Boom Times are here.

The canadian dollar continues to slide,   just  a few months ago it was 1:1  now 1 USD buys  1.286 CDN

Check out the currency chart. 

Today i found out that  doesn’t use the regular google adsense for search.   Their ads are triggered by content network settings.   So there is no way for me to stop my ads from showing up on terms like Plentyoffish,  or etc.     Instead of wasting large amounts of money getting users who are already registered i’ve blocked and    From what i see they are pulling the same scam with others in the dating industry.

9 Responses to “Boom Times are here.”

  1. Sam Moorcroft Says:

    Marcus, we are both happy CAD is dropping against the USD. Canada’s economy cannot handle a dollar at par with the US, something I have been saying for years. No one seemed to listen.

    It is funny how we are excited about a $1.286CAD/$1.00USD, when back in 2002 it was $1.60CAD/$1.00USD. It’s all relative, I guess.

  2. Stever Says:

    The drop in the Canadian dollar has been rather swift. So I would expect a quick bounce back to the 0.86 – 0.90 range here soon.

    In the mean time I’m enjoying the 20% pay raise too🙂

    Markus, to block Ask do you have to turn off the content network entirely? Or can you specify the content partners you do or don’t want ads to appear on?

    Also, you must be bidding on your own brand name as keywords in order for it to trigger ads for “plentyoffish” or “”. In your case do you even need to be using PPC as a branding advertising play? Versus just using it for attracting new sign-ups? So why even bid on you own name?

  3. Markus Says:

    You got to put it on banned sites list.

    I’m not bidding on brand names, they are using broadmatch and even having plentyoffish etc as negative keywords does nothing.

    I don’t bid on my domain name, it costs way to much and gives you nothing.

  4. Sam Moorcroft Says:

    I think the CAD is headed towards $1.40 before it halts. It has already broken through $1.30 in Asian trading (before sliding back a bit).

    As part-and-parcel of this, I also think we’ll see oil below $50/barrel. And, a Euro at par, possibly.

    Fellow Cdn’s, enjoy it while it lasts!

  5. funkysouth Says:

    Markus what kinda key words do you bid on ? Long tail ? Or just simple dating, online dating ect . . .

    Also do you find you get a good return from by using adwords to bost traffic in terms of adsense ?

  6. MarkGTS Says:

    We are loving the exchange rate right now, it’s nice to know I am not the only one rooting for the canadian dollar to tank haha! 😉

  7. George Kirikos Says:

    Markus, did you receive the 1.185 exchange rate from AdSense this month (paid yesterday) if you’re using EFT?? Seems we should have received more like 1.27 to 1.30.

  8. Darren Says:

    Markus ! hope you may find this blog interesting

  9. Colnector Says:

    This issue could have easily been solved by Google. They could have allowed you an option to not show your ads to users who have clicked them in the past. Quite easy to implement. But that would diminish their revenues…

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