love energy to Marcus and plentyoffish and I guarantee it will be up faster.
    Peace and Love to the World

  45. everythingsgoingood Says:

    Markus is on the homepage of Peer1 Networking Solutions with a video interview about the site. Congrats, Markus.

  46. Ken Says:

    And what is up with the, “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” statement on a post? My first comment was cordial and pleasant – not like the “typical_male” type of sarcasm above. What gives?

  47. everythingsgoingood Says:

    It’s back!

  48. David Rojas Says:

    Hola Markus,
    I’m interested in doing a Spanish version of your site. May we meet sometime in the next weeks? I’m in LA.

  49. Ann Says:

    Out of your control. Great web site. Worth waiting for. Thanks for all you’ve done.

  50. Paul Says:

    The site is back and all the Fish are happy again.

    Unbelievable co-locate site at Peer1 that I expect Marcus will be having a heart-to-heart talk with about their ill conceived “back-up” power system.

  51. kid320 Says:

    Looks like your site is back up and running… at least for me.

  52. Jessye Says:

    It’s back!! YEAH!!!

  53. Leo Says:

    WOO! Look at all the people online already! Amazing. Thanks for the website, again, now pardon, I have to go fishing!

  54. dreamweaver23 Says:

    alright great woopie thanks Markus

  55. ritawayward Says:

    It is clear I am HOOKED on the POF!
    It has only been one day and I am
    struggling from withdrawal! lol

    Good Luck with getting things up and running again!


  56. Mayhem Says:

    How ebarasing. Big web site like yours and dont have a back up gennie. Thought you have learnt your lession last time.

    maybe time for a server change to some thing more reliable. mind you if your only paying a Few $’s for a php sql based server im not supprised.

    The ammount of money you made isnt it about time you run you own server and employed a proper tekkie insted…. So one who knows what there doing. or a company who doesnt have there fingures up there ass ….

    sorry but finding it very funny hope no bugger hacks your site cos if this brought you down god knows what would happen is some one DDOS attacks your site.

    Very sad affair indead ….

  57. Paul Says:


    Marcus is using the services of a very large albeit flawed hosting company. (

    Based on the huge ad revenue hit POF will have taken during this outage, I think it should be obvious Marcus is considering his options.


  58. Leo Says:

    While back online, the site seems to be frozen. No new matches are being shown, and the “viewed me” list is frozen as well. Again, this annoying problem. I wonder if Markus is aware, and is working on a way to resolve this annoyance.

  59. alan Says:

    Yep, Back up and running, but nothing shows online…no IM’s like last time. I’m getting the feeling that the previous problems were originating at the server site as well (Peer 1)

  60. Tommy Says:

    I thought only the Houston profiles were frozen, but apparently everyone else is experiencing that problem as well. Funny, I can’t see online status or IM status or anything else locally, but viewing all profiles in the state (Texas) seems to be workin gjust fine. Strange…

  61. Markus Says:

    Replication server was still down. Hard to bring up everything at once. Should be fully operational now.

  62. Pasquel Says:

    Yup, up and running like a charm. 🙂 Glad to see you’re back on Markus.😉 I had no idea I had grown so attached to the site. I actually felt like I was having withdrawl symptoms. Hahahahaha

  63. FunkySouth Says:

    hey markus is your hosting bought of a 14 year old on e-bay ?! Re-seller ?

    haha just kidding hope its fixed soon!

  64. PlentyOfFish Goes Down | Toronto Dating Scene Says:

    […] dating site leader PlentyOfFish was down yesterday for a while… soooo, does this mean it’s time to pull the PEER 1 promo video featuring […]

  65. Community Says:

    That is pretty strange a provider that big should really be able to handle a power outage

  66. couzinhub Says:

    Our support team never say ‘server is down’ but prefer ‘server is on scheduled maintenance’..😉

  67. Aris Says:

    Perhaps it is time you considered two datacentres, one in North America, and one in Europe. With a bit of clever DNS or a global load balancer you can load balance between the two based on IP geography and have all users fall back to another datacentre if one goes down.

    Of course, your hardware and infrastructure costs will double, but so will your capacity, and you will have redundancy to boot.

  68. himagain Says:

    What I found funny was an error in a message here: “” a furniture store. It is
    Wonder what thought of the big spike in their visitors!!!🙂

  69. Sam Says:

    I was blocked from I have already made a strong connection with a beautiful lady and now I am blocked and can’t even register. If I do register with new accounts, they get deleted

    Can someone please help?

  70. Tina Says:

    I too am having problems with POF.. my original profile is gone and it doesnt show on the site as ever having been an account…I have made a million profiles since then.. get emails saying Welcome! and all the other info I will need.. and then its gone again. I downloaded Firefox and got to use POF for 5 minutes then it was gone again. I went to a friends house and used her PC and her email addy as well and same thing happened….. is it me or POF?

  71. Jason Says:

    Tina, I am having the exact same problems. I have had my profile deleted twice in the past couple weeks. Today I have tried to register numerous times, even with various email addresses. I get the welcome email, but my profile never gets published and therefore I am never able to fully use the site.

  72. Jen Says:

    Im unable to log in to pof no matter what I do or what settings I change in tools,internet options ect and have never had a prob with pof until the last few days,Im still gettin emails sayin I have messages but cant log in to check them or do anything else,anyone know whats goin on??

  73. Crystal Says:


    I’ve been on POF for a few months now. A couple of days ago I tried to log in (I had just met someone) only to find that my sign-in name wasn’t working and neither was my password. I typed in my email address to have my password sent to me, but when I checked my email I had nothing from POF. Someone I met from pof gave me a call and said my messages to him were gone and so was my profile. I have since tried to create a new profile TEN TIMES!!!!!! and it will not go through. I create a page and its gone the second after I create it. I waited a couple days and tried again today……. Now I can’t even get passed the registration page. It keeps telling me to choose the gender of each person in the box shown…..I’M NOT BLIND……and I can certainly tell the difference between a man and a woman. I even tried SEVERAL different user names. What is going on? I’ve tried contacting you, but you have not responded. This is very frustrating. Pease help!!!!!

  74. Jp Says:

    Crystal, i have the same problem, I really am getting annoyed also, I donT’ get it at all.

  75. dave Says:

    same problem here!!

  76. Liath Says:

    I’m getting a Bad Hostname error… is anyone checking this these days?

  77. upset hubby Says:

    i hope this site is shut down for good many sercets kept between man and wife and this site is the worste place ever all this does is casue other to chat and cheat not good be nice if the servers blew up lol have a life people this site is a relationship destroyer im, praying that it is down for good

  78. Grazi Says:

    …..looks like pof is down today 02-28-09

  79. Grazi Says:

    ….cheaters will always find a way to cheat,…plentyoffish is awesome and I made some great friends.

  80. just a girl in NH Says:

    Yes Liath Im getting the same thing.

    upset husband — Grazi is right, they will find a way to cheat, and POF is not the only site out here to use for that purpose. POF seems to be the least sleezy one I’ve seen! And I mean that in the best way possible, lol.

    Anyway, hope it comes back up soon….

  81. brian Says:

    any etf on plentyoffish?

  82. John Says:

    Is the site down right right now? I cant access on either of 2 different pcs.. Thanks for your site.

  83. POF user Says:

    Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)….whats up with this? Whats the problem? When will it be resolved?

  84. just a girl in NH Says:

    Just checked it and it seems to be back up🙂

    Thanks Markus for the site!!

  85. just a girl in NH Says:

    Nevermind, its not working again…..

  86. Rick Says:

    It would be nice if everyone voiced their opinion on how wonderful PLENTY OF FISH is so that the paid sponsers keep sponsering and that will help keep this site free. Id like to be the first ::

    I luv Plenty Of Fish. I have met so many nice people. Keep up the great service.

  87. jim Says:

    Plenty of Fish is fantastic, Im on it everyday. Thanks

  88. Rick Says:

    Please Everyone, tell how wonderful PLENTY OF FISH is to you. This will help keep site free.

  89. John Says:

    Why POF is down for a few minutes so often? Many many times a day it is down for a few minutes at a time.

