Passes 1 Billion emails. just announced they passed 1 billion emails and 1 billion winks world wide since launched.     Now if we compare number of emails to revenue   that comes out to $2.00 +  per email in revenue?   I didn’t add up their numbers but just looked at this revenue chart briefly.   I also wonder what’s relationship rate per email is.      

If I could make $2.00 an email we would do billions in revenue a year.

5 Responses to “ Passes 1 Billion emails.”

  1. Matthew Botos Says:

    Some old statistics of my own: Dating by the Numbers.

  2. Pass 1 Billion Emails | Mick Landers Says:

    […] More info […]

  3. Roman Says:

    If you introduce $2.00 payment for the emails, than you will lose users visiting your web
    and the number of written emails by your users will reduce, in the best case scenario, both by 10 times.
    And this is if your service quality will be the same as has.
    If worse, it’s going to be 100 times less than current.

  4. Massimo Moruzzi Says:

    thnaks, Roman. Just like Markus didn’t know😉

  5. John Says:


    Now imagine how much gmail, hotmail and yahoo would make if they also charged only 2 cents per email.


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