Safedivert New Type of Scam.

Here is what a angry users says….    Over 200 of these scammers came through the IP address


I messaged as simplymelissa23 (something like that, if not being exactly like that, although I’m pretty sure that is the screename), and recieved a response saying “Hey I’d rather communicate by texting, what’s you number,” or something like that. I messaged her my number, and asked for hers, which she never provided.

Then, a number of days later I get a big message saying she is trying to contact me through some kind of service or website, of which I didn’t know. It asks for a few “opt in” words to be messaged back, in order for you to message this girl. Sure enough, it charges 2.99 per message, of which you are charged for messages you send and sent to you (I think). Of course, the person draws out the conversation, in order to make as much money possible.

There is, of course, a 1-800 number and a website, which I will provide you with later. Yet, upon calling the 1-800 number the call center monkeys inform you that you are responsible for all charges, and there is aboslutely nothing you can do about, depsite the fact that you did not sign up for the service, or that you were deliberately misinformed.

Later that day, after two phone calls to the call center, I checked to see if simplymelissa23 was there to communicate with, and, sure enough, her profile, and messages sent and sent to have all been deleted, when they were there last night. It is probable that the profile was deleted before her attempt to contact over the phone. This call center is apparantly located in the Phillipines, and they claim that they are acting in accordance with all U.S. regulations. They tell me the only way to fight for not paying this ridiculous charge is to file a claim with your phone company.

Their phone number is 800-730-6182, and their website is This company operates under the guise of a company that this girl signed up to in order keep her phone number private. The question is why do the people she contacts have to pay for it, instead of her. To add to the intrigue, they knew where she had originally contacted me, where the number came from, and what my screen name is, but upon talking to the supervisor he claimed to not have access to any of that information after I learned that from a prior operator

Of course, upon relaying their own scam back to them, the supervisor, who talks with an Australian accent, claims to not have time or patience for any of my “paranoid theories.” He also claims that I will be charged through my cellular phone bill, because my phone contract provide me to pay for any such middleman services upon which they “provide.”

Some other angry users


35 Responses to “Safedivert New Type of Scam.”

  1. Kate Says:

    I am so disappointed — I just signed up for your site and have gotten deleted twice. I have broken no rules, no nothing. I too am in SEO, Internet Marketing and want to write a review about your site…I write reviews when sites are great and reviews when sites are bad. I understand you want to keep scammers, fakers and so forth off the site but there has to be a better method. I’ve put time and energy into writing the profile as well as interacting with other people. I wrote even in my new profile that I had been wrongfully deleted and that one was deleted as well. It is ridiculous.

  2. Johan Says:

    I had the same experience. This girl called sexygirl88 contacted me on this dating site. i couldn’t believe my luck, this girl as sexy as can be contacted me. When we started talking she asked for my number. she told me she would give me her number when we met, i spent 200 rand the first day she contacted me. it has rolled up to about 2000 rand in less than two weeks and everytime i ask her to go out, she simply tells me her father won’t allow her or her gran won’t allow her. the last time i contacted her was today, i am thankful that you posted it and opened my eyes. i am so pissed off right now, i can’t believe it.

  3. This Week’s Links | Business Pundit Says:

    […] The Paradigm Shift traces back a spam scam to a particular company through investigative research. […]

  4. Robbie Says:

    Luckily I googled justmelissa23 today and found her account was deleted. I had only started talking to her yesterday. I called t-mobile and after searching for 15 min they found charges $1/per text incoming and outgoing. The original text never disclosed any charges nor did it ask if I agree to join any service for any monthly fee. I wrongly assumed it disguised the phone number just like Pinger does. Sure enough I have over $30 in charges. T-Mobile will not dispute nor attempt to reverse any charges. They claim by me reply to the text I agreed to all charges not disclosed and it is not illegal. After speaking with the supervisror’s supervisor I finally got some help and he black listed the service. The 866 # the company provides does not work. Since they are out of the country no one will help dispute or reverse the charges. I will be contacting the FCC tomorrow as this is the only government agency I was given.

  5. Robbie Says:

    I have filed a FCC complaint against Harvan Europe LTP for fraud. This is not the only site they have fraudulently pretended to be a single female to illegally charge users for texting and charging fees without fee disclosure. I also have filed a complaint with my state attorney general against t-mobile for refusing to do anything about it and refusing to reverse charges and not credit me.

  6. Matthew Says:

    I didnt know it was a scam and i had send heaps of message and i totally didnt know and now i have to pay for a big bill next month

  7. scott Says:

    to late for me jersey from edinburgh was mines have spent a fortune today and didnt even know it

  8. Ryno Says:

    I also played around on a dating service called yesnomayB and a girl Linda contacted me.
    Now she just sms me and I do not know if this is a scam or not.
    Her number is 0839195328. How can I find out for sure.

    Thank you,


  9. Graeme Says:

    Hey I just got a message from Steph on sacupid ,i logged on to that earlier this year and began chatting to Steph via the email on sacupid ,in the first message she said she had moved to joberg from australia and she would like to chat ,she looked legite and had nice looks ….i gave her my number and asked for hers and she never replyed again …. yesterday however months after using sacupid i recieved an sms with the following context “Hi Graeme ,STEPH from SA CUPID wants to chat and maybe meet! TXT YES TO CONNECT NOW! SAFEDIVERT for help 0800981229 msg10rand60sub2endtxtstop” ….this was very strange to me so i typed the number 0839195328 into google and it came up with this blog !!!! Hahaha ….i been tricked ,luckily i didnt reply !!!! dating sites are a waste of time ..we all been tricked by scammers ….rather find a chick at a bar or club !!

