Googles to dominate display ads

Google finally adds Frequency capping,  view throughs and other standard stuff.   I’ve been pushing them for 2 years to add this.  I’ve pitched the idea to a lot of execs over there, and shown them lots of data…

This is going to be absolutely huge for social media sites and will totally change the game.   From all the tests i’ve done internally over the years this will double to triple my adsense revenues to start.   My users are spending over 12 million a month on other dating sites,  under the current system i’m only really getting credit for people that click on ads,   that isn’t a very good system as 6% of users account for 50% of adclicks

My prediction is we will see a major advertising boom that is going to dramatically drive up CPM’s for social media sites and sites with sub $1.00 CPM’s   Its not like this is a new technology,   bluelithium and revenue science do something very similar  and pay out great CPM’s  but they don’t have enough advertisers to take huge amounts of inventory.   I’m surprised the SEO world doesn’t have more to say,  though marketers are excited.

5 Responses to “Googles to dominate display ads”

  1. Online Advertising gets a new name: Google | Oliver Thylmann's Thoughts Says:

    […] Google announced a few new additions to their content network … like Frequency Capping, which Plentyoffish is all happy about, understandably so, and argues that it will make Google dominate display ads. I personally think […]

  2. Unix Dude Says:

    Google is the largest ad network out there but i believe/hope yahoo willl come through and with the help of microsoft they will both be able to provide a good alternative for google ad network cause this is what capitalism is all about, we don’t need a huge company ruling everything because that’s like monopoly !

  3. Google’s Quatro-Click: Changes to Ad-sense gives advertisers an edge | SensoryMetrics: re-inventing the User eXperience Says:

    […] to Plenty Of Fish CEO Markus Frind, frequency capping alone will dramatically increase the CPM (cost per thousand) for social net […]

  4. FunkySouth Says:

    thanks for the link im heading to google to read more..could be interesting time !

  5. Fred Says:

    Google is Satan and Hitler

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