Rightmedia hurts sites..

So i’ve been testing advertising networks and exchanges again. 

One network that sounds good in theory is Yahoo’s Right Media.   I sent them 10.8 M of my pageviews a day,  of that only 9.4 million actually get loaded because their network is so damn slow.  If that isn’t bad enough the slowness of their network hangs my pages which caused my over all pageviews to fall by 3% on a dailly basis.

I find that if you chain your adnetworks together  you lose at least 5% of your pageviews in every step of the chain.  Some networks like right media you lose 15% righ off the bat. 

Comparing CPM’s across adnetworks doesn’t mean anything because you have to take into account pageview loss from calling that network  as well as the over all impact on your site.    When you call some adnetworks and send them a million pageviews ,  some may report  970,000 while another will report 800,000…

28 Responses to “Rightmedia hurts sites..”

  1. Dave Dugdale Says:

    Wow, it is fun to read about someone that is dealing with issues on such a larger scale than my sites.

  2. Unix Dude Says:

    Now that’s a surprise, so using a certain ad network can actually heart you in the long run…
    You should only affiliate with networks that fit your size and are able to handle the load

  3. FunkySouth Says:

    are you planning to give up on adsense ? how comes your not a premium puiblisher ?

  4. Colin Klinkert Says:

    Markus, what CPM network have you found to be best overall so far? Thanks

  5. Markus Says:

    bluelithium and revenue science pay the best, but only on a few pageviews per user.

  6. Colin Klinkert Says:

    Thanks for the tip😉

  7. Andrew Says:

    Its not just publishers that are losing out, advertisers do too. A lot of companies are losing out on tens of thousands of dollars a day, and they don’t even know it. Or if they do, they are too busy trying to decide on what color designer sofas they want in their new office to care.

  8. Todd Sawicki Says:

    Anytime you use a third party ad network or exchange you’ll see a difference in page/impression counts – it’s a nature of the net unfortunately. In optimal scenarios at Lookery, the difference between ourselves and our ad pubs is around 6%. We work with other ad networks to fill out our inventory as well and have seen higher then average differences with the Right Media Exchange usually around 15%. If you work with non-north american ad networks you’ll see differences even higher more typically in the 25% to 50% range.

  9. FunkySouth Says:

    ahh man bluelithium is only available to usa/canada what about the uk ! sob sob !

  10. Markus Says:


  11. Markus, you are my Yoda Says:

    Does http://www.pimpitto.us have a chance to make a few hundred dollars a month from adsense?

    I do not to need to be rich like you, just need to get out of debt and pay my bills using the internet as an income tool.

  12. Bill Says:

    I always get a kick out of you geeks and your lingo. I measure results by CASH. If x is not making money I try y. Fuck all you nerds and your metrics mumbo jumbo, cash is king.

  13. Stan Says:

    Markus’s blog sucks. You notice how he never helps people with their questions? He is just an egotistical prick who loves to show off like he is the internets second coming. What an asshole! This site is his masturbate his ego blog, nothing more.

    You are a legend in your own mind.

  14. Nathan Says:

    Stan, please refrain from jealous attacks. There are a lot of us that read this blog and have high praises for Markus’s hard-earned success. No need to get nasty, just because you can’t do the same.

  15. Greg Says:

    Markus, aren’t there ways around the ads hurting your page performance, like calling the ads in iframes or via javascript objects? Just curious, since I will soon be adding a network of ads to my site…

  16. Ralph Castillo Says:

    Hello, Markus

    My site goes BETA by Sept 1st and I have around 1000 pre-registers at this point but I’m not sure how many will comeback and finish the registration process.
    I haven’t close my 3MM (round A) funding yet and don’t have much of my seed capital left for user acquisition.

    I’m bootstrapping every single dollar at this point.

    How can I – “economically” – increase my user database by using your site ad system? – taking in consideration that my site is a social matchmaking service. “not a direct competitor for you”

    Any ideas or subjection’s will be very appreciated.


  17. CashCow Says:

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  18. Tim Says:

    Marcus, do you ever get sick of all those users who never click your Google adsense ads? I know it pisses me off! You would think all those ungrateful assholes would have the manners to click a Google adsense ad each time they use your site as a tip for all your hard work that you and do not charge a penny for. I think is sucks that Google’s TOS does not allow a webmaster to ask its visitors to click an ad. Google just does not get it, most web users are lazy, selfish, dumb assholes, and clueless. Telling your moron loser users to click ads may not equal immediate sales to the advertiser but it will give the company exposure(like Coke and Pepsi).


  19. Tim Says:

    Sorry for the typos, it is late and I am having a Google Adsense hate episode.

  20. oodlum Says:

    Tim, good luck with an attitude like that. What you are saying is that those “clueless, dumb assholes” should defraud your advertisers with fake clicks, the net result being that said advertisers would drop your site as soon as it became apparent that your junk traffic isn’t converting. Yeah, Google doesn’t get it.

  21. Terry Says:

    Hey oodlum, obviously you do not operate a website and have no idea of the frustrations of giving free content to readers and they do not reciprocate by just moving their fat fucking lazy hand to click a Google ad sense ad to give them a lousy 5 cents.


  22. hooligan Says:

    Yeah I’m beginning to feel the same way, Google are evil🙂

  23. SpeedDate Says:

    Article on TechCrunch

    SpeedDate Scores $6 Million For Matchmaking In A Hurry
    13 Commentsby Jason Kincaid on August 28, 2008

    Online dating site SpeedDate has raised $6 million in a Series B funding round led by Menlo Ventures. SpeedDate offers users a series of 3 minute mini-dates, during which they can converse through video, audio, and a chat box. If both partners decide they were a good match when prompted at the end of the date, they can continue communicating through the site until they make the jump to real life.

    When we first wrote about SpeedDate, the site had a small userbase, which made it difficult to conduct a series of dates (there simply weren’t enough potential matches). Since then the site has grown substantially (claiming 100,000 dates daily), so you can hop on and hope to find a reasonable match within a few minutes.

    I decided to put the site to the test once again now that it can reliably serve up a stream of potential prospects. Unlike most dating sites, there was no lengthy signup process – the site leaves the real matchmaking to your video chats. And while SpeedDate seemed to totally ignore the interests and personality traits I entered anyway, the experience was still surprisingly fun. I typically only had to wait a few minutes between each session, and girls I spoke to during my “dates” told me that their general experience on the site had been quite positive.

    SpeedDate is a direct competitor to Woome, a similar speed-dating site that offers quick video sessions.

  24. Jimbo Says:

    The word spreading around on the web is that you post fake profile pics of attractive women and men on your site to juice your traffic. That is really fucked up shit!

  25. B Says:

    You should try background advertising – AdCamo.com

  26. L Says:

    yeah, background advertising is worth testing on your site.

  27. Programmer Says:

    To avoid ads hurting your pageload times, just load it asynchronously. There are many ways to do it.

  28. ray ban toronto Says:

    This is absolutely gold. I wasn’t expecting that I’d get so much out of reading your write up! You’ve just earned yourself a returning visitor

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