Plentyoffish is hiring.

A few months ago I gave up customer service completely,  now i’m looking at getting out of the systems adminstration job.   Building machines,  making sure all the storage arrays work and everything is patched is becoming to much of a pain, especially when traveling.    I have no desire to fix hardware failures or server issues in the middle of the night,  or to figure out how to program routers and load balancers from the command line.

I know a lot of dating site owners read this, what have been your most important hires?

63 Responses to “Plentyoffish is hiring.”

  1. Stever Says:

    Doesn’t Peer1 handle the server hardware end of things for you?

  2. Markus Says:

    nope peer1 is just co-location.

    • markus Says:

      markus,this is cynthmarie,and im having trouble connecting to computer is fine.something on your end.thanks cynth.i cant even connect to site to get in my account.

  3. Bea Says:

    Hi Marcus. How can I get in touch with somebody in your company. I am not a spammer and I have never uploaded nude pictures. But after I deleted my initial profile on POF I can’t seem to keep a new one. I have used firefox, lowered security settings, etc. I have read all forum suggestions. (I left two replies on your blog dated 10-30-08) I don’t really want to bother you with this, I know you are a really busy man, but I don’t know where else to turn. Please help somebody that’s just looking for love and thinks you have a really cool site. Thank you and have a great day.

  4. Markus Says:

    I reset your account. Did you ever attempt to use an automated program to log into the site? On oct 5th you sent a message that was nearly identical to one used by spammers.

  5. Bea Says:

    Not that I know of Markus. I will try to create a new account and see what happens. Thank you so much. I hope it works. Bea

  6. Rush Says:

    You got my hopes up with the post title but it looks like a network admin job. Let me know when you’re hiring programmers!🙂

  7. Bea Says:

    Thank you so much Markus. I made a new account and it’s working!( I just hope it lasts, sometimes it gets deleted after a couple of days) but so far so good! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to help me, I wish you all the best with your site and everything else you do. Bea

  8. Craig Says:

    With a site as big as yours, hiring someone to handle the hardware and software operations can be a nightmare. Background checks and all the interviews you can have with someone does not reveal their true worth. One false move and your entire site could go down, or worse yet they could take the source code that you have worked hard on for years.

    How do you manage that?

  9. Ross Williams - Says:

    Most important hire? I think it varies depending on the skillset of the CEO – most CEOs have the ideas and vision, but not the implementation skills, attention to detail or analytical skills.

    From what I know of you, I think you have tremendously good detail, analytical skills and implementation, far better than most CEOs.

    I think that for any business that is dominated by one guy, the best hire is a business partner who has all the strengths you lack – it’s difficult for anybody on the payroll to have the same passion as you and ownership of the company so a staff share scheme is vital (we’re bringing this on at WLD early next year).

    If you’ve not done so already, I highly recommend – do the test, then get the book and learn how to work around any weaknesses and what strengths you need in the business.

    Hope that’s useful,


  10. Daniel Gibbons Says:

    I know a rockstar senior sysadmin guy in Vancouver. He joined a local start-up relatively recently, but it might still be worth chatting with him. He’s certainly the smartest and most reliable systems guy I’ve met in this market. Email me if you want more info.

  11. Joseph Sznober Says:

    Well well Markus… as Obama said in the U.S election a change has come….. it will in due time my friend… in due time.

  12. Tim Rees Says:

    Wow Markus – quite frankly I can’t believe how far you’ve come without having been forced to do a lot of recruitment already. I’d love to tell you about my best, however I am only just beginning to think about hiring. The difference being that I am recruiting to build a new business, not grow a well established one.

    I’ve been involved in a few ventures, some which took employees too early, others which may have done much better had I been able to bring others on board earlier.

    The fact you’ve grown POF to the size it is today by yourself suggest to me you’ve made the right decisions for your business, and obviously have the skills personally to have driven it there.

    Fingers crossed I make the right decisions for my company – unfortunately I hold few of the skills myself to run a website so am forced to look to others!

  13. Tom Says:

    I agree with Craig, it is really hard to trust someone with the guts of your business. Take Ross’s advice and after an initial test period offer up a staff share scheme to increase his motivation.

