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Rightmedia hurts sites..

August 14, 2008

So i’ve been testing advertising networks and exchanges again. 

One network that sounds good in theory is Yahoo’s Right Media.   I sent them 10.8 M of my pageviews a day,  of that only 9.4 million actually get loaded because their network is so damn slow.  If that isn’t bad enough the slowness of their network hangs my pages which caused my over all pageviews to fall by 3% on a dailly basis.

I find that if you chain your adnetworks together  you lose at least 5% of your pageviews in every step of the chain.  Some networks like right media you lose 15% righ off the bat. 

Comparing CPM’s across adnetworks doesn’t mean anything because you have to take into account pageview loss from calling that network  as well as the over all impact on your site.    When you call some adnetworks and send them a million pageviews ,  some may report  970,000 while another will report 800,000…

Singlesnet Loses Key Employee.

August 10, 2008

Marc Porcelli,  the man who claims heput singlesnet on top has left  to go back to Azoogleads.     His blog is interesting reading as it outlines Singlesnet Strategy.

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Best Practices

This year has seen the largest sites grow modestly  with second tier sites taking 50% dive in traffic on average.  Looks like the US market is entering a major consolidation phase.   I can’t see to many senior execs hanging around companies that will have little to no growth in the next 2 or 3 years.

Googles to dominate display ads

August 7, 2008

Google finally adds Frequency capping,  view throughs and other standard stuff.   I’ve been pushing them for 2 years to add this.  I’ve pitched the idea to a lot of execs over there, and shown them lots of data…

This is going to be absolutely huge for social media sites and will totally change the game.   From all the tests i’ve done internally over the years this will double to triple my adsense revenues to start.   My users are spending over 12 million a month on other dating sites,  under the current system i’m only really getting credit for people that click on ads,   that isn’t a very good system as 6% of users account for 50% of adclicks

My prediction is we will see a major advertising boom that is going to dramatically drive up CPM’s for social media sites and sites with sub $1.00 CPM’s   Its not like this is a new technology,   bluelithium and revenue science do something very similar  and pay out great CPM’s  but they don’t have enough advertisers to take huge amounts of inventory.   I’m surprised the SEO world doesn’t have more to say,  though marketers are excited.