  10. Dr. Joel Block Says:

    So, my comments below may not be targeting those above…

    Okay, slam me, I’m a psychologist whose career has been devoted to love and sex, what do I know? For starters…

    My forthcoming book The Real Reasons Men Commit (Dec., Adams Media) gets it right (no fluff!). Yeah, I’m shameless, but everyone who has read an advance copy has felt it to be their “bible” for figuring out if he’s real or just looking to get down.

    What’s more, go to http://www.ButterfliesAgain and check out an awesome compatibility test–that actually works! Any dating site that uses it can send a couple who meet and marry based on the match to a free Honeymoon–the test developers pay!


  11. Louw Says:

    To Johan in particular, and others:
    I also lost a fair amount of money recently through SafeDivert. Best of all, I suspect something, but still went ahead when contacted! This person got my cellnumber through a dating site. Pity I did not search for Safedivert on google first! She gave similar answers to me as to Johan, and I decided to stop when she start asking previously answered questions. I would like to know if there could be a process where I can report this Safedivert service. The profile of the person who contacted and chat to me still exists on the dating site, busy conning people out of their money! She do not reply to my friendly messages there, but she is still online every day!

  12. Karbaros Says:

    Lol… good old “”
    well yes.. in reply to the previously posted mobile messaging from “STEPH”
    Yup.. i was cought.. Let me guess.. recently moved from Australia, father working for shell, or something in that line, visit granny allot, uses the “i dont want to give out my real number blah blah blah” Yes guys. stay-the hell-away. 0839195328<<<< R5 a pop. must say.. these people put allot of effort to make it look legite. So 10 points to the scamsters.. they sure cought me. and yes Graeme .. Pubs is the place to meet new people. There is a reason why some people try and date online, and not in the real world- ISSUES.

  13. Johan Says:

    We all got scammed by Steph Dreyer, girl moved here fromaustralia goes to johannesburg university with her granny and father. shit, hey. i am really not alone

  14. Johan Says:

    Dear Louw, unfportunately, it is just stop and move on, learn out of your mistakes what else can i say. what safedivert does is not illegal. sorry man, just be aware in the future

  15. Steve Says:

    I’m sorry but anyone stupid enough to text into a strange number like that should be shot so we can clean up the gene pool and invest in smarter children. People.. wake up If you’re on a dating site there’s a reason and no beautiful model like girl is going to message you…That should have been when the first warning flags went up. Getting a weird message should have really been an indication of a scam for any intelligent person. If you were stupid enough to text in you deserve to pay the charges. Even if you weren’t the person who initiated it, you went along with it and from what i know you have to text in yes to start it. Stop trying to blame the company for your stupidity and grow up. I’m sure it’s very embarrassing but hopefully you will learn.

  16. David Says:

    Whilst I’m sure the scam runs globally, we have identified a group (probably in Australia) targeting SA men. As Karbaros above notes, the profiles claim to be in SA and are written by people with local knowledge, so they “sound right”.
    They go out of their way to mask their background and even use dial-up Telkom access, despite this we’ve positively linked them back to Australian infrastructure.

    Our policy is to delete and blacklist scammers as soon as we spot them or receive a tip off.

    Sadly most scammers rely on the fact that lots of men are stupid (as a man I can say that!). Reality check time – come on guys, the supper hot girl 20 years younger than you wants your number, wants to visit you, etc etc all after 1 or 2 emails ?? I’m all for positive thinking, but really, its just not going to happen in after bouncing a few mails.

  17. Arthur Says:

    Luckily I did not reply to the sms, I am assuming that no charges are charged until you reply right? I have registered with a couple of on-line dating sites, but none really require cell phone numbers as far as I recall and even so if they do it means they (the dating sites) are at fault to disclose any details, unless of course it is in plain sight, which by the way should not be unless its part of the agreement a person had to click on before continuing. If this is however not the case then it stands to reason that the dating site was hacked and the details obtained that way as the terms of agreement states clearly (usually) that no personal details will be revealed, that is why there is a dating site in the first place so they can control what details are displayed on the profile. If personal details are displayed on-line, how would these sites then be able generate and income for providing a service, thus it is in their best interest not to disclose any details as no-one will subscribe if all the details are in plane site. As I understand the dating sites just act as a conduit. There is another possibility also and that is to send a sms to every number that exist on a particular cell phone network, similar to wardailing for hacking in the old days. So they could in theory send sms’es to every single number and hope someone replies and if there are then make their money that way which is a clever scheme. So my advise would be not to disclose any personal details, especially telephone numbers and guys; if its to good to be true, it probably is! Lets hit the pubs and the clubs far less hassle and what you see is what you get, no BS!!

  18. kesh Says:

    yea i had da same`situation, received a txt on my cell, sayin some chic wants 2 chat wid me & i hav to reply yes, i googled striaght away & found dis blog! i didnt lose any money on txting, but i believe the mobile ph company should do something to protect its customers from scams like dis.

  19. Annonymous Says:

    I was conned into using safedivert, I didn’t realise I was paying anything (fine print), I was informed that my spend was $30 so I pressed STOP and ended it. I then got a bill on my mobile account for over $130 worth of txt services. My mobile company has reversed the charges luckily. So who is paying the pretend girls to do this? Um, maybe the company?

  20. thx Says:

    Shot guys for posting this, you just saved me some cash… its guys like you that saves the average guy in the street…. so give yourself a pat on the back even if you lost some cash you still did good, btw she also goes by Phoebe551

  21. AndAnother Says:

    And now it’s on FB as well using Zooks flirts… and she goes by Phoebe551, burn them all!

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  35. Nick Says:

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