  14. Coderies | Says:

    […] Markus Grind, célèbre pour avoir pendant des années géré seul Plentyoffish, un des plus gros sites de rencontres américain, recrute un admin systeme […]

  15. hooligan Says:

    Haha yeah trust would be a hard one, especially someone from another dating site. Espionage!

  16. Jim Says:

    I’m going to go with hire a professional software developer who has vision and passion.

    POF has an awesome installed base of users, but can be frustrating to use.

    Some simple new features would go a long way in growing POF’s user base.

    I am a software architect / developer with over 20 years experience. I’d love to work with you in order to grow the website.

    If you’d like to chat further, please reply to the email address associated with this posting.

    Best of luck,


  17. jay Yukes Says:

    I could do a stellar job
    resume is link off my blog

  18. Dean Says:

    I will email you at pof today an idea which i think you will find intriguing

  19. Rob Says:

    I might be a good fit for this position as my previous work entailed solving many of the scalability problems you blog about. Feel free to contact me.

  20. Stan Says:

    Back when I had my email company (15 racks of servers), I was caught in a similar situation, when it came time to hire a systems administrator it was really a daunting task. One of the things that really made it difficult in hiring someone was the lack of accurate systems documentation.

    Over the course of 8 months I went through 3 systems admins, they were very good with what they did, but they just could not grasp it. By this time I was able to clean up the documentation and I retained the datacenter that I hosted my equipment in to handle the hardware failures and we basically remotely managed everything else.

  21. Rob Godfrey Says:

    You missed your best chance of finding someone to run your business in April, Markus. The Operations Director who was at soon-to-be-shredded was your man … but he’s been snapped up already.

  22. Colnector Says:

    Hire someone who is better than you are, at least in some key fields. Perhaps it’ll be hard to find but that’s the way to go if you want your business to grow.

  23. Plentyoffish is Hiring | Says:

    […] Plentyo­­f­f­ish co­­ntinu­es to­­ g­r­o&#173…, ow­n­er M­arkus­ Frin­d­ is­ lookin­g to h­ire […]

  24. Vincent Says:

    Markus, I cannot believe you are still alone doing everything on your website!
    But as Craig said you should be very careful of who you will be hiring.
    If you want to start on the french market one day, I would be pleased to work with you

  25. Jobs at Plenty of Fish Says:

    […] Markus Frind, Plenty of Fish CEO, just announced on his blog that POF is hiring. […]

  26. Phyllis Says:

    Personally I think you could use a good copy editor/proofreader to correct embarrassing spelling and grammar errors on the public portions of the site. Say, those are MY skills!

  27. Dean Says:

    Personally i think you could use a creative, thinking/problem solver. One who understands people. Say, whos been sleeping in MY…er skills

    Seriously though-they are my strong points…

  28. TDZ Says:

    Has everyone missed the boat on the question that was asked in this blog? What are the most important hires we’ve made? Not, Who wants a job at POF?

    As a new site owner, I haven’t had to make this hire yet. However, as the owner of a Club I was forced at a point to open the door to a Club Manager as it grew beyond my personal physical abilities. IE I could not work 40 hours a day to keep up with all the demands of the club. Getting woken up at 4 AM after getting 1/2 an hour of sleep, to deal with an alarm, got very tedious very quickly. At this point, I decided to let someone else deal with the alarm chirping, and only be woken if it was a real issue.

    Marcus is talking about the same thing here. Why getten woken up at 4 AM because someone can’t get into their e-mail? Or maybe the pictures aren’t loading correctly.

    No wonder you don’t listen to your members Markus, the other site owners can’t even answer a simple question much less the members clearly state what they want on a site.

  29. Pete Says:

    Marcus, One point to consider is hiring more than one person. If you hire one admin you assume a hig risk when they move along. Then cross train as much as possible. Enforce folks going on vacations and roll over responibilities to ensure redundancy exists.

    Everyone should have an understudy that can step into a role as needed. E-myth has very good ideas on how to scale up. Write all the job description you foresee the company needing in the next few years, you do all of them currnetly and as you need to hire hand off a set of job desrciptions to the new hire. Each new hire get part of the job desc.

    Also write up an operations manual, as problems or processes are needed, document them for everyone to use. (Another E-myth ism) I know you are not interested in being MacDonalds however at the core of this is standard defined process for replying to emails, creating new servers, paying bills, all the normal business processes. Go forbid, what happens if you are not around for some reason like illness or death… wouldn’t you want the amazing work you have created to go on and continue to help connect thousands more people.