  90. anon Says:

    A wonderful site have met great friend, without this site id still be unhappy

  91. Pete Says:

    can someone confirm the site is down at the moment ?

  92. Jay Says:

    Great site. Was wondering why the site is down today, 6-8-09

  93. Dude Man Says:

    Ya, I got new mail today and someone added me to their Favs but I cannot accsess the site today either. WTF???

  94. Cuteangel- Says:

    and i thought it’s my internet acting up. lol. whew.

    i’m on POF everyday. Fun fun site.🙂

    • excanuck Says:

      Well let’s just resume having fun right here. I like Web servers that work consistently well; profiles that entertain; cute angels; women who don’t do ridiculous poses; current photos; long walks on the beach; and the sound of raindrops, but not when a-fallin-on-my-head.

  95. Stu Says:

    Great site but its down today starting around 4pm….again

  96. excanuck Says:

    The problem is at the Peer 1 NOC in Seattle.

  97. Matt Says:

    It’s been down for hours today from around 4pm EST.

  98. excanuck Says:

    All my fishies will have to wait for more excanuck bait.

  99. Jem Says:

    Great site when will it be back online Marcus?

  100. Gadget Says:

    Have you never heard of a back up Generator? As I read this thread this isn’t the first time. You’d think that after the second time you’d invest in a power generating system. I love the site, I’d like to reply to the mail that I have. Please resolve ASAP. Thanks.

  101. john Says:

    YOU MEAN TO TELL ME I SMASHED THE @#$% OUT OF MY BRAND NEW LAPTOP FOR NOTHING???!!!!!!!! 😉 hey marcus, if you can find in your heart to buy me a new laptop because your rich and im poor, i would really really really appreciate it :))

  102. blaze Says:

    so pof is down…. again, time to switch hosting i think,
    Its funny how its always down when i get new mail. :S

    Maybe its time for marcus to admit the sites too big for one man to mannage himself,

    Lets hope its resolved soon

  103. systemsdude88 Says:


    Dude, please throw us a bone! We are all fonching at the bit here to figre out where your site went.

    If you need help let me know!!

  104. CanadiaFionn Says:

    This is a hoot. To everyone who LIVES on that site, it’s time to learn that there’s a real world out there, complete with other living human beings LOL!! Get off the computer and meet REAL people, not just chat friends.

  105. CanadianFionn Says:

    Sorry, me again🙂 I sense a lot of sweating in the dark basements of millions of homes. Listen … I’m being serious here … there are real people outside of your homes. Just for a lark, go out and see if I’m right!! It’s crazy … humans walking around. And guys, the female forms will even say hello to you … yes I know it’s crazy. Get out and try it. It may just become addictive.

  106. Angiebabie Says:

    I guess I was never using the site regularly to notice that the website has ben down before. Forget going outside … I ight find that damn TV. Now where did I put it? lol

    • clasact Says:

      Marcus? Are ya gonna post any info on the outage, ‘eh?

      Probably working feverishly on the mishap….~chuckling~

  107. Classy Woman Prefered Says:

    1. For most of us, it’s a free site – so quit whining…..

    2. Its not about “one man” running the site.. it happens to google, yahoo, our own power grid etc… don’t let your ignorance proceed you.
    There were generators on the grid when NY went out, guess what? THEY DID NOT WORK (duh….)

    3. If anything, this just creates a bit more desire, bit more time for your match to say… hey, i want to converse with him/her.. or maybe it will turn them away and you will become psycho and we will see you on CNN tomorrow – either way, relax and have a glass of whine.. and unless you’re paying, STOP bitching.

  108. Gadget Says:

    Have you seen the real humans where I live!? I’d much rather deal with the digtial ones. Just kidding. As far as your TV I have it and and holding it for radsom. Night all hope it is resloved in the morning. But seriously, get a generator, the US gov sell them at bargin basement prices with enough wattage to power a tent city or a small villiage. Nighty Night.

  109. Gadget Says:

    P.S. I mean petrol powered stand alone generators. Oh and those ones worked.

  110. black_kev Says:

    I knew I should’ve checked my mail earlier

  111. Matt Says:

    Very weird that a tracert goes all the way through. It’s not a network or power problem. An update would be nice.

    The girls in Canada may say hi back to you. I may need to take a trip up north! 🙂

  112. Grumpy Barbie Says:

    I’m sure Markus has better things to do than log on to here and pacify your issues with the site being down. Chill folks, it will be up and running in due time. Some of you are so ungrateful. You take advantage of a free service and then bitch and moan if and when it goes down. I’ve been using the site for over two years and it’s never been down when I signed in. Relax already. I’m sure….. he doesn’t need you people telling him that it’s too big for one person to run. He’s come this far without your input, he’ll continue to do just fine without it. IF you are not happy with the site having issues from time to time, book it. I’m sure Laval life and EHarmony will be happy to see you.

  113. Simon Says:

    love the site great work, ive made plenty of friends in such a short space of time, whoever this Marcus guy is i hope a relaxes and takes the day off, im sure that we can all live without POF for one day

  114. zen guerrilla Says:

    uh… the site has been down for 5 and 1/2 hours now. in this age of technology, that does not compute… at all. get it back up already.

  115. Grumpy Barbie Says:

    yeah, but who’s counting? Dude, get over it. Go read a book or something.

  116. Abdullah Palin Obamma Says:

    The site is not good tonight… I wait the replay from my love and cannot help!

  117. zen guerrilla Says:

    i’d rather continue to correspond with a really cool gal i “met” the other night. that is the point of the site, isn’t it? fix the freakin’ thing mr. moneybags/algorithm superstar.

  118. Dear Putzes Says:

    Dude makes 10K$ a day letting us browse the people store. He runs it on one server. It’s his third successful company. Site goes down for a day, and every narcissistic blonde bimbo in the world comes here to post her entries defending poor widdle marcus from the few bland “hey, where is the site?” posts….and these same bimbos even post their pictures.
    So, bimbos find ways to hit on even website owners….if they are wealthy.

    That is the lesson of POF: If any girl on it is attractive and over the age of 29, she likely there to make life miserable for the next guy dumb enough to fall (again) for looks. Get a clue guys: Pretty women who need dating sites to advertise their faces have perfected the art of screwing over genuine guys.

    Remember: It all feels the same when the lights go out, and a happy, kind, nice, smart woman is sooooooooooooooo much better company than a bottle-blonde shrew.


    Markus infrastructure is ONE COMPUTER, nerds:

  119. Grumpy Barbie Says:

    wow “Dear Putzes” you don’t sound jealous, bitter, scorned or rejected at ALL. Glad it’s all the same to you when the lights go out…. might explain a few things, for you, if you give it some thought.

  120. Abdullah Palin Obamma Says:

    yEs – the true love is there, for light and the darkness and beyond… so good to here!

  121. zen guerrilla Says:

    amen brother! and the (money) moral of this whole fiasco is… put some of the 10,000 dollars a day ad revenue gains into another GODDAMN SERVER YOU CHEAP BASTARD!!! goodnight and goodbye.

  122. Darren Says:

    I’m going to just go out to a cool bar and have a couple of beers — like they did back in the days BEFORE electricity. Yargh Matey !!!

    Maybe there is still a market out there for wood-burning computers, servers, and modems!

  123. Alan Says:

    Markus is very unfair. I share a computer with a roommate and Markus sent him a threatening letter for using two names. We’re two different people! He deleted my friend’s account even though he had a totally different email. Aren’t people allowed to have friends use their computer?? I guess technology picked this up but even if we had 5 people using the computer, what’s wrong with that?

  124. master of none Says:

    so the site has been down for a few hours, not many sites go down this long, will the advertisers get there money back for lost time,everyone is lossing out because some retard cant run a site when something goes wrong, as for grumpy barbie, she has a lot to say sitting here telling people to go read a book lol whydosent she just go read a book instead of sitting on here the fucking idiot

  125. Darren Says:


    Where did you learn that life is “fair”? Is usually isn’t. It’s more important for a company to be “right” than “fair”.

