Plentyoffish Paid Virtual Goods…

Plentyoffish paid goods are up,   this will hopefully help us keep some of the users who feel spending money is a sign of quality.

32 Responses to “Plentyoffish Paid Virtual Goods…”

  1. Massimo Moruzzi Says:


  2. Craig Says:

    Kinda expensive for virtual gifts, you should have implemented a credit system where they have to buy $10 or more and use a certain amount of credits when giving a “gift”.

    Don’t think many users are happy with it so far.

  3. Dean Says:

    I think the problem is that most people like to hold what they buy.
    Or atleast be sure they have a result or outcome from it.
    The higher the chances of this the more likely they are to spend

  4. Dean Says:

    I just looked £30 for a picture!!! i’d rather give her a real flower!

  5. Mariana Says:

    Oh everyone thinks it is a stupid idea.

    But Markus actually self proclaims that he does not listen to his customers, so, I am sure it does not matter to him. He must need the money pretty badly.

    Honestly, that site has done nothing but go downhill for the last couple of years anyhow.

  6. Ts Says:

    Wow…this sounds really bad. Facebook tried virtual goods but it did not work well. Spending money on fake flowers or fake beer might be interpreted as a sign of stupidity though, especially during a global economic meltdown.

    Anyways, even at depressed CPM rates, PoF should be able to pay the bills remaining a free site. Either Markus is not disclosing pof cost structure or the luxury lifestyle is taking over.

    If pof with that much hits cannot survive with only a few paid employees then all the ad supported websites are going down the tubes.

    Oh well, ethically , being the middleman for sex never comes out ahead in the long run though.

  7. Dean Says:

    Oh well, ethically , being the middleman for sex never comes out ahead in the long run though

    Bad interpretation-In my oppinion

    Ever set up a date for a friend..? No? oh ofcourse its not ethical

    Agree with the rest though.
    it could be interpreted as a sign of desperation (weakness) or greed, you may as well have make a donation link aswell!
    I have looked and can no longer find the part that said-it is impossible to spend mone at pof

  8. Ts Says:

    I think that it was a very negative but brutally honest interpretation of what pof really is. You cannot compare pof to setting up a date for a friend because in that case you are not paid by third party ad agency to profit from match making, where as pof is. Most social networking sites’ business model had been about generate hits to advertise when Cpm was still high.

    Once you have n members, potentially you have n^2 relationships between users. What they did not anticipate was the supply side economics of bombarding ad agencies, causing a natural free fall in cpm when variable cost to deliver a search result page also rises at the n^2 rate especially if you are vertically scaling like pof is.

  9. Ts Says:

    Another thing is that buying 4socket dunnington systems is not exactly a good solution. Just like SAN scalability. It is a brute force method but the intel quad socket has a memory bandwidth scalability issue due to fbdimms. So when markus says that he is using up all the 24 cores for user logins, it is obvious to me that pof is storing trancient user data in the db so it is definitely a disk io issue. The CPUs are doing massive context switching waiting for the San to update the massive tables. If a quad socket opteron system can’t keep up with io, a dunnington system will not do half as well. Myspace and facebook have been storing transcient user data in separate memory based clusters for a long time to avoid SCSI disk write blocking, which shows it’s ugly head in the form of CPU context switching polling the memory bus waiting for data.

  10. Ross Williams Says:

    Virtual gifts have worked well on our site – they add about 2-4% to revenue across our sites – roughly £40,000 per month at present. It’s not a huge amount but definitely worth doing.

    It’ll be interesting to see how they work in isolation though – on paid sites it’s not much to ask for another dollar or two to send a flower to a girl and make your message extra special – as PoF is free to begin with, it is an extra step for users to consider paying for anything.

    This will be a useful exercise to understand whether PoF users are valuable and will pay for services.


  11. Jonathan Lyon Says:

    Hey Marcus

    I haven’t heard from you since my direct email. I’m thinking now that entitling my email “DELETE THIS NOW or schedule 20 minutes of your time for a coffee” wasn’t the best of ideas. If I email again, do you think you’ll grant me the courtesy of a response? Not being rude, would just like to hear from you either way. It could be interesting.

    Kind regards


  12. Tob Says:


    Facebook’s virtual gifts bad idea? I’m pretty sure they pulled $25mil+ last year on that alone.

    Get your facts straight.

  13. TS Says:

    Ross: If you think a 2-4% increase in revenue means virtual goods is working well, well, all powers to you.