  30. Steve Says:

    Marcus, You’ve done great through the past years, where I’ve found things lack is the forums.. Only trying to help the site notify you of bugs etc, with over 20yrs of experience working at software firms and beta test for firms like macromedia, I think I was qualified to try to nail bugs. But your moderators were anything but helpful… even just got my posting access revoked today until 2011🙂 . If my world of customer support a support ticket is reviewed and the customer closes a ticket when the problem is solved to their satisfaction. I believe your moderators are most likely volunteers, but if they were my employees, they would be fired treated customers as such. I know from developing websites for many years, it does not matter how much money your pour into a website, its your users that make the site successful – without them a site is doomed. The true spirit of a successful site is to glow and become better, and accept criticism as well as accept faults… there is always room for improvement and to grow.

  31. Mark Harburn Says:

    Hey Markus,

    Simple one this if your in the know…

    The people who bought my site off me swear by them, not cheap but do a good job.

    Call it a favour for meeting my girlfriend on your place haha!


  32. Mark Harburn Says:

    p.s. I know their redhat etc specialists but at your size i’m sure they’ll do something🙂

  33. Adrian Eden Says:

    POF was ingeniously created with great well thought out branding, a true example of the modern day pioneer.

    I would say never hire family or close friends (unless you feel inside that it is a good idea) and always do a back ground check and police check when hiring.

    Other then that, if it feels good, do it.

  34. Mark Says:

    I just sent an e-mail inquiring about a job position at POF. The address I sent it to was customercare [at] pof dot com. Please let me know if it was received.

  35. Kyle Says:

    Sounds like one of the issues associated with being a one man show.

    My feedback would be that you will probably need to hire someone thats just entering the industry and attach them to your hip while you perform the job of system admin until they can do it blindfolded and have proven that they are passionate about it. Thats your man.

    Not sure you will find that person in the market because of the value of what you have and how you run your business.

    Good Luck.

  36. Jeremy Says:

    Hi Markus,

    How / whom can I get a hold of to discuss this need with you? I know this is a top priority for you in 2009 and would love to see how I can assist you.

    Thank you.

  37. Ryan Says:

    I’m a Windows Systems Admin, but live in Southern California?

    Offering relocation?

  38. fred Says:

    “plentyoffish” make fake profiles to increase number of people on his website so he can get more advertisements and make more money.
    as soon as u register u start sending messages and it looks normal but nocody reads ur messages, because they are all fake…if you send a message to markus the owner on pof, he won’t reply…..what a poor service.

  39. Chris Saric Says:

    Nice job on The Hour! It made my day to see your story as I prepare to go to the office. Would love to work with you on the next phase of business – have a an idea to double your money – who doesn’t : / ). (Have experience with your customer demographic. Let’s implement!) Again – thanks for inspiring us 9 to 5ers.

  40. anne Says:

    hey Markus, I hope you fix it, you are kind to get this site going for all of us. I don’t know anything about computers but I’m sure you will work it out, Anne

  41. alley Says:

    I have been unsuccessful loging into the site for about 2 hours. Is it down? I share a computer with several others as well and they use the same site and they too tell me they have been unable to log in from the computer and cells.

    This happens frequently lately but never for this long.

    Thank you.

  42. David Says:


    I have time and I like your site. I would think that it is generating revenues if it is not then there is problem there. In that case you would need a business/marketing type person to get some revenues happening to support this development. But if it is on the programming side send me an e-mail perhaps we can turn around some of these sort commings.

    You have created a great virtual space.


  43. A.Mac Says:

    Hi Markus
    I have had difficulty logging onto the POF site too. It has been unavailable since 3pm EST.

    Any idea when it will be back up!


  44. Uzo Eke-Okoro Says:

    Hi Markus,

    I love your strategy and I really enjoyed been a member of Plentyoffish, its a cool place to catch a lot of fishes easily.

    Good site its good to give out some responsibilities and focus on other things.