    : )

  126. Meaain22 Says:

    Reading these posts I can not help but think “there’s 10 minutes of my life I’ll never get back”.

  127. Grumpy Barbie Says:

    Awe…Master of none, who’s the fucking idiot? Who got the letter? I’m surprised you can type with all that sucking, crying, bitching and moaning you do! You’re in the area of the pond where the fungus grows, aren’t youuuuu? Come on, you know you are!!

  128. Gadget Says:

    Just hopes the one server Markus (the founder) runs this off didn’t blow up. I really enjoy his site, esp. the posts. Most of the ones here are humorous too. Might go read some Aquainus.

  129. CanadianFionn Says:

    Grumpy Barbie,
    I note that you’ve been here pretty much all night. I suspect its because you usually spend most of your nights on POF trolling for that 1000th hit on your favorites list. I hope you get it because one day you’ll wake up and realize you’re not the pin-up girl you think you are, and you’ll have nothing to show for it. Develop other interests.

  130. Stu Says:

    Putzes may have some valid points.
    wasn’t barbie a bleached haired toy doll with no nipples and closed orifices?

  131. Dear Putzes Says:

    hey look…here’s a story about Grumpy Barbie

  132. Grumpy Barbie Says:

    oh Canadian you’re so silly sometimes, it’s those damn mail notifications that keep bringing me back. I hate it when you make assumptions as you always do. Quit following me around. Also, stop being so bitter, this “pin-up girl” said NO. Get over it. Anyway, I’ll adjust my mail notifications so I don’t have to be subjected to the stupidness that continues to go on here to no end. Toodles noodles.

  133. Grumpy Barbie Says:

    I also didn’t bother clicking on Putzes link, one can only assume that he’s trying to find other ways to amuse himself with POF being down. Well I’m sure whatever it is, it’s funny, to him. Small things, small minds, you know how it goes.

  134. Stu Says:

    go paint your toe nails ?

  135. systemsdude88 Says:

    To all who don’t understand the web server is working, and it is alive. There are ohter problems at hand. Why don’t you all try looking up traceroute and ping and try them out i am sure you ill find some interesting facts. Not to mention, he may be out on a hot date with a great girl. and the SNMP alerter he uses may not have even sounded.

    You should also look at where his servers are and see how many he has….It has to be more than one due to the percentage of the market he holds. There are more people hitting that website in one hour than you want to think about.

    Not to mention the SLA we get for free is pretty killer. 10hr/wk for free for what we get, think it through people.

    The moral of the story is….Get educated before you complain about something you know nothing about.

    Not to mention, if i found a great girl…..I certainly wouldn’t be wasting my time on you guys.


    keep it up buddy! Hope you have a good night!

  136. CanadianFionn Says:

    I’m not even a member of POF🙂
    I have one friend in particular who is, and she’s whining tonight. So not sure what you’re talking about saying “no” to me LOL.
    Nite all, and I hope your toy is running soon.

  137. Dear Putzes Says:

    Grumpy Barbie: have another vat of wine, dear. There is no truth to your belief that each of your blonde hairs is tied directly to its own brain cell….it won’t matter if you kill all of your brain cells…your hair will still be there, and it will still be blonde, never fear.

    Computer People: I have discovered the problem behind the failure of the site. See the title of the most recently dated post by Markus himself:

  138. baby_girl_MISSES_pof Says:

    plllllllllllllllllllllz fix plentyoffish!!!!! to all you losers who wasted your time posting comments about us going out and meeting real humans …. you obviously love the internet to !!!

  139. bigblackdick Says:

    i cant find my big black women anymore with pof gone !

  140. bigblackdick Says:

    GRUMPY BARBIE: your a whiny little bitch who doesn’t know when to shut the fuck up. i’ll put my big black dick in your mouth and that might shut you up

  141. CanadianFionn Says:


  142. CanadianFionn Says:


  143. aLinux Says:

    Woo hoo !!! back up !!! hurry-on NOW !!! :o)

  144. kickdicks Says:

    bigblackdickless: Please use your hand and a kleenex so you don’t spread recessive genes or otherwise pee in the gene pool! Yo!

  145. megn316 Says:

    Not back up on my end yet😦

  146. pof CRASHED Says:

    DOWN AGAIN … was up for 30 seconds …

    CRASH *****************************************

  147. Cuteangel- Says:

    nor here. sigh.

  148. chippster Says:

    good luck in getting things fixed Markus, and I thank you for the great site…

  149. RagingBull Says:

    Just started going back on last night and now its broke omg! lol. hang in there peeps. even if its not back tonight it will be there when we wake up

  150. aLinux Says:

    Soooooooo sorrie … I wuz jokin🙂 but still hopin! lol – I’m really get’n bored NOW. Well, not really, cuz this iz sorta becomin fun actually – shall-weeeee read-on ppl – tee hehe hahahaha

  151. aLinux Says:

    kay its back-on!!! :-p

  152. RagingBull Says:

    while were all here where are we all from? Hamilton Ontario here.

  153. bob Says:

    so is this webstie plentyofish down today???????

  154. bob Says:

    oh is POF , canadien? so many canadiens here. me on west coast usa

  155. aLinux Says:

    King and Emerald ………………. lol

    yeah bob, I know exactly when it went down even! … life ended just then j/k

  156. hOly MaCkErAl Says:

    plentyofsardines all in a can – should be like shooting fish in a bucket — but it’s more like a red herring.

    Charlie de Tuna (blub …. blub)

  157. megn316 Says:

    Not believing aLinux anymore….grrrrr

  158. gbcutie Says:

    I didn’t realize how addicted I was to this site til I couldn’t access it…

  159. ljt777 Says:

    I’ve from Massachusetts and my browser does not recognize Is it down? Why hasn’t any of its members been notified and is it going to come back up shortly?

  160. aLinux Says:

    F A C T
    Like Americans and world-wide agreed w/ already .. we Canadians make the best lovers! its wut keeps POF goin. j/k

  161. RagingBull Says:

    i know right. i think i should marry pof lol

  162. gbcutie Says:

    anyone looking for a cute nurse-to-be in chicago? ha!

  163. hOly MaCkErAl Says:



    Let’s all chip in and get Markus a doubly backed-up mirror site in Southern USA — maybe Phoenix or Dallas — for all us “colonist yankees”. (No insult intended to Confederates!)

  164. RagingBull Says:

    chicago is about 5 hours away but considering your the only one out there looking right now ill warm the car up now😀

  165. ljt777 Says:

    I’m with you gbcutie…not to mention the regular folks I chat with on a daily basis. I miss them. Will it be up again? I wish we got an email informing us of this. All night I thought I had computer issues and it wasn’t my computer at all. I miss my pof friends.

  166. hOly MaCkErAl Says:

    Canadians probably ARE the best lovers … what else are you going to do during 9 months of winter? Plow the snow? Go to drive-in movies? LOL

    FOB Phoenix, Arizona, USA

  167. gbcutie Says:

    Thanks, Guys. I appreciate the love. LJT–it sounds like you’ve got a harem! Fyi POF is a one-man-show, so I guess the guy behind our free dating fun met his limits today!

  168. gbcutie Says:

    I would consider relocation to Vancouver…;)

  169. Dear Putzes Says:

    Go make real friends in your own zipcodes. They don’t require a third party, anonymous, intermittent, keyboard centric interface.

    Commit, right now, to buy a beer for a complete stranger tomorrow, and tell them it’s your way of repersonalizing an impersonal world.


  170. RagingBull Says:

    im sure thats what most people are doing… benefits to those who live in citys because the fish are plenty

  171. gbcutie Says:

    Dear Putzes, to each his own. One day a free beer to another; another day some wasted time on the internet to avoid studying patho. No harm done there.

  172. aLinux Says:

    seee ….almost like POF …..we may make a few connections yet ……
    [requests gbcutie’s pic]

  173. Dear Putzes Says:

    gb: Right, no harm…but no real benefit either. Study patho at a coffee shop, or bar, and you’d get a coffee, or beer bought for you…by a smart guy who’s interested in chatting about patho. Then, AFTER Ted Bundy gives up on you, you’ll meet a nice normal guy that gives back rubs and picks you wildflowers on Thursday.