    Tob: Facebooks 25 million+ they got from virtual goods is a pitiful compared to their size. You have to remember that they burned through MSFT’s 250 million investment, and then 500 million debt financing. 25 million won’t even pay interest. That’s why their CFO is begging in Dubai for oil money right now. My facts are straight thank you. You are thinking in absolute terms, and I am thinking in percentages, ROI and risk. That’s all.

    Markus will have a few choices

    1. Shard. But sharding right now is wrong due to timing. Most Microsoft based sites always defer sharding because of licensing costs, so they prefer to vertically scale(Windows Server + SQL server cost an arm and a leg to buy per server) If Markus goes this way, it is going to be a platform change to Linux/Solaris too. Risk is pretty high.

    2. Membership fee. I expect a 50% user base cut at the bare minimum. And that estimate is pretty optimistic. Could see a destruction of brand name. But at least he won’t pay money for a quad socket Nehalem with 288GB of ECC RDDR3 ram(if they ever come out that is)

    3. Virtual goods and “other” premium services. Markus is taking this route right now. But revenue uptake will be minimal(as Ross said, 2-4%), hardly game changing.

    4. Revenue sharing. Pay its users to go on dates. Like date auctions. This is the most daring solution. It could go really good or really bad. Ethically, this is nothing different compared to an escort service though.

    Tough times require tough choices I guess.

  14. Jeremy Abrams Says:

    I bet you would make more money with cheaper virtual products; more people may be willing to buy them. After all, your site is known for its free features. Hence, perhaps it would be better to start slow; ease your customers into the new paid products by keeping the prices low (at least at first).

  15. Dean Says:

    -last time i set up a friend he brought me a beer!

    But the principles the same.. what if i set up two friends, five,fifty, five hundred-and instead of giving me a hangover from hell…they put their money together and brought me a car, or a house etc (and that’s not third party)
    If i said buy me a beer and I’ll find you a date that’s different. Although
    (With the exception of friends) I think being paid to provide a service is the way of the world. And in most cases ethical. I would have done the same if i thought i could have made it successful.

    Its true though (i have no problem admitting) If it was adultfriendfinder it wouldn’t be much different-only that you would be (mostly) limited to people wanting sex. (bad choice) And less matchmaking/friends
    I guess i was quick to assume that you thought ‘being the middleman for sex’ was the beginning and end of it.
    AGREED-matchmaker iinc. sex finder, although that’s also up to the users.

  16. Dean Says:

    I think he is starting slow-question is, what else is on its way?

  17. Plentyoffish Offering Paid Virtual Goods | Says:

    […] is­ n­o­w o­fferin­g­ p­a­id­ vir­t­ual g­o­o­d­s. A lo­t o­f pe­o­ple­ s­e­e­m­ to­ […]

  18. Dean Says:

    I do not see any advantage of posting my comments here anymore.
    Can you please just explain to me why your not interested in the idea i sent you. Thanks

  19. Dean Says:

    When you grow as a company and have many useful features you may be able to charge a subscription fee.
    If you have the problem of having too many members you could send an email to everybody on your data base that hasnt been on your site for over a year and if they dont respond delete them. I understand it wont look as good when people search ect. but may help the problem.
    Also on the same topic if you add other features to your site (inc the idea i had) then you will get more users=more revenue, a wider ‘word of mouth advertiseing’ and money from other sites ect. Your users will increase and you ill be able to afford a 50% loss and still have other options to expand.
    there are an million options for you-more so than people who are starting sites from scratch and succeeding-GO FOR IT!

  20. marcargenti Says:

    What I don’t understand —

    You want people to take a risk and put payment information into your site… but you don’t log people out properly.

    for example when someone logs out, and then they go back to the inbox, the site remains cached on the same machine.

    If you’re going to ask people for billing information, you’re going to have to work a LOT harder at being secure.

  21. billybob Says:


    Dean-Shut up !

  22. Dean Says:

    Like i said i’m not likely to be on here much.
    But why are you being an ass about it?
    Have i offended you?

  23. billybob Says:

    haha you think markus is going to listen or answer you e-mails ?

  24. y8 Says:

    🙂 U thinks ?

  25. Dean Says:

    He did..Hahahahaha
    fk you all

  26. Dean Says:

    Edit: You all… na.

    Just Billyboy!🙂

  27. is my favourite Says:

    Hey POF rulez!

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  29. Plenty of Fish decides to go paid but is its effort half-baked? | Drama Blog Says:

    […] a blog post he stated “this will hopefully help us keep some of the users who feel spending money is a sign of […]

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