  45. Jerry Reed Says:

    Hello POF Management,
    Cant figure out why all of a sudden I’m getting blocked? This site has a lot of unprovoked glitches. Ive been browsing this site a c long time now and suddenly have issues? Ive checked the restrictions listed by the people I contact, but don’t see that I’m in any of their restricted categories? I keep getting the your restricted from contacting this person message?
    Ive never been blocked before so universally. I’m frustrated and would appreciate some help here. I believe I’m an average user that shouldn’t really be stopped so much. Again, this problem has been just recently appeared, but makes the site virtually useless to me at this point. I just cant figure it out?
    This site has done this kinda glitchy thing to me once before, but the problem is there is no way for the user to fix it. This seems to be a consistent problem if you read the threads on the subject and there is no one to contact to straighten it out! User is left with a virtually useless website!
    Thank you hope to hear back soon -jer

    • Peter L. Says:

      Hey Jerry,

      Take a look at the policy by signing in to your account and click the HELP link, located at the upper left hand portion of the page. On the next page, click on Blocked Messages and you will see the following:

      Why Are My Messages Being Blocked?

      You can send a maximum of 4 duplicate/’cut and paste’ messages per day before they’re blocked.

      If you send swears, sexual terms, or insults in your first message to someone it will also be blocked. Other website names will block a message as well.

      If your message is too short it may be blocked by users who want longer messages.

      You may not match the other user’s messaging restrictions found at the bottom of their, and your, profile. These can be changed in Mail Settings. In addition, a user that you cannot contact may have specified no contact with other users that have associated with ‘intimate encounter’ users.

      Here are some examples:

      Age between 27 and 35
      Live in Canada
      Live within 75 miles.
      * * Must not have messaged users looking for intimate encounters or sex.
      You must have a picture to contact this user.
      Must not be looking for Intimate Encounter
      Must not do drugs
      Must not be married

      * * is very common reason for messages to be blocked.


  46. Peter L. Says:

    Markus, are you still hiring? You probably heard this a million times from others but I do have ideas that will make you go ‘hmmmm….’.

    Yes, I am serious about a job.

    Take care,


  47. PAUL INGALL Says:

    I dont know what happened to my letter i went back to re eddit and re write a new letter and do spelling corrections and the letter has been compremissed and i look like a laughing stock! like i am a complete idiot and ignorant and cant write all I am so embarrest i cant understand wht when i went back and deleted what materials wre to go unpublished that it wasnt washed clean and everything showed up in a misconstrued conglomoration! i have copied the letter and will try resending it as it was to really read and am sorry at the same time so very ashamed of whats printed,
    Sincerely Paul Ingall

  48. Fish Killer Says:

    Hey Marcus what are you doing about the serial killer on your fish site that has been killing women. How is it that its not all over the place yet. Your system sucks and it can not stay free forever. You will be forced to charge a fee to stop these maniacs from killing again. I recommend a paid service. Marcus is only init for the money the ads provide for him. I have met marcus in person years back and he really needs to do something before he finds himself in a bad place.

  49. iconicmania Says:

    Are you serious about hiring or just making a research? Have much to offer.

  50. JOE SABO Says:


  51. Shawn Says: its still there

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  54. Mrajor Shabbaz Says:

    Thank you for your nice info. I have definitely picked up something new from right here. I can look out for much more of your respective Captivating materials. Ensure that you update this again very soon.

  55. Scott Burzynski Says:

    Markus I need your help to be reinstated.Someone gained access to my log in info and I guess left some unappropriate messages.Please help/My email is

  56. needsome58 Says:

    Do’nt want to be a member take me off now

  57. olwyn dennison Says:

    Markus I have tried so many ways to reach you or someone at customer service.
    My account has been deleted and I have violated no regulations. I have never abused the site in any way and have never been offensive to anyone.
    I don’t want to be dishonest and re-join under a false name with false details. I have always been honest on the site and would like to continue being so.
    Three male members have validated my identity to customer service and still no response.
    A member there has contacted me in the past under false identities and I am reporting him to the police. I believe he may have been responsible for having me removed.

    I understand that this is petty and that you are very busy. I am just looking for some assistance.

  58. olwyn dennison Says:

    profile name was FunArtsy…..sorry

  59. Bharti Says:

    Hi Marcus, my name is Bharti Chainani, i own 2 phone rooms in Panama city. Im looking to outsource some more.projects. do you need some more CSR for POF?

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