    That’s the benefit you’re looking for…😉

  174. aLinux Says:

    For the G U Y ‘S
    Found something to keep ya’s busy in the mean-time – looks like
    something yous all will like .. …POF-like noo ?🙂

    w w w lauras-playground c o m

  175. nO sUcH MaCkErAl Says:

    Here is info from:

    Server Data
    Server Type: Microsoft-IIS/6.0
    IP Address: Whois | Reverse-IP | Ping | DNS Lookup | Traceroute
    IP Location United States – Florida – Pompano Beach – Peer 1 Network Inc
    Response Code: 200
    Domain Status: Registered And Active Website

  176. ljt777 Says:

    no no no harem but a few familiar faces that I chat with while I’m online.
    I’m so used to chatting with them that I feel like pof is going to be down forever and I cannot the convo. For those who judge us for using this, I am one that works 2 jobs (60+) and look forward to chatting at the end of the night and making arrangements to meet my friends.
    Besides I’m not much for bars/drunks so that’s not an option I wish to explore. Pof is not just a dating site, its a form of global communication for some of us and yes it would be nice if we have gotten a warning that there is a problem. First I thought I had computer problems, that my antivirus didn’t do the job and Second, I had to google to find this site to learn that I was not alone. Thx all for allowing me to vent. How long does this usually last b4 it comes back up?

  177. gbcutie Says:

    Dear putzes, Trust me. I spent 6 hours studying patho in 2 different coffeehouses today. Last night (at a coffeehouse) some guy sat down next to me and insisted on discussing the hazards of red dye #40, while resting his CD player, I mean discman, on my health assessment notes. My notes were offended and I was bored.

  178. Dear Putzes Says:

    All im saying is that life ends, like it did for this guy on Saturday. And when it does, you’ve gotta hope that you get letters like this written about/to you:

    Time seems cheap because there is so much of it, but that is an illusion, and a bad one at that. Time spent well, living actively for and with people, is the only barometer that isn’t an illusion here.

    Ditch the POF people. Go live life.

  179. gbcutie Says:

    We don’t all live in the People’s Republic of Boulder, Putz. You’ll be glad to know that I do recycle, and you’d do well to expand your myopic idea that life lived well is how you live your life. Studying your ass off to work on the oncology unit is not so bad either last time I checked…

  180. gbcutie Says:

    Now I feel like my time is being wasted. Back to the patho, kids! Have fun–whatever that is for you!🙂

  181. zen guerrilla Says:

    to anyone who is computer/internet knowledgable: how is it possible in 2009, with all the immense and rapid advances in technology, that a site with millions of members, is unable to be accessed for over 7 hours?! that seems extremely baffling.

    • hOly MaCkErAl Says:

      To zen guerrilla: Apparently plentyoffish is hosted on ONLY one server site. The site had a MAJOR outage of electrical power — meaning EVERYTHING went down. It’s likely a MAJOR MAJOR web hosting facility with 100’s or 1000’s of websites on their servers.

      Sites like Yahoo, Google, etc. have DOZENS of sites distributed in DOZENS of sites and cities – each site backed up 2 or 3 times. Plentyoffish apparently has only ONE site — and it went black!

  182. aLinux Says:

    cuz they didn’t study ‘patho’? zen🙂

  183. zen guerrilla Says:

    actually, i was hoping for a REAL answer to my question. but thanks for playing. you get the donkey behind door #3.

  184. Dear Putzes Says:

    I’ve spent a significant amount of time on Oncology units, and, no offense, but the people who actually work there will tell you, to a person, to get out and live life, and that oncology units, and the unfathomable events that unfold there, are not the point of life.

    Oncology units and funeral homes are not places to be chosen, but to be accepted. The people with the internal strength to work there are a gift to those who have to be there, but they are underpaid and underappreciated.


  185. Paul Mall Says:

    Should be back up soon

  186. Paul Mall Says:

    Scroll over my Name to visit another free dating site

  187. aLinux Says:

    ………………………………. LOL

  188. zen guerrilla Says:

    uh… thanks paul. and what is your reasoning behind “should be back up soon”? i was hoping for something a bit more concrete and scientific.

  189. ljt777 Says:

    again…why is it that no one from POF is coming onboard to say what has happened, what is presently happening and how long they expect the site to be down? COMMUNICATION….the site failed to let the ones that keep the site mobile know of the status.

    Hey PUTZ if you don’t like dating sites then disregard them if that works for you. stop dictating to others how to live their life since you don’t know much about what goes on in my own life.

  190. Yetskii Says:

    SWM, 42 seeking SWF for LTR…Oakland County MI…

    Of course I get an email that someone has favorited me….and if it is who I think it is, she is cute and not fat!!!!!

    My luck that the site crahes…

    Let’s Go Red Wings..

  191. aLinux Says:

    no scroll mine for a better one …
    kay this does really suck … i just wanna go on pof to fart around for some reason
    and this down-time is a killer. Can sumbody just say when it will be back on 4-real pleases!!!!! j/k

  192. Dear Putzes Says:

    zen: it happens more often than you may currently realize. If cloud computing takes off, everyone will realize.

    Computers are not telephones.

  193. Paul Mall Says:

    they loose money every second it is down it will be back up soon…

    and who ever sent you email will be there tomorrow.

    its not the end of the world

    I’m not sure what happened but I am sure it will be resolved before 24 hours is over


    Founder Abmatch

  194. crzycanuck Says:

    incidentally, where the heck is Markus? Hopefully, fixing this problem but really, he couldn’t post a brief update?

  195. zen guerrilla Says:

    cloud computing… ? you’ve completely lost me, sorry.

  196. hOly MaCkErAl Says:

    Apparently plentyoffish is hosted on ONLY one server site. The site had a MAJOR outage of electrical power — meaning EVERYTHING went down. It’s likely a MAJOR MAJOR web hosting facility with 100’s or 1000’s of websites on their servers.

    Sites like Yahoo, Google, etc. have DOZENS of sites distributed in DOZENS of sites and cities – each site backed up 2 or 3 times. Plentyoffish apparently has only ONE site — and it went black!

  197. zen guerrilla Says:

    ok then, it’s confirmed. markus is the cheapest CEO alive. BUY ANOTHER GODDAMN SERVER!!!

  198. Paul Mall Says:

    PlentyOfFish there is no way it is on one server are you shot?

    it just seems the front end servers are all hosted in a datacenter that has failed.

    if it was on a single server you would never get on ever


    Founder Abmatch

  199. zen guerrilla Says:

    if it’s true that POF makes (about) 10,000$ a day from advertising on the site… why in the hell won’t markus freakin’ upgrade so this nonsense doesn’t happen???!!! it’s inexcusable.

  200. aLinux Says:

    U P D A T E:
    I just got word from Markus that the entire POF database has been compromised – in other-words deleted. He goes on to say: Hi Alinux, its markus here, I’ve been trying for hours to recreate my account.

    So, I’d say once he figures how to add himself back-in, we can all recreate our own accounts. Awesome NEWS eh? Soooooooooooooo daaaaaaamn happy again🙂

  201. zen guerrilla Says:

    does aLinux think:

    a) he/she is funny
    b) people are falling for his/her nonsense
    c) both
    d) neither


  202. Paul Mall Says:

    Yea ok retard this is a quote from markus in 2007

    I have five or six servers; one database server, one web server, an image server, a mail server…it’s a dating site; it’s not rocket science. You don’t need thousands of servers.

    sure its more now

  203. aLinux Says:

    Zen – like i said earlier, I am bored. But its funny to me, is all i care tee-hee :-p

  204. Paul Mall Says:

    Even if the database was erased it would not change anything

    who ever is currently involved in the site would re-create profile in like 2 minutes

    you guys act like you found out your dying of cancer or something


  205. zen guerrilla Says:

    i’m bored too, but i’m more annoyed than i am bored. to quote a wise old monk… this shit sucks.

