Top dating terms.. yahoo personals dead?

Top US Dating Search Terms in June 2008 according to hitwise…   Yahoo personals  has vanished in under 2 years from the top 10.

1. 4.67%
2. plentyoffish 3.40%
3. plenty of fish 2.63%
4. 2.48%
5. singlesnet 2.18%
6. adam4adam 1.79%
7. eharmony 1.41%
8. 1.37%
9. 1.21%
10. datehookup 1.09%

31 Responses to “Top dating terms.. yahoo personals dead?”

  1. Stever Says:

    So that effectively puts POF in the #1 spot above with 8.61% of search traffic in the top 10 when you combine your #2, #3, #8 and #9 spots.

    Go Markus!

  2. German Romance Says:

    Because you are giving a lot of ‘value’ to your visitors absolutely for free, is one strong reason why you are getting so much traffic to your site. Why pay when you can get better quality for free🙂.

  3. Nigel Says:

    This stat will be messed up a bit next month because when your website went down it was one of the most popular search terms on google trends.

  4. Dating Industry Quick Links for July 14-20, 2008 Says:

    […] It is fun to compare them with the same list dated 2006 […]

  5. Marcel Says:

    I guess people for the KISS approach.

  6. mauricev Says:

    My Yahoo search in the NYC area yields 313 results.
    My Match search in the NYC area yields 1,321 results.

    Match dwarfs Yahoo by 4 to 1.

  7. Todd Says:

    Yahoo!’s dedication to the personals biz declined at the exact same rate.

  8. michelle Says:

    yahoo was all too confusing. you have a great free email site and then to use the dating feature you had to pay?

    not even aol made you pay to use love@aol. although they just rolled over and became

  9. Jimbo Says:

    I can not create one friggin website that gets even a few visitors. I am a total friggin loser. One year of adsense and still have not hit a lousey hundred bucks.

    I see so many sites much lamer then mine yet they get so much traffic. What am I missing (be nice)? What is the secret sauce? Desperate web loser!

  10. Sam Says:

    I was blocked from I have already made a strong connection with a beautiful lady and now I am blocked and can’t even register. If I do register with new accounts, they get deleted

    Can someone please help

  11. Sarah Says:

    The kind of men you meet on Plentyoffish –

  12. Spyko Says:

    Sam, why were you blocked?

  13. Paul Says:

    Hi Markus,

    Interesting stats. As a banker, I prefer to see trends as opposed to snapshots. So I looked up your site along with others at Google Trends and found that yours has a steady growth curve over several years’ worth of user searches. This validates your “word of mouth” explanation. For example, while other sites spend tons of cash and get spurts of interest, nothing sticks or shows any real growth.

    I trust you’ll include this chart in your business plan when seeking additional capital – the little blue curve on this chart is delicious. 😛

  14. GOOGLE SUCKS Says:

    Google adsense fucking sucks. I don’t believe the Marcus hype anymore. It all BS. Adsense does not pay squat. Most of the little twerps online refuse to click the ads. Keep your day job, Google adsense fucking sucks the big one!!!

  15. GOOGLE SUCKS Says:

    Instead of hanging on to Markus’s every word like a bunch of school girl groupies go out do something your self. You will fail though if you still think you get make money from those crooks at Google adsense and all those little fucking peckerwood geeks who refuse to click the ads to spite you.

  16. GOOGLE SUCKS Says:

    Show Me The Money Marcus. Let’s see another one of those big checks from Google Adsense!

  17. GOOGLE SUCKS Says:

    A message to all you little tight ass internet fuck wads- when you visit a site with adsense click the ad out of courtesy to the web owner. They do allot of work and the least you ungrateful little fucking pricks can do is to click an ad.

  18. Creeper Says:

    Markus is the spitting image of this guy –

  19. Creeper Says:

    Spitting image as far as looks go I mean!!!

  20. Cosmin Paun Says:

    I love you Mark, we have managed to help me find my soul mate
    So from my point of view , plentyoffish is the biggest / best dating site out there today.


  21. Chris Bourne Says:

    I did a quick search of the term dating on Google,MSN,Yahoo. Google and MSN does not show in top 10. Yahoo shows your site as 9th and as 1st. Most people do not go past the first page of search result.

  22. JohnSmith Says:

    One thing I neglected to mention, None of the dating sites act responsible, they hardly ever answer email questions, ( like when Si8nglesnet suddenly with out any warning took down it’ forum, and chat rooms), or Yahoo when you email them and tell them stop sending the same 15 (new), members matches for the month. or ( forget it they just plain suck, HINT changing your name from AOL to any thing else does not fix the problem).

    Every dating site Free or not renders more spam or fake profiles than you could ever get in real life. The Grass is not greener. you will meet the same people you see in Wall mart.

    Also there is no such thing as big and beautiful, or a “few extra” pounds, Fat is fat, and put in your photo, so we can tell which ones not to click on, ( I said your picture, and make it recent). If you have a hand on your shoulder, or a large dog, or a photo of a sunset, I’m not ever going to write you.

  23. Free Dating Websites Says:

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  24. San Francisco Nomad :: Reasons to hate Yahoo! Personals Says:

    […] personals contact “system” is pretty much dishonest and scummy. I also ran across this blog post which seems to indicate that Y! personals is going down. I can understand […]

  25. Xbox Repair Phone Number Says:

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  26. Peter Says:

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  27. How to Date Says:

    Found your site while searching Google for something else Lol Well, you have got a real cool post, indeed! I may come back and check it out again. Keep posting & merry XMAS!

  28. Richard Sucks Says:

    You all are wasting your time, ugly people use dating services.
    From what i can tell, dont buy into their hype, they will only lower your self steme. Im not saying that you are ugly, but the proof is in the words, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE….. And get a life. peace out. my ugly a

  29. Richard Sucks Says:

    love the comments here, so lets make a better dating game. lol

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