  206. ljt777 Says:

    excuse me if I’m wrong but isn’t the MAJOR ELECTRIC POWER OUTAGE stated to have happened in July 2008 at the top of this page? I’m referring to the events that have happened today JUNE 8, 2009 which is now JUNE 9, 2009 with NO WORD from the site that an outage has occurred.

    • Yetskii Says:

      If it was a power outage, we would not get a connection refused/taking to long to connect error. You would also not be able to ping or trace route. There is something up on port is like the server is not serving pages like it should be

  207. zen guerrilla Says:

    technically, EVERYONE has cancer. it’s just that some people’s bodies unsuccessfully fought it, while others are still putting up a good fight. cancer isn’t something you “get”, it’s something all of us already have. it just hasn’t manifested itself in a lot of us… yet.

  208. aLinux Says:

    well, we could ALL try singing a song together noo? Something cheery like the ‘blues’🙂 ?

  209. JT Says:

    Still down @ 12:17am, EST.

    I expect the server’s suffering from fat bitch overload.

  210. Whatever Says:

    Blah blah Effin blah! You people are like crackheads trying to get a

  211. megn316 Says:

    Or little man complex….

  212. aLinux Says:

    JT, i hear ya …. try this one: w w w lauras-playground c o m
    an shush megn lol

  213. zen guerrilla Says:

    google news just put up a blurb about how POF is down. goddamn markus, you’re the laughing stock of the internet community. put some of your money back into the site!!!

  214. aLinux Says:

    get’n harder to reload this thing … Don’t post so often ppl, pls🙂

  215. Chao Ni Ma Says:

    This is quite the outage. I’m hurting for my fix of eager pus sy.

  216. 13th_Disciple Says:

    For those too stupid or lazy to look into what they’re talking about before opening their mou.. err.. fingers.. Look into the architecture.

    And whoever “systemsdude” is.. He’s a fucking moron.

  217. zen guerrilla Says:

    chao, my man… that is EXACTLY why i’m so pissed. i’ve gotten laid 4 times because of POF (no lie) in the past 3 months. that site is a goddamn miracle! that’s why i’m dying for the problem to be fixed!!!

  218. zen guerrilla Says:

    sorry, correction… 4 times meaning 4 different women. multiple times with each.

  219. megn316 Says:

    Lol…sorry aLinux…Im not fat but I had to stand up for all the fat women out there…and believe me, I’ve run across several men with the “little man syndrome” on POF.

  220. RagingBull Says:

    Weather is messed up everywhere so i think it could be weather related but otherwise it seems like a typical heavy use crash.

    • 13th_Disciple Says:

      Damn right. The servers are in the midst of a thunder storm right this very minute!

    • Yetskii Says:

      7 hours or so…this is not a “heavy use” crash. I can ping the server, it responds. This is something totally different.

  221. zen guerrilla Says:

    what would alleviate “heavy use crash”?

  222. aLinux Says:

    Yeppers ……… google tells it like it is:

    Quote:Plenty Of Fish Server Down:Plenty Of Fish.Com Site Not Working – Plenty of Fish/ is a Canadian based online dating service.There are over 10 million members on the site and inscription is for free but you must be over 18 to register.The site is currently out of service due to heavy traffic.
    That’s the latest update on Plenty Of Fish Server Down.

    So now we know. Any the sucky part is i upgraded 3 days ago to premier. My
    few dollars looooooooost 4-ever unless you ppl start deleting ur accounts, I wont be able to get back on. So pls spread the word! j/k

    • Yetskii Says:

      Dumb article on a page with 10,000 ads. Heavy traffic would not disallow everyone from connecting for several hours.

  223. RagingBull Says:

    fix the problem by allocating more of that 1 man show income towards better servers. i get the feeling its not sunk in how much traffic runs through the site.

  224. Paul Mall Says:

    yea sure a heavy use crash on a monday

    think again

    • RagingBull Says:

      lets take a look at a few factors. 1100000 online at 3:30. 4pm most college students are home by now and logging on to see whos messaged them. crash happens before 5pm and maybe markus just happens to be away for the day so the crash is prolonged into the early morning.

  225. Paul Mall Says:

    its a piece of shit end of story

  226. zen guerrilla Says:

    ok, so… for the final time: this all comes down to markus being unbelievably too damn cheap to put more money back into his own creation so that this shit doesn’t keep happening. am i correct or not?

    • Dear Putzes Says:

      Not necessarily. Large systems with much more infrastructure than this can experience a similar unavailablity when they are recovered after some kind of failure. The problem arises when the load rates hit never-before-seen levels as every single user attempts to login, repeatedly, at around the same time. Prior to a crash like this, the user load was reasonably spread out over a 24 hour period of people checking their email, etc. Now, everyone is simultaneously and continuously attempting to log in and check.

      This is a relatively common problem in large system design and operations….if Markus has not designed for it, it is the equivalent of a denial of service attack…..and if he lost some of the memory on his server and needs to reload the cache of 10 million full images, he may be offline for awhile.

      This kind of thing happens relatively often on the web….the term “WORLDWIDE WEB” becomes very real when you are actually serving people that are physically around the entire globe, in all time zones.

      If that is the problem, the system may recover late tonight after North America goes to sleep (I’m assuming North America is the majority of his user base).

  227. ljt777 Says:

    google alerts did indeed generate a blog.
    they quote “The site is currently out of service due to heavy traffic”
    OUT OF SERVICE meaning what? Did we lose our profiles too?
    With all those millions he should of had a backup plan.

  228. zen guerrilla Says:

    thanks putzes. final question and then sleep time for me…
    will my (and everyones’) profiles still exist as they were before the “crash”?

  229. smoothfishy Says:

    I was trying to get into and the site would say “Server Busy” ..which it has done before… but then later it just didnt do anything.. and thats when people started going crazy🙂

  230. zen guerrilla Says:

    thanks again putzes. i sure as hell hope you’re right. i do NOT want to go through the hassle of creating another profile. i was damn happy with the one i had up already. it got me very good results (and the best part… it was all true). goodnight.

  231. ljt777 Says:

    I want to know that answer too…zen’s question.
    profiles still exist as they were before the “crash”?

    • Dear Putzes Says:

      I would bet that all profiles would be intact.

      I would also bet that if he had a hardware failure of some type, and he has fixed the hardware problem, the current “offline” situation is because he is reconstructing some aspect of the site that needed to be reconstructed before it will handle a full load of users, and he may be encountering new problems putting the site back online under this current load of every single user trying to simultaneously login.

      If the site comes back up, and you don’t find your profile, I would suggest waiting a day or two before panicing…..he may have to “brute force” reduce the load on the system by restoring blocks of users at a time…and not all at once. If your profile is missing when POF comes back up, don’t panic, don’t create a new profile…wait a few days and then try again.

      That is my suggestion.

  232. RagingBull Says:

    yes everything will be fine. not the first time and defintely wont be the last time

  233. IHATEYOU Says:

    everyone shut UP

  234. Red Herring Says:

    Site is gone. Ka-put! Game Over. The upside: 99% of people on there aren’t even looking …. except for compliments.

    Go somewhere else … or get a life.

    If my profile is still there – I’m deleting it!

    Could always try (also totally free)


  235. aLinux Says:

    your profiles will be safe – don’t worry.

  236. Red Herring Says:

    There are probably 100,000 profiles on POF of people that haven’t logged in for more than 2 years. Markus should just delete those profile — and clean up all his files ….

  237. sickofdatingmodels Says:

    I think is all my fault. I got Marcus (we’re buddies, eh) really drunk yesterday morning, a stripper bar where we met some mexican midget nuns and one thing led to anouther. There was a huge party up in the condo. Some Aussie girl ended up sitting on the computer in the living room. I woke up at six pm on the deck with a beaver on my face and hearing Marco yelling about some poofter website crashing. What happened?

  238. aLinux Says:

    lllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooolllllllllllllllll to sickxxxxxxx yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah that was good.

  239. aLinux Says:

    oh great ..funs over? lol:

    aLinux Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  240. aLinux Says:

    aL: cant believe he’s still here reloading this …………………. lol

  241. aLinux Says:

    kkkk ..seems everyone’s gone …………. fine then ………. I shall return shortly🙂

  242. RagingBull Says:

    im still here lol. just reloading hoping someone would pop up and say its back on!. watching a movie

  243. megn316 Says:

    Me too….just checking every so often to see if there are any updates. Its funny cause I don’t really get on that much anymore, but I evidently got a couple of emails today and now its driving me crazy that I can’t check em….oh well, probably some short bald guys anyways.

  244. megn316 Says:

    Aww…just got a “server is too busy” message….maybe its on the way!

  245. megn316 Says:

    Its back!

  246. zen guerrilla Says:

    it’s back up/on! well, where i live anyway (new jersey, USA). good luck to everyone else. bye.

  247. RagingBull Says:

    anyone on here want to message on pof? its been cool everyone chatting here to help fill the void

  248. ezpleasey Says:

    I tried to log in too and couldn’t ..I guess the fishies will have to wait,god now ill have to go outside and talk to real women…but at least theyll reply;)

  249. squirrel Says:

    It’s up again.

  250. excanuck Says:

    Just returned from a date with a classy POF woman. Dear Putzes is incorrect. I can PING the POF site by name and by IP with a packet of 1500 bytes of data in avg 98 milliseconds. Therefor it is not DNS (not that you said it was, I’m just ruling that out); it is not due to server load, similar to a DOS attack because ping would fail in that case. It could be an error by the new programmer Marcus hired two weeks ago. I wonder if he outsourced oversees for the programmer.

    Ah, it came back to life as I typed this post. Hey girls, read up on excanuck for a good laugh!

  251. Jason Says:

    My god, his google account will be small for torrows view! Have to get it fixed soon before we have to pay for another add-on.😉 Premier account? How come this hooker call girl chick in my home town got one given to her? Is it because I’m male? Wheres my free one? Most of the girls in my area recieved free premier status. Whats up with that? Is there a try before I buy option, just in case premier isn’t for me?

    I assume the hooker girl in my home town is serious about dating since she recieved a free premier account.

    Should email us when the site comes back on. Getting sick of refreshing this other browser here.🙂

  252. Jason Says:

    First time I have ever seen the Members Online at (0) lol.

  253. excanuck Says:

    Let this be a lesson to the women of POF: given time, and the proper attention, it WILL be up again!

    • megn316 Says:

      I just read your profile…definitely very amusing. I must admit…I laughed a few times. Good luck to you!

  254. aLinux Says:

    it is back … coolness!!! crap and i was on facebook all this time!!!😦 lol

    Hey megn316, wutz ur name on POF – Cant find ya and there’s way to
    many ‘megn’s to go thru. Thanks, else, thanks anyhow🙂

  255. aLinux Says:

    you weren’t joking …that works!!! stickin ur tongue out at us huh lol thaaaaaanks …and…..Cya everybody, next down-time, same place, same clothes.

  256. Twoo Says:

    Down again. It’s pretty ridiculous when you you can even keep a website online. I typed out this 6 paragraph email, click send and the page doesn’t load. Click the back button and my email is gone.

    Great. I’m honestly thinking about deleting my account.

  257. RagingBull Says:

    its back on. its a little buggy. after last nights crash it can be expected.

  258. aLinux Says:

    I miss this page (think i’ll become a regular …haha) oh, and marcus didn’t
    ban my IP ..stupid me was trying to use the ‘less than’ greater than’
    symbols – not allowed. Marcus is a total cool rich guy from Canada…. (wouldn’t
    of known – wasn’t for this wordpress log).

    Funny how sum ppl on POF plea they may be deleting there accounts🙂
    Lets just all hold hands together and watch a sun-rise from the bottom of
    the sea – Peace, love and all that other good shite to us🙂 byeeeeeee now

  259. Jason Says:

    Marcus is a total cool rich guy from Canada? Well, I wouldn’t say total cool rich guy, but I would say total rich guy for sure. I don’t think cool would fit into his personality, lol. Maybe a total nice rich guy would be more fitting.

  260. Jason Says:

    Also, there is no sunrise at the bottom of the sea ALinux. Its pitch black down there.😉

  261. Jason Says:

    Although some creatures of the deep put off light, even light gets put off from hot magma mixing with sea water deep below. All this light is to faint to be seen by the human eye. Shrimp that deep have no eyes, but they may have sense organs (striped line on there backs or sides) that may act as eyes that deep below.

    Sunlingt can only go through the first hundred meters of the oceans top water. After that, its very dark…then pitch black.

    Its amazing life can develope that deep. Life finds a way I guess.

  262. mUdFlApS2gO Says:

    plentyoffoutages CRASHED again! Is POF running on batteries — that died? Where is the Energizer Bunny when we need him?

  263. Dear Putzes Says:

    its down again…but this time the server is not even pingable:
    Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
    Request Timed Out.

    So, either the network card has failed, or the server itself is offline. Hmmmm. Okay, will need to wait and see.

  264. Dear Putzes Says:

    Okay…now it is at least pingable:

    Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

    Reply from bytes=32 time=104ms TTL=51
    Reply from bytes=32 time=103ms TTL=51
    Reply from bytes=32 time=104ms TTL=51
    Reply from bytes=32 time=103ms TTL=51

    Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 103ms, Maximum = 104ms, Average = 103ms

  265. Alan Says:

    Still down at 4:00 east coast, USA. I am bugged that they took away instant message and wish he could find another company. I understand that they withdrew it, not Markus himself. It was great to be able to feel someone out this way before emailing them. Saved a lot of wasted time. Oh well.

  266. squirrel Says:

    I keep getting a “Server Too Busy” error which is, I believe, what happened last time right before it went down. Oddly though, it seems to be working, just incredibly slow and sometimes the page won’t load. Usually it’s super quick.

    Occasionally a page will load but mostly I’m just getting “Server Too Busy”.

  267. squirrel Says:

    Now I’m getting “Server Error in ‘/’ Application.” followed by a whole bunch of code. This is the second time this week that the site has been broken.

  268. bitetheapple Says:

    It’s looking like Markus is losing interest in the site. Perhaps he has earned enough to retire (who knows!). Anyway, don’t be too surprised if it gets sold to one of the large dating sites and converted to a “paid only” site. If it’s match, yahoo, or any of the large ones I refuse to join. A very large percentage of profiles on those sites are phony profiles – created to get people to join. 🙂

  269. C Says:

    Is the site down today? Everytime I try to sign in I get the sign in page again as if I hadn’t tried to sign in yet. I have the right user name and password, so I know that isn’t the problem.


  270. Jim Osborne Says:

    re: Plentyoffish => The PHOTO UPLOAD function does not work. I tried both the Flash uploader and the original uploader. I tried using newest version of Firefox and Internet Explorer v8.0 with both types of uploaders on each type of browser.

    I upgraded to the newest version of Flash. I tried changing the photo file extension to .jpeg instead of .jpg. I tried editing the photos with Paint Shop Pro to make sure the compression was not set to more than 5 (it was set to 1). I made sure the photo sizes were within site guidelines ( less than 3000 pixels wide, more than 100 pixels wide).

    Something isn’t working properly !!

  271. marc Says:

    For me, the pof login page does not go any further, 2 days now.
    oct 17, 2009 ?

  272. Petrol Generators Says:

    Maby Plentyoffish need to get some power generator for sistem, so sistem can be independent🙂

  273. cheap livingtitle=cheap livin Says:

    cheap living room furniture…

    Wow that is beautiful! Rentals are a fantastic way to go. You really put a lot of thought into that….

  274. PLUZZ(username on POF) Says:

    Hi Marcus,
    I am writing to update you on the general problems people have been encountering on ur website recently. My profile was wiped out without a reason, and i ve tried uploading several profiles , but it gets deleted minutes after the profile has been put up. Doing a quick research on Google showed me that thousands of people have been having the same problem too.
    I think it might be a a technical problem with your site.
    The question is
    1 ‘ HOW do we upload a profile now without getting deleted?
    2. What are you doing to solve this problem.


  275. Linda (Butterfly4274) Says:

    I am getting service is unavailable. Jan 7, 2010. Has someone knocked me out of POF or is there a server problem.

  276. john Says:

    when is plenty of fish going to be on please let me know

  277. Algoclace Says:

    she asked, almost angrily. The lights and the flowers. She would not seek it. He finished dressing, quickly, pitilessly. Well, metallurgy is not exactly—what shall we say? I cant help what people think—if they think at all! Her face was composed and empty. I have not seen him since.

  278. Abnorrunc Says:

    His skin—and hers—had already sprouted beads of oily lubrication to ease the grinding of bodies. It is akin to the spell that has protected him for the last two decades. Never before had the nearness of a child made her want to be a mother. Radins mental warning didnt help. Frustration and anger buzzed, blurring her vision. He pulled her into a hug. She rubbed her belly. Gala teased, tossing a floor pillow at him. Eyrhaen stared at the closed door, hands fisted at her sides. What was that swelling feeling deep inside her chest? Tykir had a warmer heart than that. Brevin had stepped aside, a huge shadow beside Tykirs shoulder. Does this mean you forgive me? Both Brevin and Tykir burst out laughing. She wiggled, and he stopped. Let me sleep for a while then Ill work on convincing you some more. She could have enslaved the raedjour. But the look on your face tells me theres more. I only want to be with you, Nialdlye. He watched, eyes hooded, as she climbed to her knees, then edged toward him.

  279. Lynn Says:

    Hello, i am having a problem loging into your site.
    When i go to put the code number in which is letters, it won’t let me put all the code numbers in.
    I would like to know why that is happening.


  280. Linda Says:

    I have been unable to log on for weeks. I have notification of mail, but can’t access it. I have tried changing settings, browsers, etc. Does anyone have any ideas on why this is happening? This is the only site – that I am aware of – that I am having this problem with.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated – thanks!!

  281. Rob Says:

    Hi there ,

    Its seem like I have limited access to POF right now. I no longer see my “inbox” tab nor can I update/edit my images. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


  282. Fish Killer Says:

    Hey Marcus what are you doing about the serial killer on your fish site that has been killing women. How is it that its not all over the place yet. Your system sucks and it can not stay free forever. You will be forced to charge a fee to stop these maniacs from killing again. I recommend a paid service. Marcus is only init for the money the ads provide for him. I have met marcus in person years back and he really needs to do something before he finds himself in a bad place.

  283. joe9t Says:

    It appears the site is down, 05 May, 2010.

  284. SnoBoarderb0y Says:

    Yup, POF is down today….

  285. D1Girl Says:

    So how long do you think it will be down??

  286. Scottish Thistle Says:

    Yeah keep getting SERVER IS TOO BUSY what the f**k is that about!!!!

  287. fml2010 Says:

    yeah wtf is that about?

  288. CA Girl Says:

    What the hell is going on? POF should have a back-up server to handle crap like this! I guess this is what you get with a one man operation!!!! I’m totallly pissed right now………….

  289. Celmare Says:

    It’s a free site. Quit being greedy, or donate the funds for another server.

  290. CA Girl Says:

    I wouldn’t care except for the fact that I just drove 4 hours to get home in time to speak to someone who lives in a totally different time zone (6 hour difference). What can I say….I just adore him🙂

  291. Tito Says:

    This is bush league.

  292. lwaterman Says:

    What’s up with POF tonight? May 30th, 2010.

  293. CA Girl Says:

    Sequel Server issue I think. Hopefully, they can get it fixed quickly

  294. Barbara Says:

    What is going on with the site today.. Been down since this afternoon. Finally let me back in a few minutes ago, when went down again. The worst time for this to happen, as I had a date tonight and all the info is on the site!!


  295. CA Girl Says:

    I know how you feel Barbara! I was able to login just a minute ago and then it was off line again. It appears that the website has been modified. I work in a computer environment and it’s a good idea to post a message that the site will be down for maintenance or some kind of warning. It really has been down too long……..

  296. ES Says:

    1 It’s a free site the the man is running pretty much on his own.
    2. It you’re going to go out with someone I certainly HOPE you care enough to write the information down somewhere.
    3. It’s a web site! If your whole life revolves around it there’s a problem that has nothing to to with the site.

    Patience my friends. Take the site for what it is and go on with life during the few short glitches. If it bugs you so much offer to help him in some productive way such as offering technological services or donating money.


  297. Jason Says:

    (If it bugs you so much offer to help him in some productive way such as offering technological services or donating money.


    DONATE MONEY!!! Are you nuts!!! Marcus is making millions with the site!!! Last I checked, he was pulling in over 100,000 grand per day!!! I hardly think he needs any donations.

    Also, Marcus does not run his site by himself. He has 1,000’s and 1,000’s of admins!!! He has also hired many programmers to work on his site. Programmers from Userplane and a few other companies. His website is not run out of his apartment anymore. He has very expensive servers.

    I wish people would do research before posting crap like the last comment by ES.

  298. ES Says:


    I think most of the the complaints that people have been posting are as you say “crap” and quite frankly, lame and petty. It’s a free site, if you don’t like it go pay for or E-harmony.

    If these people were complaining because they lost money from scam artists that they met on the site and Marcus or his “employees” weren’t addressing it by removing false profiles when they find them, or they were having problems such as Plenty of fish only allowing “certain people” to join the site, fine. I could see that.

    But these are petty winy complaints. Calling it “bush league”, I have a date and didn’t write down the information.

    Inquiring as to weather the site is down, wondering if the website has been modified, those are legitimate inquiries. But when people start throwing the F-bomb around or complain about these little petty things it gets irritating.

    So, Jason, I stand by my post. Weather you like it or not. CA girl refered to it as a “one man operation”, but I didn’t see you flaming her.

    And yes, I know, you’ll be on here in a minute to dribble all over me. Be my guest. I won’t be around to read it. I’m on my way out to continue a “noramal” life that does not include computer hermit. The last word will be yours, enjoy it, sorry to think that’ll be your enjoyment for the day.

  299. marc faucher Says:

    why cant i get to the account i just set up

  300. nikki Says:

    Its shut down again.It says cant find the website😦

  301. chris Says:

    pof site down again… GMT 15:00 + and still down..😦

  302. Dave Warner Says:

    Marcus would be doing everyone a favor if he pulls the electrical plugs from the wall and goes home.

    If you actually want to meet the right match, kill yourself and hope you go to heaven.

  303. sid Says:

    is pof down for the rest of you fish in the sea?
    will i connect with the gal that calls me “sweetie” or is she lost forever?

  304. Dave Warner Says:

    – 500 pound “athletic” women
    – “PhD”‘s in hair styling and cosmetology
    – “Graduate Degree” ladies that cannot write even ONE readable sentence
    – And THE most common:
    800 lb women that SPAM guys to say “Any REAL MAN would WANT an 800 pound pile of fat.


  305. Jeff Says:

    pof still down July 24, 2010 at 11:56 AM EST

  306. Jeff Says:

    Daa, back up now: 12:09 PM

  307. sara Says:

    today is august 8,2010…why is the POF site down again and “unavailable”?? HELP

  308. muraymint1 Says:

    hi ive just found this blog by accident as i was wondering why the system is down. Thansk Sarah at leadt know im not the only one. the site is much appreciated, ive made a few friends on here if nothing else and a few of my friends have found love. Thnakyou Marcus i hope were back up and running soon

  309. aLinux Says:

    Sarah!! …today is august 9,2010…why is the POF site down again and “unavailable”?? HELP :o)

  310. Hayley Says:

    POF has been down today since about 7:30 am. It’s now 11:30 am. Why?

  311. Patty Says:

    arghhh!!! Can’t access the site!!!! Pronto put it back up!

  312. makethecall Says:

    My error code reads OUT OF MEMORY…that sounds wack!

  313. DJ Says:

    No Backup Power? Seriously? Heads should roll. Good thing this isn’t an important site.

  314. DJ Says:

    Dear Dear Putzes,

    Hate to miss the opportunity…you single?

  315. PJ Says:

    What has happened to plentyoffish servers ? Been down all morning and I cant log in..Have any idea when it will be up and running again?

  316. aLinux Says:

    Server is too busy – We’re working on it. Til then, I’m ‘aLinux’ on POF .. I’ll be YOUR marriage counselor OK ………………………… luv 2 help u ALL asap …………………… lol

  317. immabethere Says:

    Fallen Angela, thanks for the help with my profile, hoping you see this and get in touch

  318. Danax Says:

    I’m in Toronto and 64…does anyone have a clue how long these things last?

  319. immabethere Says:

    someone told me it could be down for at least 18 months

  320. classytxlatina Says:

    WHATTTTT,, wow now I have to go look through my Yahho IM to get company.

  321. classytxlatina Says:

    18 MONTHS NO WAYYY,, I guess I will have to FB

  322. aLinux Says:

    no not 18 mths .. I just got off the phone w/ Marcus .. He’s redoing the website .. It’s now
    going to be a PAY for your LOVE life … Have fun !!!!! …………….. lol

  323. immabethere Says:

    i would be willing to pay at least a few hundred per month

  324. immabethere Says:

    Plentyoffish is currently down as a result of multipul system failures and service will be restored later today

  325. Dan Rozelle Says:

    Well it must be something bad and expensive. Maybe somebody attacked the site like a virus from a competitor. It is 21:15 edt ity has been down all day. This is serious. Everybody needs to have positive vibes. We need to call Angelina Jolie she just saved the whole world from war.

  326. Sasha Says:

    Good opportunity to be a web psychologist and drum up some business!

  327. Sasha Says:

    Still dealing with the withdrawl symptoms from POF so much I’m thinking of calling my abusive ex.!

  328. immabethere Says:

    LMAO Dan, nice

    you call her, I will have my people contact Al Gore, he invented the internet he can fix it!

  329. Warren Says:

    Great Marketing Markus!!

  330. immabethere Says:

    Plentyoffish is currently down as a result of multiple system failures and service will be restored hopefully at some point in the next several years

  331. immabethere Says:

    have decided to gtl while waiting

  332. rocker6970 Says: is still down it’s been down for almost 24 hours now.

  333. Doode Says:

    Marcus…you might want to look into = Phoenix NAP = just opened, not near the coast with all your earthquakes, snowstorms, landslides and tidal waves.

    Just brain-frying sunlight 360 days a year, a little bit of rain.

  334. Stop Excessive Underarm Sweating Says:

    Stop Excessive Underarm Sweating…

    Percocet addiction must often times be treated in a drug rehab facility. During this time, an individual is likely to experience withdrawals which are very serious, possibly painful and very uncomfortable. Specific Percocet withdrawals include vomiting…

  335. EGD90123 Says:

    UGHHHH POF site has been down FOREVER!!!! I’m having some serious withdrawals!!! =/

  336. serveri za cs 1.6 srbija Says:

    OMG… How many comments is here. lol🙂

  337. Says:

    Power outage….not a big deal

  338. Grog3471 Says:

    Great, just got this by typing my issue in google,❤ google lol.
    Hope problems get fixed, I met someone nice and I need to see my reply.
    No rush

  339. sniper Says:

    Down again tonight I see ?

  340. sniper Says:

    …well more intermittent than down :o)

  341. Moving to Florida Says:

    Moving to New York…

    […]Plentyoffish is down… « Plenty of fish blog[…]…

  342. afvallen Says:


    […]Plentyoffish is down… « Plenty of fish blog[…]…

  343. wheel horse Says:

    wheel horse…

    […]Plentyoffish is down… « Plenty of fish blog[…]…

  344. bartek Says:

    is it down or is it just me? it says my provider has blocked access to POF?

  345. Chris Says:

    must be down….

  346. jim smith Says:

    “The service is unavailable.” That’s all that comes up from home internet and from cell

  347. dm Says:

    same here.. its down

  348. bartek Says:

    it’s back on ;D

  349. bartek Says:

    nevermind lol the login site showed up but it wont let me login

  350. bartek Says:

    IT”S BACK ON people😉

  351. jess Says:

    Seems to be down again…can’t get logged on either from computer or phone…

  352. mike Says:

    pof is down again?

  353. bartek Says:

    works for me.

  354. jessica Says:

    pof is down today jan. 6th…

  355. steelers gear Says:

    steelers gear…

    […]Plentyoffish is down… « Plenty of fish blog[…]…

  356. kc winsby Says:

    plentyoffish is down again now…why?

  357. JW Says:

    Down Again ? 9 March 2012

  358. BL Says:

    I’m having problems logging on. Mobile nor actual site doesn’t work. Is the site down?

  359. bob Says:

    I guess its down I get IE cannot display webpage.

  360. Gary Says:

    yup, same here – site is responding with

    “The server at is taking too long to respond.”

  361. daffodil49 Says:

    cannot receive ne messages, says server timed out. been this way 2 days!!

  362. Eric Says:
    service unavailable

    when is the service due back up

  363. Şafak SARAÇOĞLU Says:

    Şafak SARAÇOĞLU…

    […]Plentyoffish is down… « Plenty of fish blog[…]…

  364. Frustrated Says:

    IS POF down again. Have not been able to get the home page up for over a day. Living in NH

  365. ian Says:

    me too i cant get on canada ontario

  366. D Says:

    Seems like it’s always down. I dont know why I’d want to acutally pay a fee for coming to a site that has so many problems.

  367. Content Says:

    Pof has been down for several hours now

  368. sean Says:

    I can’t get on pof on a computer but can on my phone. How is that possible.

  369. fairblonde60 Says:

    I cannot get on POF as well here in California.

  370. myrna coyle Says:

    Can’t get into POF here in Arkansas

  371. free radikal Says:

    just got a server error – “500 internal server error”
    “There is a problem with the resource you are looking for, and it cannot be displayed.”

  372. Rudy Says:

    You ought to be a part of a contest for one of the greatest blogs on the web. I’m going to recommend this web site!

  373. kelly Says:

    how long will site b dwn for

  374. kelly Says:

    why is site dwn when will it b bk on

  375. jon jon Says:

    This is the worst site on the entire internet! Everyday it seems the site goes down. Update your crappy server equipment or what ever is failing or take the site off the internet. If I was an advertiser i wouldnt pay you anything to advertise there! Pure Trash!

  376. Mike Says:

    down again…. oops

  377. thewriterwag Says:

    I did an article about POF…

    It’s actually amusing check it out and if you like it follow me.

  378. living room stuff Says:

    My brother suggested I might like this website. He was entirely right.
    This post actually made my day. You cann’t imagine just how much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

  379. tanya Says:

    someone hacked to my profile and closed my account, i don;t find it fair that i have no way back on because of some idiot close my account

  380. cgl23 Says:

    I am trying to get in and it saying I cant pass work is not the one I put in.So I made a new one .Well to day I was going to go on it and its doing the same thing.I have been on here whenpof 1 st strat.This is Fuck up!!!

  381. cgl23 Says:

    I from N/W IN and I can not get on too!!!!!!!!!

  382. steve mcpherson Says:

    can someone tell me why i cant use my gofish web site it stops responding and freezes cant do anything i love the site can you tell me if i have been blocked for some reason i never did anything wrong that i know of

  383. Debbie Says:

    Can’t log in at all. It’s even saying that POF doesn’t Recognize my email addy. How can this be fixed?

  384. Dayna Says:

    I am having the same problem Debbie, it says my email is not in the system, open a new account, click the email to verify the account and log in and poof the new account is gone. no matter what I do no more POF account. maybe it shut down?

  385. loan shark Says:

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    that it’s truly informative. I’m gonna watch out for brussels.
    I will appreciate if you continue this in future.
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  386. Business Gas Says:

    I’m extremely pleased to discover this website.
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  387. liability insurance Says:

    Appreciation to my father who shared with me regarding
    this web site, this weblog is actually awesome.

  388. robert Says:

    I was sent an ok from you Markus, but I still cannot get on. I love this site. If you can help me Markus I would appreciate it. Thanks

  389. daniel Says:

    Pof is having major problems as it as been all day can you tell me how ling it will take to fix

  390. Dave Says:

    The POF server appears not to be on line this morning. Please get it up. I need a phone number so I don’t miss my date today!

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